How to Fix VPN Server May Be Unreachable Error


While using a VPN, errors like the VPN Server being Unreachable or the inability to connect with the VPN server are common for many users. Also, VPN adapters globally have experienced such errors at least once, which raises the question of why does it occur?

On preliminary research, the unreachable error is only for a few VPN clients like FortiClient SSL VPN. However, users working with multiple VPN service providers have come forward to share the unreachable server error & they consider it as a part of ‘the downtime in the subscription.

So is it a common problem with the VPN, or can it be resolved? If yes, how? These are some of the questions that we look forward to answering through this post. In this blog, we look at what is unable to establish the vpn connection. The VPN server may be unreachable (-14) error and how to fix it. 

Reasons Behind VPN Server May Be Unreachable Error (-14)

A VPN is a tool that helps with multiple factors while using the internet. It helps stay anonymous online, maintain a security parameter, access blocked websites, and overcome regional content restrictions. 

If we go into the technicalities, VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, which indicates that the network you use to connect to the internet is exclusive to you. 

Simply put, the VPN client masks your original IP address and changes it to a random one. The new address can be from anywhere worldwide, making it impossible for someone to track your location. As far as data monitoring is concerned, even your ISP cannot check what you have browsed after connecting to the VPN. 

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The VPN technology uses multiple standard servers in different cities and countries worldwide. These servers require huge infrastructure, regular support, and occasional maintenance to function properly. When a service provider cannot do so, errors like unreachable VPN servers or unable to establish the vpn connection occur.

Usually, there are a few errors that cause the issue – 

  1. The server is down and requires VPN service providers’ assistance to recover. 
  2. The IP address used by the VPN has changed, and your PC was not updated with the latest IP
  3. There is an issue with the configuration of your VPN client.
  4. The firewall keeps blocking the connection.

The error that the VPN server may be unreachable is synonymous with the Forticlient desktop application. However, many users have reported a similar issue with other clients. 

In the next section, let us take a look at some of the common ways you can use to fix the error. 

Easy Fixes to VPN Server May be Unreachable (- 14) Error

 Now that you know why the error occurs, let’s look at some ways you can resolve the issue. 

Fix #1 – Disconnect & Reconnect Your VPN

You may need to establish the connection if you have been connected to the same server on your VPN for hours and the error occurs. Many VPN clients have a server timeout threshold. The server you are using may have come across the same threshold. 

The best way to fix the VPN server’s unreachable error is to disconnect and reconnect the VPN on your PC. It refreshes the VPN server and allows you to access it freely. 

To disconnect your currently connected server – 

  1. Open the client application that you are connected to. 
  2. Click on disconnect. There are multiple ways applications display their disconnect toggle. Find one on your application and click on it. 
  3. Terminate the application completely.
  4. Restart the application on your computer and select the server you want to access.
  5. Click on connect, and it should fix the problem. 

Needless to say, resetting a connection always works when such errors appear!

Fix #2 – Disable TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1

TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are older security protocols embedded with Windows since XP/Vista versions. These protocols are responsible for network encryption; thus, when they interfere with the working of a VPN, errors like server unreachable on VPN can appear. 

An effective way to remove the error is by disabling the TLS 1.0 and 1.1 protocols. It can be done using the registry editor on Windows. Here’s how – 

  1. Press Windows + R to open the Run search. 
  2. In the Run, type the regedit command.    type regedit command to open registry editor
  3. This will open the registry editor on your PC. 
  4. In the registry editor, open the following path –
    Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders\SCHANNEL\Protocols  open protocols tab
  5. In the protocols folder, create a new key and name it TLS 1.0.  create a new key protocols folder
  6. Using a similar process, create another key called Client.  create another key called Client
  7. Now under client, create a DWORD 32-bit value and rename it to enable.  create DWORD 32-bit value under client
  8. Now, create another DWORD 32-Bit value named ‘DisabledbyDefault’.  create another DWORD 32-Bit value
  9. The above creation was done for the Client. Now, add another key under TLS 1.0 and name it Server.  add another key under TLS 1.0
  10. Add the same DWORD 32-Bit values ( Enable and Disable By Default) to the folder.

This disables your TLS1.0. Follow the same process again. Only this time, the parent folder will be created as TLS1.0, and you are good to go!parent folder created as TLS1.0

Fix #3 – Connect to a different server option

If the VPN server may be unreachable, an error persists after disabling the TLS 1.0 and 1.1; chances are that the issue lies with the server. You can change the server location and try again. However, this solution only works with a VPN offering multiple servers. 

Connected to a different server can reduce the chances of facing an unreachable error. You do not have to worry about the technicalities of changing the server, as the option is available in the client application. 

In case you are still looking for the same, it is possible that your VPN client does not offer flexibility. Usually, most free VPN service providers have a single server dependency. Hence you have only one option besides struggling with the error. 

Pro Tip – Use Systweak VPN to Avoid Such Issues

This is possibly the best fix you can choose. If you are using a free or a lower-quality VPN, then these issues will keep appearing. With Systweak VPN, you get quality services and the option to use multiple servers. You can connect to any country or city’s server with zero connection drops. For more information on Systweak VPN, you can read the detailed blog here.

Can’t Connect to a VPN Server? Not Anymore!

As mentioned earlier, the error is most common with the Forticlient VPN service (Failed To Establish The VPN Connection Forticlient Error) but definitely not limited to it. By using the fixes mentioned above, you can easily resolve the error. If these fixes seem too much work, you can always switch to a better client like Systweak VPN.

It is affordable, smooth to use, and one of the finest regarding service and customer support. So what’s stopping you? Download the trial version for Systweak VPN today and experience the difference. 

With that, it’s time to conclude the blog. I hope you found an appropriate solution to your problem. Please drop a line in the comments section if there’s something else you need help with. That’s all for this post. Catch you at the next one!

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