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With AI applications taking over and video streaming platforms like YouTube giving users an opportunity to monetize their content, Vtubing is getting popular. However, there still are a lot of users who are willing to start Vtubing but do not know how to do it. The biggest issue new Vtubers face lies in identifying how to stay completely anonymous while running a Vtubing streaming channel. 

If you have similar concerns or want to explore the world of creating videos without sacrificing your personal space, this post is for you! 

In this one, we will discuss Vtubing, why you should opt for it, and how to get started while staying entirely out of sight.  Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Vtubing?

Vtubing is using a streaming platform to engage a group audience with your art and craft without revealing your real identity. Usually, streamers have to stay in front of a camera, interact with the users and share their personal experiences. But with Vtubing, that is not the case. You create a virtual avatar of who you want to be seen as online and interact with your audiences while posing like that avatar. Interesting, right?virtual avatar

The whole concept of Vtubing is to create a virtual identity, a character that denotes you. It can be anything you like, an avatar that looks like you, or a designed model that appears unique. 

You can find multiple Vtubers across the globe working on YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitch, and other streaming platforms. The concept of Vtubing and virtual avatar streaming is comparatively new but has also existed in the past.

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Why Are Users Switching to VTubing?

Many users believe that streaming and creating content is all about gaining audience traction. Having all the eyes on them is a perk creators usually have once they are famous. However, not all fame is good to have. It ruins the freedom of living a simple free life, a fundamental right of every human.

In the past, many vloggers, streamers, and content creators have encountered situations where their privacy was breached. Not to mention, maintaining a persona for a longer period can be difficult for any creator. 

Things get even trickier for female creators as they must look good and be cautious of their audiences’ perceptions. Many streamers have shared how they often could not focus on their creativity as they were worried about how they appeared on the stream. 

Fortunately, Vtubing fixes all these issues for the creators. There’s no need to worry about how you appear, what people think of you, or even if they know you, as Vtubing only needs an avatar you control. 

All in all, Vtubing gives users a lot of freedom to work better and create content without worrying about their physical appearance and online presence. 

To start Vtubing, there are a few prerequisites that you must fulfill. These include – 

  • A 3D virtual avatar that you create for yourself to function properly.
  • Motion capture technology software to bring your 3D avatar to life and make it more interactive. 
  • Voice modulators and speech morphing software to give your character a voice. 
  • An intriguing backstory that keeps your audience interested in the avatar you present.

However, many users do not understand that for Vtubers maintaining anonymity while presenting their content is the trickiest thing. Hence, we discuss how that can be done in the next section.

3 Practices That Can Keep You Anonymous While Vtubing

Whenever any user switches from traditional video creation and streaming to Vtubing, the real point of concern is privacy and anonymity. Hence, to make the most of your Vtubing career, follow these three practices while running your Vtubing channel. 

1. Avoid Using Real Names & Credentials

While starting Vtubing, you should keep in mind that you are creating a character, an online persona. The better its identity, the more authentic it appears to a user. Hence if you are using an email address for queries and sponsors, or it is your username for the channel, make sure they correspond to the character, the virtual avatar you have curated, and not directly to you. 

That is because as you gain traction, people will start looking to identify who you are. Leaving s single clue leading to your identity may compromise your anonymity, leaving behind the entire point of starting Vtubing. 

2. Use a VPN While Streaming Content

Since you use your Avatar’s identity, every trace you leave behind should only lead to the avatar. Many users try tracing a user by their connection to stream content. Not to mention, when you have created everything on your own, your IP address is the only thing that may help a user identify your personal information. 

To avoid such problems, use a VPN while streaming content. That way, even if someone tries to trace your IP, they meet a dead-end. The best VPN to use for Vtubing is Systweak VPN. The tool is impressive for providing an encrypted network connection with a location server of your choice. 

All you have to do is – 

Step 1 – Download and install the Systweak VPN Client on your PC.

Step 2 – Open the client and add your credentials to it.

systweak vpn

Step 3 – Choose a location server you want to connect to.

systweak vpn country
Step 4 – Enjoy your connection. 

Not to mention, using a VPN with dedicated servers can give a stronger backstory to your online character. For instance, if you have created an Avatar that looks like someone from middle-east. You can use the server from that same region, keeping the identity true to its roots.  

3. Keep Upgrading Your Setup

Your Setup for streaming makes a difference in maintaining your anonymity. Your components should be regularly upgraded to stay ahead of the competition. Your identity should not become dependent on a particular filter or voice changer. Remember that these small things help you leave a better impression on your audience, keeping them hooked on your content to the level where they forget about identifying who is behind the avatar they see. 

Begin Your Vtubing Career Anonymously

Using these 3 practices can make a huge difference in your initial days. Implement them, and you will be able to stay anonymous while Vtubing. Let us know if you have any secret sauce for your Vtubing channel.

That’ll be all for this post. Hope you find it helpful. Thanks for reading. Good luck.

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