How to Screen Record Restricted Content Without Black Screen on Windows

How to Screen Record Restricted Content Without Black Screen on Windows

Have you ever come across a situation where you liked something while watching your favorite show and wanted to clip that part, but you could not do it? Or your friend wanted to know how you cracked a mission in your favorite game, but you could not record it and send it to him because of the application restriction?

Well, you are not alone! Many, like you, look for answers to how to record restricted apps.

Screen recording has become a super convenient way of sharing or saving a clip for later use. However, some applications and websites do not allow you to screen capture as they are encrypted. Want to know how to screen record restricted applications and videos on Windows? Well, that is exactly what we will discuss in this post!

Why is Screen Recording Restricted? Black Screen Issues on Recording

When you try to record an encrypted application or website, you get nothing but a black screen in the output. Why? 

It is because the screen-capturing APIs were blacklisted from them & the rule applies to Netflix or any other OTT platform you cannot record content on. Black Screen Issues on Recording

Now, this is one thing, but what are the other reasons? Some of the crucial reasons include the following – 

1. Content Copyright Guidelines: Every application and content is subject to copyright. The screen capture is restricted to ensure that no one else can replicate or reuse the content and maintain exclusivity.

2. For Security Purposes: With continuous development in almost every field, scams have also increased. Sometimes, crucial information from applications is captured by unknown applications. This means someone can easily access these recordings and misuse the available content or information. It is also the reason you might have seen banking applications and websites do not allow screenshots.

3. To Follow DRM Guidelines: Most of the time, when applications use encryption, they must do so due to DRM guidelines. DRM refers to digital rights management. It is deployed to ensure that the rights to the content are intact. Google Chrome also follows the DRM guidelines, and hence, when you try to record Amazon Prime on Chrome, you get nothing but a black screen with audio. 

Restricting screen recording is the right of every entity owner. However, it often becomes troublesome when you want the content or data for personal use, but the app won’t allow it. 

2 Ways to screen record protected videos in windows 10

Method #1 – Recording Restricted Videos & Applications on Chrome

When you use Google Chrome and encounter a black screen while recording, chances are that the content either falls under DRM or is encrypted. However, websites do not directly encrypt these videos. Chrome has a dedicated option to do so using Hardware Acceleration. To turn off this setting, follow these steps – 

  1. Go to Chrome Settings by clicking the three-dot button in the right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. In the settings, go to the left-hand panel and look for System. 
    look for System in setting
  3. In the system, you will find the Hardware Acceleration option. It should be turned On by default. Turn it Off and relaunch the application.
    Turned off Hardware Acceleration option
  4. Once you have made the changes, go to the screen you aim to record, and open your screen capture tool to record the content. 

This simple yet powerful tool allows you to record content for your usage. Keep in mind that the recorded content is for personal use and should not be used commercially in any way. 

Method #2 – Using Screensharing for Other Apps

When dealing with an encrypted application, you cannot directly record its content. You need a way around it. One such way is using a screen-sharing application that allows screen capture. 

For instance, screen sharing on Zoom calls and Google Meet allows you to capture the entire call as a video presentation. Initiate a call and start recording using either the internal recording option on the application or the screen recorder available on your PC. 

screen-sharing application that allows screen captureKeeps the call going and record the screen. This is an effective method, but you need a stable internet connection and bandwidth to use the same. 

However, you need the best screen recording tool when using restricted/protected apps to record encrypted content without copyright infringement. One such desktop recording software that you can use is Advanced Screen Recorder. It is an easy-to-use video recording tool that allows you to select a region for recording, add annotation while recording, take snapshots, and do much more. Also, you can perform webcam recording, record gameplay, do live streaming, record separate audio files, and do a lot more with it. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to eliminate the black screen issue you face while performing screen recording. Get Advanced Screen Recorder now. 

Use Advanced Screen Recorder to eliminate the black screen issue

Once the video screen recording tool is installed and running, launch it, play the video you want to record, select the region, and hit the Record button to start recording. 

Capturing Restricted Applications & Video is Easy With an Advanced Screen Recorder

The abovementioned method can be best paired with Advanced Screen Recorder for instant results. Please remember that everything you record using these methods should only be used for personal purposes. Any type of commercial use might get you in trouble. To ensure that these methods function properly, you need a solid screen-capturing tool. Click here to learn more about screen recording technology.

That’s all for this post! Leave your queries in the comments section below! Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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