A D3D11 Compatible GPU is Required to Run the Engine – FIXED!


The D3D11 compatible GPU is required to run the engine is a prompt that appears when you try to run an affected game on Windows. Usually, the error message is associated with Fortnite for Windows. However, it is not exclusive. There are other Windows games as well that may not launch due to this problem. 

The complete error message reads: 

A D3D11-compatible GPU (feature level 11, shader model-5) is required to run the engine

If you have also encountered the issue while trying to launch a game and don’t know how to fix it, then worry no more! In this post, we have listed a few working fixes that can help resolve the problem.

D3D11 – What is It & Why is it Crucial?

The D3D11 is an acronym for Direct 3D 11, an API that allows your system to run heavy games and graphics-intensive applications. The latest Direct 3D (12) version is way more advanced and has better performance features. However, D3D11 is still a primarily used API, considering every other game supports it.

The core reason the D2D11 is crucial is to ensure that your GPU supports rendering 3D objects on your PC, making the graphics more immersive. Dedicated GPUs are created with respect to the 3D API they use. This means you can easily find a dedicated GPU that supports D3D11.

Usually, when the “A D3D11-compatible GPU (feature level 11, shader model-5) is required to run the engine.” appears, it means that either of the following conditions is true – 

Condition 1 – The PC is missing the Direct3D 11 component.
Condition 2 – The GPU in use does not support Direct3D 11.
Condition 3 – The Direct3D 11 libraries in use are corrupt.
Condition 4 – Your GPU is using outdated drivers

Fortunately, all the listed issues can be easily resolved by just a few steps. How? Check out the next section to find fixes to help you avoid the D3D11-compatible GPU required to run the engine error message. 

Here’s How to Fix the A D3D11-Compatible GPU is Required to Run the Engine Error

Fix 1 – Update GPU Drivers

The first thing you should do is update the existing GPU drivers. You may encounter the error even if your GPU is compatible with the D3D11. That is because the latest driver definition is missing. Downloading updates for GPU drivers on your PC might help you resolve the D3D11-compatible GPU required to run the engine error.

But updating the drivers is not that simple. One has to be well-versed in using the Device Manager and fetch updates using the Windows Driver Update utility to do so, which is a lengthy process. 

There are many ways to update drivers on Windows. However, the most suitable and recommended one is to use Advanced Driver Updater. A dedicated driver updater tool that fetches the latest drivers in no time. It works in 3 steps – 

Step 1 – Download and install the application.

Step 2- Run a quick scan to identify the outdated driver.

start scan using advanced driver updater
Step 3 – Click on Update All to finish the update process. 

That’s it! You can easily eliminate errors like D3D11-compatible GPU is required to run the engine by keeping your display adapters and GPU drivers updated.

Fix 2 – Install Available Windows Updates

Another crucial thing to do here is to update the Windows to the latest version available. Not only that, make sure that even the smallest of updates and security patches are updated.

Step 1 – Press Win+I to open the System Settings
Step 2 – Go to Windows Update from the left pane in System Settings.

click on Windows Update
Step 3 – Click on Check for Updates to fetch the latest available updates

windows update
Step 4 – Later, click on Install to finish the updates
Step 5 – Restart your PC to ensure the best results. 

Ensure that even the optional updates are installed, as they directly impact your PC’s compatibility. Errors such as D3D11-compatible GPU being required to run the engine can often occur due to system incompatibility, which can be resolved after an update by the OS. 

Fix 3 – Ensure that Your Game is Using Primary GPU

When you are using a dedicated graphics card, integrated graphics are available for use. The error D3D11-compatible GPU may be required to run the engine does not appear on the dedicated graphics you use but is triggered when you are working with your integrated graphics. 

As discussed earlier, there are dedicated graphics that support D3D11. Similarly, some do not. Hence, it is better to stick to the primary GPU instead of switching randomly between integrated and dedicated.

Step 1 – Go to the System Settings using the shortcut keys Win+I.
Step 2 – In System Settings, go to Display options.
Step 3 – In Display, you may find a Dedicated option that says Graphics. Open it.
Step 4 – Select the game showing the error and select the High-Performance GPU setting.

graphics preference - select high-performance GPU setting
Step 5 – Do the same for all the applications throwing the error and check if the issue still exists. 

Fix 4 – Use the SFC Scan for Fixing Corrupt System Files

The D3D11 libraries often get corrupted, because of which games and other graphic-intensive games cannot load properly. If you can fix these corrupt system files, you can resolve the issue. 

Step 1 – Go to the Start menu and type CMD. This will bring up the Command Prompt.

Step 2 – Click on the Run as administrator from the options to launch CMD
Step 3 – In the CMD windows, use the command SFC/ scannow and hit the Enter key.

type sfc /scannow hit enter
Step 4 – This command will now find corrupt files and try to resolve them, making it easier for you to fix D3D11 errors. 

Once the scan is over, restart your PC to identify if there is a change in the performance. Relaunch the game and check if the problem presents itself again or if it is resolved.

Fix 5 – Install & Update DirectX Libraries

The DirectX libraries play a crucial role in running any game properly. It helps replace the missing Direct 3D files on your PC that may be causing the D3D11-compatible GPU to run the engine error. 

Step 1 – Go to the official webpage of Microsoft to Download the Direct X installer.
Step 2 – Run the installer and confirm that you agree with the terms of use.
Step 3 – Click Next to check if the installer gives you any bundled software.
Step 4 – If there’s something that you could use, allow it to install else, unmark the bundled software.
Step 5 – Click on Next and let the installation finish. 

After the installation, you can easily experience improvement in the GPU performance. Try running the application with the error now; it should work fine. 

Getting Rid of the D3D11 Error is Easy!

Other than the listed steps and fixes, you should also check your page file for errors that serve as virtual memory. Restarting your PC has also been effective for many users, as sometimes the error is a false alarm. 

Try these fixes out, and you shall see the error disappear quickly! Good luck. 

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