How to Covert HTML to PDF Without Losing Formatting


Want to share an HTML document with a friend, but they may not have the appropriate tools to open it? Well, you are not alone, as thousands of users face a similar issue while sharing HTML files. The good news is that HTML files can be converted to PDF documents without changing the formatting or design of it. It means irrespective of what device your friend is using, a smartphone or a PC, they can open the PDF file as it is a widely accepted format.

However, the real question that arises now is how? 

How can an HTML file be converted to a PDF document? Well, that is exactly what we will show in this post. Make sure you read it thoroughly, as in this one. We have curated a few working ways to help you convert your files from HTML to PDF quickly. 

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

3 Ways to Convert HTML Files to PDF

Knowing the need of the hour, so many applications, web portals, and methods have surfaced to help users convert files from one format to another. However, they are more common to video and audio files as these files are more format-oriented. It also means that the options are limited if you look in the market for an HTML-to-PDF converter. 

Check out the following ways that help you get it done easily!

Method 1 – HTML to PDF Conversion Using Systweak PDF Editor

One of the most popular and preferred choices of a converter tool is the Systweak PDF Editor. A tool that allows you to do more with your PDF documents and gives you additional options such as HTML to PDF converter. 

You may be wondering how a PDF editor can work as a converter. Well, sure, the developers understood the need for a complete PDF solution suite and developed a balanced and feature-full solution in the form of Systweak PDF Editor. Although it is primarily a PDF editor, it allows performing other tasks too.

Here’s how you can change HTML files to PDF using this application 

Step 1 – Download and install the app on your PC.

Step 2 – Open a PDF file from your PC. It can be any PDF document or an empty document.

systweak pdf editor
Step 3 – After opening a PDF document or creating a blank PDF click the Convert tab.

convert tab

Step 4 – Next, click Create PDF; from the drop-down, select HTML to PDF.
Step 5 – Browse the HTML file you want to convert with the help of File Explorer. Select it and click Open.

HTML to PDF Option -PDF Editor
Step 5 – Browse the HTML file you want to convert with the help of File Explorer. Select it and click Open.

Browse HTML file using File Explorer
Step 6 – Systweak PDF will now start converting HTML to PDF.

converting HTML to PDF - Systweak PDF Editor

Step 7 – Once done, you will get a success message.

Success Message after Converting HTML to PDF
Step 8 – Click OK. The converted file will open as a PDF in Systweak PDF Editor.
Step 9. Save the file with a new name to avoid confusion. Click File > Save As > name and file and click Save. 

This is how you can convert an HTML file into a PDF document. We recommend this method as it is easy and quick way to transform the file without changing document quality or images added to the file. Also, the allows editing PDF files, adding passwords, e-signing PDFs, merging, compressing, splitting PDF documents, and much more. 

Method 2 – Use an Online Portal for HTML to PDF Conversion

Though we do not encourage uploading your files to a random online server, this is another way to change HTML files to PDF. Several online converting tools require you to upload your file and choose the format you want to convert. 

Step 1 – Select the platform you want to use for conversion.
Step 2 – Drag and drop the HTML file you want to convert into PDF.
Step 3 – Select the output format if it is a multi-format conversion tool.

Upload HTML Files Option

Step 4 – Let the conversion finish. Once it is over, it will notify you with a prompt or make the download button clickable.
Step 5 – Download the converted document as per your requirement. 

The downside of this process is that you require an active internet connection to perform the process. Not to mention, the risk of putting your documents on an unknown server is always present. Also, you should not undermine that an online platform may charge you for every conversion you make. 

Method 3 – Use Chrome to Convert the HTML File into PDF

This neat trick may help you get the job done easily. An HTML file can be opened using your Chrome browser. You can use the print dialogue box to create a second copy of the file that can be saved as a PDF. Confused? Well, check out the steps below; you will surely have your answers.

Step 1 – Open the HTML file you want to convert using Google Chrome.
Step 2 – Press Ctrl+P to bring up the print tools on your screen after opening the file.

Printer Source in Print Tools

Step 3 – In the print tools, click on the printer source, and from the drop-down menu, select Save as PDF.

This way, you will have created another PDF version of your existing HTML file. Though it is easy and requires no tool to get over with, you should keep in mind that this process may hamper the format of your HTML document as it is set as a standard size which may vary from the original. Also, creating copies will occupy unnecessary space. 

Try these three methods and let us know which one you found the best for your use. We highly recommend you download Systweak PDF Editor as it is everything you may need to deal with a PDF document. That will be all for this post. Thanks for reading, good luck!

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