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Are you a Cities Skylines 2 player facing crashes out of nowhere? Well, you are not alone! There have been several reported cases of Cities Skylines 2 crashing. While the issue is common, not all users can identify the real cause of it. Some believe that it is due to a lack of resources on a PC, while for others, it is an issue related to overheating. 

The good news is that Cities Skyline 2 crashing on Windows is a correctable issue and can be easily resolved. All you have to do is know what is causing the issue and fix it. And that is where this post will help you out. In this one, let us look at some ways you can fix the Cities Skylines 2 crashing on Windows. 

Why Does Cities Skylines 2 Crash on Windows

Before we begin with the fixes, let us first identify the plausible reasons why you are facing crashes while playing the game. Cities Skylines 2 is a city-building game that is graphic intensive and requires the undivided attention of your GPU and other resources. This simulated city-based game is quite heavy to run on a regular PC; hence, there are several incidents of Cities Skylines 2 crashing on Windows. 

Some of the core reasons why it keeps crashing may include – 

  1. The PC you use does not meet the minimum requirements to run the game. 
  2. You are using an outdated GPU driver on your PC. 
  3. Multiple background apps are taking up PC resources
  4. There are pending Windows updates that must be installed
  5. Your game files are corrupt or not verified.

The game will keep crashing if you believe any of these issues are on your PC. Fortunately, all these issues can be easily resolved. Check out the next section, where we have shared specific fixes for each issue. 

How to Fix City Skylines 2 Crashing on Windows?

Fix 1 – Close Background Apps Before Launching

You should first focus on relieving the resources for your use. You can try to make things work simply by using the Task Manager before launching the game. Here’s what you need to do –

Step 1 – Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager on your PC.

task manager

Step 2 – In the task manager, click on the Memory tab to sort the running apps based on their memory consumption.
Step 3 – Close all the top applications to free up enough memory to handle your game easily.

Once you have ended the tasks for applications, go to your game and launch it. It should work fine, as no other app is now taking up the memory.

Fix 2 – Update Your GPU Driver

For any game to run smoothly, it is crucial to have a sorted GPU. You may face a crashing issue if your graphics unit is not working properly. If Cities Skyline 2 keeps crashing on your PC, check if your GPU drivers need an update. 

To check for updates, you can simply – 

Step 1 – Go to the start menu and search for Device Manager.

search for Device Manager

Step 2 – In the Device Manager, spot your GPU under Display Adapters.
Step 3 – Right-click on the GPU and click on Check for Updates.
Step 4 – In the pop-up, simply follow the instructions and choose to automatically search for driver updates online.

search automaticaly

Step 5 – Once it finds the update, it will start installing it. Wait until the driver is installed. 

The only issue with the above method is that it is not for everyone. You see, not every user likes playing around with the Device Manager and checking other PC entities. For those who need easy access and want to get over with driver updates easily, we recommend Advanced Driver Updater. It only has 3 steps  –

Step 1 – Download and install.

Step 2 – Run a Scan to fetch outdated drivers.

Start Scan Now

Step 3 – Update All the scan results

Once you have clicked Update All, the process begins. The best part is that, unlike the above method, where you were updating a single driver, these 3 steps help you update all the outdated drivers on your PC. 

Download the Advanced Driver Updater and get rid of the Cities Skylines 2 crashing on Windows issue instantly!

Fix 3 – Verify the Integrity of the Game Files

The Cities Skylines 2 is on Steam and can be easily accessed via the client. If you are using it through the same, you might need to verify the integrity of the game files. That is because if a single game file is corrupt or broken, it may lead to the game crashing out of nowhere. 

To check the files’ integrity, simply – 

Step 1 – Launch Steam and navigate to the games library.

steam window
Step 2 – Spot Cities Skylines 2 and right-click on it.
Step 3 – Go to the properties from the context menu.
Step 4 – In the left panel, spot and click on Local Files.

local files
Step 5 – Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files from the opened page.

local file setting

After initiating the process, wait a few minutes while Steam analyzes the files. The good part is that it automatically detects and replaces the files that are not up to the mark. 

Fixing Cities Skylines II Crashing Issues is EASY!

Once you finish these 3 fixes, you will have solved the Cities Skylines 2 crashing issue on Windows. As a precaution, to ensure that it does not happen again, you should keep Windows updated and not leave any additional updates pending. Also, ensure that your PC is not being overused. It should not heat up while using, or else the game will keep crashing. You can use methods to resolve overheating issues on Windows as well. 

That will be all for this post. Hope these methods do the job for you. Thanks for reading, good luck!

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