How to Fix Twitch Streams Not Loading on PC?


Twitch is the most popular website when it comes to live stream entertainment. A live stream is a creator’s best chance to interact with the fans and garner a new audience. Usually, Twitch is considered a hub of online gamers, as most of the live streams on the platform are related to gameplay. 

While a user constantly logs in to relax and enjoy their favorite streamer playing the game they love. However, things get annoying when errors like Twitch Streams not loading appear.

There have been several incidents where users have reported abrupt errors while watching a stream. Situations like the Twitch stream keeps buffering and won’t load, Twitch not opening, unable to connect to the stream, etc., are common and frustrating for the users.

Fortunately, there are ways you can get over these issues and enjoy your favorite streams seamlessly. Wondering how? Well, that is precisely what we will discuss in this post. 

Why Is Stream Not Loading on Twitch?

But before we jump to the fixes, let us quickly understand why you are facing issues loading a Twitch stream. 

Usually, the core reason behind the stream not working properly is the slow and unstable internet connection. There are multiple ways your internet might be causing the Twitch stream not to load and other problems. These include – 

  1. ISP Throttling Your Internet Connection 
  2. Network & Server Errors
  3. Loss of Connectivity in Wireless Networks
  4. Glitch in Browser Data (Cookies & Cache)
  5. Lack of Stream Support in Your Region

If you believe that any of these issues may be why Twitch streams are not working properly on your PC, do not worry. We have a perfect list of fixes that can help. Check it out in the next section!

Working Ways to Fix Twitch Stream Not Loading

Before we begin with the dedicated fixes, make sure that you have tried the following things – 

  • Check your internet connection for basic errors. 
  • Try reloading the Twitch tab.
  • Disconnect and reconnect the Internet on your computer. 
  • Try running the stream in Incognito mode.
  • Switch to another stream to identify if the issue lies in the connection or a particular stream.

If you are done with these and still have no luck, try the fixes below.

Fix 1 – Clear Browser Cookies & Cache

Browser data plays a crucial role in loading the websites you visit properly. If you have encountered the Twitch stream not loading error previously, there are chances that the cache and cookies will hold on to that information and become corrupt. The best way to eliminate this is to clear browser cookies and cache. 

Here’s how you do it on Chrome – 

Step 1 – Press the 3-dot button in the top right corner of your browser.
Step 2 – Click on Settings from the opened menu to find browser settings.
Quick Access Menu on Chrome
Step 3 – In browser settings, navigate to privacy and security settings from the left panel.

look for security and privacy section
Step 4 – After opening these settings, you will find the Clear Browsing Data option.

clear browsing data in security and privacy
Step 5 – Click on it and select the data you want to remove.

clear browsing data
Step 6 – Click on Clear data, and you are ready!

Fix 2 – Change Your Mode of Connection from Wireless to Ethernet

If you are using Wi-Fi as the mode of connectivity on your PC, there is a significant chance that your PC is not getting enough bandwidth, as wireless connections are lossy.

The easiest way to overcome this issue is to use a LAN ethernet cable to bring your PC online. Try making this change, and you may be able to fix the Twitch stream not loading error. 

Fix 3 – Reset Browser to Factory Settings

Another thing you should try with your browser is resetting it. Why? Multiple settings, extensions, plug-ins, etc., get tweaked and installed on your browser when connected to the internet. These can serve as the core cause of internet issues on your PC. Hence, resetting the browser can be helpful.

Here’s how you do it on Chrome – 

Step 1 – Go to the settings of your browser using the quick access menu that can be found in the top right corner of the Window.
Step 2 – In the settings, spot the Reset Settings option in the left panel. Click on it to open.

reset setting tab selected
Step 3 – Click on Restore settings to their original defaults.

settings reset page
Step 4 – Lastly, click on the Reset Settings button in the prompt that gives you insights on what will happen if you reset the browser.

Click on reset option-reset setting

Fix 4 – Use a VPN and Connect to a Better Server

Now, if you have come across the Twitch stream not loading error while trying to load a specific stream, there can be two reasons behind it – 

  • The stream you are trying to load is not available in your region. 
  • The server you are trying to load is not responding to your ping request.

In both cases, using a VPN can benefit you by allowing you to change your IP. It means you can change the region to the one where the stream is available. Not to mention, servers of paid VPNs have less traffic. Hence, that problem can also be solved. 

If you are wondering what VPN to choose, we highly recommend you use Systweak VPN, as it is really easy to use and offers the best servers. Here’s how simple it is to change your server and IP – 

Step 1 – Download and install the Systweak VPN.

Step 2 – Sign Up or Sign In by creating your credentials.

systweak vpn
Step 3 – Select the country server you want to connect to from the list of servers.

Systweak VPN_1

When you click on the server, the client initiates the connection. Simply connect to the server and reload the stream; it should work fine!

Try out all of these fixes, and you will surely be able to resolve the Twitch streams not loading on your PC. For most users, a VPN does the job instantly, as issues like ISP throttling, server problems, region errors, etc., can be skipped instantly. 

We recommend that you try using the VPN before indulging in other steps. Hope this helps you get the job done and resolves the problem you are facing in watching the Twitch stream of your choice. Thanks for reading. Good luck!

Don’t forget to download Systweak VPN!

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