How to compress PDF File On Windows?


Struggling with sharing the work of your life due to limitations of document size? A PDF is something that allows you to curate and share any sort of document in a single file. While it eliminates many issues such as the integrity of the document, quality of the file, scattered nature of docs, etc., there’s still a significant issue that often turns into a roadblock while sharing a PDF, i.e., its size.

You see, even a thousand-page book can be curated inside a PDF file, but the size of it will exceed the size allowed to share online. Ebooks, agreement files, exam papers, college notes, etc., are all great examples of where PDFs are used. All these documents must be shared, but their sizes often make it difficult. 

The only solution that comes to mind is compressing the PDF. But that is a difficult task for many, as many users do not know how to compress a PDF File. 

If you are looking for a way to compress PDF files and don’t know how you have reached the right spot! Let’s start with the blog and learn how to compress a PDF File. 

2 Ways to Compress a PDF File on Windows to Reduce its Size

If you are on a Windows PC and want to compress a heavy PDF document to share with someone. There are two proper methods that you can use. 

1. Add Document to Compressed Zipped Folder

First, you can compress the document and convert it into a zip folder. This way, the file size is reduced, and your file is ready to be shared via email or any other online method.

Here’s how you can compress the file and add it to the zipped folder – 

Step 1 – Open File Explorer and spot the file you want to compress.

open File in Explorer

Step 2 – Select the file and right-click on it to open the quick access menu.

Right click file to open quick-access menu

Step 3 – Click on send from the menu, and another drop menu will expand.
Step 4 – From the expanded menu, select a zipped folder and click on it. 

Once the zipped folder is created, you can right-click on it to check its properties and identify if the size was reduced to what you desired. Since it is a direct method, you do not get a chance to identify the compression configuration used. It is a basic way that one can use. 

2. Use Systweak PDF Editor

Although the above method is a basic one, it has downsides. The biggest downside is that it holds the file in a compressed zip folder that the receiver may only be able to open on a PC or laptop. If someone wants to use their smartphone to access the PDF, they may face an issue. 

To resolve this issue, we do have the option to overcome it. Using an intelligent PDF editor tool like Systweak PDF Editor, you can easily compress the file without changing its type or covering it with a different format. 

Here’s how. 

  1. Download, install, and run Systweak PDF Editor.
  2. Click the Compress PDF option from the home screen.

    Systweak PDF Editor_Home Screen

  3. Browse to the location where the PDF you wish to compress is saved.Compress PDF- Systweak PDF Editor
  4. Select it. 
  5. The PDF will now be added to Systweak PDF Editor.
  6. To start the compression process, click Compress PDF >select the compression method and again click Compress. 
  7. The PDF will now be compressed. 
  8. In addition to this, you can compress bulk PDFs.

    tools tab

  9. Save the PDF after compression, and you are ready to use the PDFs. 

See, that’s how easy it is! Download the application today and forget about compression worries! 

Compressing PDF Files to Reduce Size is Now Easy!

With the help of Systweak PDF Editor, you can do a lot more with your PDF files, including compression. Make the most of any type of PDF, irrespective of its size. Sharing and sending files is a common aspect, and thanks to these two methods, you can do the same without any size constraints. 

Hope these methods help you finish the compression process easily and allow you to make the most of your files. Let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions for the process or find any difficulties performing them. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you find it helpful. Good Luck.

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