Internet Disconnects After Connecting to VPN – 5 Things You Can Do!

Internet Disconnects After Connecting to VPN

When you want to browse the internet anonymously, what do you choose? If you use a VPN, you are on the right path, as it makes hiding digital footprints possible. However, if you have a VPN, but the internet stops working as soon as you connect to it, what will you do? 

Several users have shared that their PC’s internet disconnects when they connect to a VPN. It is a common situation that can appear on any PC, so do not worry if you, too, are experiencing the same. What you should worry about is why it is happening.

Some believe that it is a conflict of network configuration as a VPN tends to tweak it, while others blame their low bandwidth network. However, none of these reasons seem to matter as, at the end of the day, it is a user who is unable to connect. 

So, why does the internet disconnect after connecting to the VPN? What exactly causes the problem, and is there a way to overcome this issue? Let’s find out!

Why Does the Internet Disconnect When VPN is Connected

A VPN is a great asset to enhance your online security and connectivity. However, what good is anonymity when you cannot connect to the wifi? The issue is genuine, as several users have shared their struggles on various platforms.

Wifi disconnects as soon as I connect to VPN - user query screenshot on Reddit

                            Source:- Reddit Query on Wifi disconnects as soon as I connect to VPN 

While the issues seem to resonate with internet speed and the choice of servers, there are several reasons why it may be happening with your PC. Some of the identified reasons that may be causing the internet to disconnect as soon as you connect to a VPN are – 

  1. Choice of VPN Protocol – Every VPN uses a protocol that sometimes cannot align with your PC’s connection configuration.
  2. Slow Internet Speed – VPN servers impact your internet speed due to the server change. If you use a slow internet connection, you will face the issue.
  3. Overloaded VPN Server – This happens often when using a free VPN client. The servers are open for all, so the traffic on them is slightly higher, resulting in disconnection.
  4. Using an Old Version of the VPN Client – If you have not updated your VPN client with the latest version, or the VPN you are using is not rolling out updates for a while, you may face uninvited disconnection.
  5. DNS Compatibility Errors – If the VPN you use is not functioning properly and is not compatible with your current DNS configuration, you may face these problems where the internet not working after connecting to the VPN.
  6. Incorrect Timezone Issues – If the time and date of your PC are not in sync with the VPN server you are using, it may disconnect your internet connection. It is not an eminent reason, but has been an issue faced by a few.

All these problems appear simple and easy to troubleshoot; however, they are not. If you feel that one of the above may be a situation you are facing, you should try the fixes we are about to discuss in the next section. 

How do you stop the Internet from Disconnecting while using a VPN?

After analyzing the common issues that cause the error, it is important to identify the biggest issue in such a situation, which is the VPN client you are using. If you are not using a well-crafted and balanced VPN client with quality servers and regular update support, you may encounter problems regularly. 

To get rid of such issues, here are 5 things that you should try – 

1. Try Switching to a Better VPN Client

The first thing we recommend is to change your VPN. Especially if you are using a free client. A free client usually has overcrowded servers and no support, which is not sustainable for the developers. Using a free VPN may lead to issues on your PC, and this situation is no different.

Always look for a VPN that has – 

  • Army Grade Encryption 
  • High-Speed Servers
  • Variety of Servers to Choose
  • Easy Killswitch Feature

If you are confused with the decision, we recommend you go for Systweak VPN, which comes with all the features listed and much more! Download the tool today and connect using the latest Systweak VPN client.

Once you have installed the client, sign up, log in, and choose a server to connect to. The rest of the configuration is taken care of by the client itself. Try using Systweak VPN and check if the internet is lost after connecting to the VPN.

2. Upgrade Your Connection/Bandwidth

Another thing that you should try is to upgrade your internet connection plan/mode. If you use a low bandwidth internet connection, it may disconnect if the server load is higher. If you cannot upgrade instantly, try switching to a LAN connection instead of Wi-Fi. 

The reception of a LAN network on a PC is higher as it reduces latency in the connection. Try connecting a LAN cable to your PC and then use your VPN to identify if that was the issue bothering your connectivity.

If using the LAN cable does not cut it, you should contact your ISP for a better connection plan with higher bandwidth. 

3. Switch the VPN Client Protocol

If your VPN is customizable or you can check the connection properties, you should take a look and identify its protocol. If it is using a UDP protocol, it may disconnect the internet as soon as it is connected to a VPN server of a particular country. That is because the UDP protocol is often blocked in several regions.

If you can access your VPN client protocol settings, make sure that you change it to one of the following protocols – 

  • OpenVPN TCP.
  • L2TP.
  • PPTP.

Or better, use a Systweak VPN that automatically works with the OpenVPN protocol so no such issues appear. 

4. Try to Turn Off the Killswitch

If you are experiencing abrupt disconnections repeatedly, maybe it is a feature that is causing it. A killswitch on a VPN is a feature that allows the VPN client to disconnect the internet as soon as the VPN server fails or disconnects. This means it will disconnect your PC from the internet if the server slows down or is not available.

Usually, it is to ensure that there is no data exchange between your original IP and the website on which you are using the VPN in case the spoof IP stops working. However, if it is becoming a regular issue, try stopping the Killswitch shield on your PC and check if the internet is ON. 

If it stays ON, you know the issue is with the VPN client and server. Hence, switching your VPN is the only option you have. 

5. Update the VPN Client regularly

Ensure that the client you use is up to date with the latest version rolled out. The best way to apply this issue is to uninstall and reinstall the client by downloading the latest version of it from the official source. 

Simply – 

Step 1 – Go to the programs via the start menu and look for the VPN client you are using.

Search programs in start menu

Step 2 – Uninstall it from there by clicking on the Uninstall option.

Uninstall option

Step 3 – Open the browser and download the VPN client again.
Step 4 – Download the client again and install it on your PC. 

With these updates, you can get rid of the issue. However, if the version you have downloaded recently is similar to the one you were using, this method will not work as the VPN you are using is not adding support for the latest builds, and hence, you should switch.

Try these 5 things, and you should be able to resolve the internet disconnects after connecting to the VPN issue with your PC. The bottom line is that one very fix says you should switch to a better VPN; without a supported VPN client, there’s not much you can do. Download Systweak VPN today and see the result!

Thanks for reading, good luck!

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