How to Take A Screenshot On A Dell Laptop Windows 11,10 (2024)


Knowing when & how to take screenshots or record on-screen activities is certainly becoming an important skill to learn. This is especially useful for individuals who work remotely. If you need to learn how to capture snapshots for personal or professional use, you’ve landed at the right place!

Here, we will explain how to take a screenshot on a Dell computer.

Note – The process is similar for almost every computer, so you can perform it on any computer once you learn it.

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Multiple Ways To Screenshot On Dell Laptop (2024 Edition)

Several workarounds can help you to grab screenshots on your Dell device.

WORKAROUND 1 = The Print Screen

You can easily grab screenshots in various proportions using certain combinations with the Print Screen key. Following this method, you can take screenshots on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8. Here’s how to do it:

print screen

STEP 1 = If you want to capture the full screen in one go, hit the Windows key and Prt Sc. When you press the shortcut key, your screen will flicker for a second, indicating that your snapshot has been taken.
STEP 2 = If you wish to grab a single active window screenshot, simply navigate to the window you would like to take the screenshot for and hit on the same. Instantly you should press ALT + Prt Sc parallelly to screenshot.

As soon as you’ve captured the screenshots on your Dell device, your image will be copied to the Clipboard. Further, you can paste the same into any graphics editing software and save it.

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WORKAROUND 2 = Use Snipping Tool To Take Screenshots

Like any other desktop PC or Laptop, even Dell devices come pre-installed with a Snipping Tool that allows users to capture screenshots in different shapes. Follow the instructions provided below to learn how to use the Snipping Tool for taking snapshots:

STEP 1 = Go to the Windows Search bar and type Snipping Tool.
STEP 2 = Click on the relevant result that appears on your screen.

snipping tool
STEP 3 = As soon as the Snipping Tool opens up, you will see a variety of options to take screenshots, tools to edit them, and more.

snipping tool use
STEP 4 = Hit the New button to initiate the screenshot-capturing process. Alternatively, you can hit the shortcut keys CTRL + N together. Now choose any options from Free Form Snip, Windows Snip, or Full-Screen Snip to take snapshots according to your needs and preferences.

To save the screenshot, simply hit CTRL + S and choose the destination where you would like to store your screenshots.

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WORKAROUND 3 = Take the Help Of A Dedicated Screen Capturing Software

Though all the aforementioned built-in methods are easy to use and convenient to perform, they just don’t work at par if you want to capture scrolling screenshots, full screen, and more. That’s why we highly recommend our users use a professional screen recorder utility like TweakShot Screen Capture. The application is designed and developed by Tweaking Technologies and offers a variety of options for screenshot and video capture on Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 PC/Laptop.

tweakshot screen capture

To capture screenshots on a Dell Laptop, here’s what you need to do:

STEP 1 = Download, install, and launch TweakShot Screen Capture on your Windows. The application is highly compatible with the latest Windows OS versions.

STEP 2 = Upon launch, double-click on the Big-Eye icon to access the features TweakShot has to offer.

STEP 3 = You can use features like capture region, single window, full screen, scrolling window, record on-screen activities, color picker, and more.
STEP 4 = Choose your preferred tools and take snapshots on your Dell laptop/computer. Once satisfied, save the screenshots/videos to the desired location!

TweakShot Screen Capture’s full trial is available for 15 days, and the registered version will cost you $39.95 with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Bottom Line

These are some of the fastest and easiest ways to capture screenshots on Dell devices. If you ask for a personal recommendation, we would suggest taking the help of a professional utility that can help you capture high-quality screenshots in different orientations and requirements. Additionally, these nifty tools come with a dedicated video-capturing utility that assists you in recording on-screen activities with audio. Install the TweakShot Screen Capture tool to take advantage of many editing options to annotate and refine your screenshots.

If you consider using TweakShot for grabbing screenshots or video capturing, do not forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below!

For any product-related questions, you can send an email to

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FAQ's: How To Take Screenshots On Dell Laptop (2024)

How To Screenshot On Dell Chromebook?

Follow the instructions below to capture a screenshot on Dell Chromebook: Hit the SHIFT + CTRL + Show Windows keys. From the Menu option at the bottom of the screen, choose Screenshot. Now select the way you want to grab snapshots: Full-Screen Partial Screenshot Specific Window Grab screenshots accordingly!

How To Print Screen On Dell Laptop?

This is what you need to do to take screenshots on a Dell Laptop on Windows 11/10. Simply press the Windows logo key + Prt Sc altogether. Tablet users can hit the Windows logo button + Volume down button simultaneously to capture the screenshot.

How To Screen Record On A Dell Laptop With Xbox Game Bar?

Follow the instructions states below to take screenshots on Dell computer/laptop: Go to the Search bar and type Xbox Game Bar. Click on the very first relevant result that appears on your screen. Upon launch, a pop-up message will appear on your screen, you need to click on Yes, this is a game to open the utility. Hit the Record button to initiate the screen capturing process on Dell Laptop/PC.

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