Unblock Websites on Chrome Browser With these 4 Ways

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Have you encountered an error where you cannot open a website because Chrome blocks it? Do not worry, as you are not alone. Thousands of users face a similar issue. 

If you have encountered an error that states Chrome has denied access to the website or you cannot open a particular platform because it is blocked on Google Chrome, do not worry. In this post, we bring you 4 excellent fixes that will help you get rid of the block and give you a restriction-free experience. 

Without any further delay, let’s jump straight to the fixes. 

4 Methods to Help You Unblock Websites Blocked by Chrome Browser

Method 1 – Check the Restricted Sites List

Windows has an inbuilt mechanism that allows you to restrict access to websites. This feature usually allows parents to control what their children visit. However, when an adult uses the same PC, one may need to remove the restrictions. To do so, simply –

Step 1- Press Windows+S to bring up the Windows PC search
Step 2 – In the search, look for Internet Options.

select Internet Options
Step 3 – When you open Internet Options, you may find a dedicated icon for Restricted Websites under the Security tab.Security tab
Step 4 – Click on the Sites Button under the Restricted Sites button.
Step 5 – Select the URL you want to unblock and click on remove.

Select URL in editor
Step 6 – Close the editor and click on Apply to save changes. 

Now try opening the same website on your Chrome; it should work fine. Keep in mind that the websites available in this area are manually restricted by the PC, which means it may be an issue of parental control or employee restriction, so unlock them at your own risk. 

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Method 2 – Unblock Website via Host File

If the above method did not work, or you could not find the restricted website in the list, you may be required to make changes in the host file of your PC. 

Step 1- Open File Explorer and navigate to the following location. 


Step 2 – You may find the host file at the destination. If it is unavailable, try unhiding the file using the view properties of the folder.

File Explorer path
Step 3 – Right-click the hosts file and open it with the notepad.
Step 4 – In the hosts’ log file, you may find the URL you are trying to open but are blocked by Chrome. Look for numerals, as it indicates that the URL is blocked.
Step 5 – Simply remove it from the file and save the file. 

This way, you can remove any blocks from the website you want to visit. 

Method 3 – Use a Proxy Server to Bypass Network Restrictions

Sometimes, the website you see blocked is not directly a result of Chrome blocking but restricted by the network you are on. Using a Proxy server might help you get rid of the restrictions – 

Step 1 – Press Windows + I to open the settings
Step 2 – Go to network and internet settings from the left pane.

Network and Internet settings
Step 3 – In the opened menu, click on Proxy.
Step 4 – In the Proxy options, find Manual Proxy Setup and click on Set up.

Click on Setup to start configuring proxy server
Step 5 – Set up the server using a custom IP Address.

This is a trusted method to access blocked websites and remove restrictions from internet access. However, it is inefficient as setting up a server is a headache for many everyday users. If you want to skip that headache, check out the following method. 

Method 4 – Connect to the Internet Using a VPN to Access Blocked Sites in Chrome

You must narrow down the reason when encountering a block on the website. If the block is due to the location or server you are using, VPN is the ultimate solution

A VPN does everything a Proxy server does, but more efficiently. Not to mention, you have a lot of ease of access to yourself, as now all you have to do is click on connect using the VPN client, and all the configurations are automatically done. 

Choosing a client with the best services is the most important aspect of using a VPN. We recommend using Systweak VPN as it is a trusted client with thousands of users across the globe. Setting it up is also super easy all you gotta do is – 

Step 1 – Download the application from the link below.

Step 2 – Install the application & Sign up using your email address.

systweak vpn
Step 3 – Connect your PC to VPN by Clicking on Connect.

vpn connected
Step 4 – You can also switch servers as per your requirement.

The tool offers impeccable network encryption and the ability to unblock any restricted website in your region. 

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Method 5 (Bonus Tip) – Check the Permissions for the Web Page

Now, the above 4 methods may help you unblock a site. But what to do if a particular web page is blocked? Well, the issue often lies with the permissions you have set for websites in Chrome. 

Google Chrome uses an internal sorting mechanism to identify certain files, scripts, and images as insecure content. If you trust the website you are visiting, try allowing it and reload the website. 

Here’s how to do it – 

Step 1 – You may spot the lock icon in the Address bar. Click on it to find site settings.

lock icon in the Address bar
Step 2 – Open site settings, and you may find a list of permissions. Scroll down to find Insecure Content.

find list of permissions
Step 3 – Click on the Drop down and set the permission to allow. 

Reload the website and check if the page is now working. If this is the case, you may need to change the settings again, as visiting pages labeled as insecure content is unsafe.

Make the Most Out of Your Chrome Browser – Unblock All Sites!

Chrome has always been the preferred browser for Windows users. However, sometimes, users have no other choice but to switch as the websites they want to use appear to be blocked. After this post, you will not have to compromise your browser. 

Use these fixes and unblock websites on Chrome easily. If anything is unclear or you have doubts, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section. We would love to help you out. If you face any block or restrictions while using the internet, try the Systweak VPN, as it has all the solutions!

Thanks for reading! Good luck.

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