How to Fix Logitech Unifying Receiver Not Detected on Windows PC?


The Logitech unifying receiver is the ultimate way of using multiple input devices like mice and keyboards on your PC. It makes interacting with multiple input devices in different settings easy. However, when you plug in your unifying receiver and the Logitech Unifying Receiver says Not Detected, it is annoying.

In this blog, we’ll explain different ways to fix the issues and how to keep the Logitech unifying receiver driver updated.

Reasons for Logitech Unifying Receiver Not Working

  1. Downloading and installing Windows Update KB4074588, which has a bug that causes the issue with Logitech unifying receiver.
  2. Corrupt driver
  3. Connection errors

Ways to Download Logitech Unifying Software on Windows 11 and 10

The Logitech unifying software is the ultimate driver for all the devices you connect. In most cases, when the receiver is connected, it automatically installs the driver. However, some devices require you to download the driver manually.

However, before we get into details, let’s look at ways to download and install the Logitech unifying software on your Windows PC.

For New Users:

If you recently bought the Logitech unifying receiver, all you have to do is –

  • Plug in the receiver on your PC and remove all other input device receivers.
  • Launch the Utility wizard you can find on your PC.
  • Follow the instructions to add devices to the unifying utility software.
  • Once the installation is complete, you are good to go.

These are basic steps that you can use to set up your Logitech unifying software and receiver. That means when the receiver is plugged in, it automatically installs the drivers too!

For Old Users

If you are an existing unifying receiver user facing an issue with the software or the device drivers, follow these steps:

  1. Visit here to find the latest version of the Logitech unifying software.
  2. Download the setup and install the software.

unifying software

If the issue is limited to software, this should solve it for you.

However, the error “the Logitech unifying receiver not detected” might still pop up due to malfunctioning drivers on your PC.

To fix it you will need to download and update drivers for the unifying system.

Fix – Logitech Unifying Receiver Not Detected

When the receiver drivers are not properly installed or updated, the Unifying receiver is not detected is the most common error you may face. To fix Logitech unifying receiver not detecting an error on Windows 10 or 11, follow these methods  –

Method 1 – Copy the Driver Files From Another PC

If the issue appears only on your PC, you should try troubleshooting the problem by getting driver files from a PC where the receiver is working fine. Yes, copying the files will help, provided you have admin rights on your PC. Here’s how you can do it!

  • On a PC where the receiver is working, go to the given destination in Windows Explorer – C:\Windows\inf\ i
  • At this destination, you will find two files named usb.inf and usb.PNF

save inf file

  • Copy these files from the PC and then paste them on yours where the unifying receiver was not detected. Make sure you paste the file at the same destination as mentioned above.

If you get the message to replace files, select it to overwrite the old files.

  • Restart the PC after finishing all the steps and re-connect the unifying receiver.
  • Check whether it works or not. In most cases, it works well.

Method 2 – Run Unifying Receiver as Administrator Using Device Manager

For this technique, you require admin rights. To solve the issue for someone else, you must be logged in as an admin. Disable the current input device drivers you have installed, download and run the Logitech unifying software as admin and let it install the required drivers.

Here are the steps you need to follow –

  • Press Windows + X to bring up the quick access menu.
  • Click on Device Manager to open the device manager wizard.
  • In the wizard, double-click Human Interface Devices, find the connected device > right click > Disable.
  • If you can’t find the connected device under Human Interface Devices > double-click Mice and other pointing devices > select HID-compliant mouse > right-click Disable.

disable hid driver

  • Download and install Logitech Unifying Software.
  • Once installed, right-click on its shortcut and run it as an administrator
  • This will give the software permission to install the required drivers and detect the receiver as soon as you plug it in.

It is a basic practice you can try if the receiver is not working. However, updating the drivers is the best way to handle such an error. Take a look at the next technique to learn how to fix Logitech unifying receiver not detected guaranteed.

Update Drivers Using Advanced Driver Updater

If the above technique seems like a lot of work, you can install one of the most trusted and recommended driver updater applications, Advanced Driver Updater.

It is easy to use, 100% secure, and provides the latest updates to your PC drivers. There are only 5 steps you need to finish, and all your errors are handled. Here’s how the tool works –

  • Run the application to initiate the search for all the required drivers.

Advanced Driver Updater

  • Click on Start Scan Now to initiate the preliminary scan that will help you understand exactly what device drivers are missing from your PC and which ones require updating.

advanced driver updater scan process

  • The scan will search for your keyboards, mouse drivers, and unifying receiver drivers. If either of them is causing the issue, it will be resolved.

update all outdated driver

  • Once the scan is over, you will find a list of outdated drivers, click on update all and let the software find, download, and install the latest updates on your PC, all with just one click.

update driver

Let the process complete. The entire time depends on how many drivers the software is supposed to download and update. After all the drivers are updated, the PC will give you a prompt. Restart your PC system, and you are good to go.


This brings us to the end of this blog. If the techniques shown do not work, there are chances that you may have a hardware issue. Ensure you reach out to the Logitech support website to list your issue.

Advanced Driver Updater is the best way to resolve your driver-related problems easily, so make sure you install it on your PC, as it can also fix other issues. Do not forget to leave your comments about what worked the best for you in the comments section below; catch you in the next one!


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