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Have you restored your PC recently due to performance issues? If yes, you must check if all your personal data is secure or not. Many users have shared that after restoring, they could not find their data. If you are facing the same issues, this is the perfect post for you!

In this one, let’s discuss some ways you can restore data you may have lost after performing a factory reset on Windows. 

Effective Ways to Restore Data After Factory Reset {WORKING}

It feels unreal and unbelievable to restore the data once you have deleted it, especially when you have lost the files without realizing it. 

For those unaware, factory reset brings your system to its default state, reverting any changes you may have made, like installing applications, drivers, or any changes made to the settings. However, if you have lost any personal files due to it, do not panic, as there are ways to help you regain them. 

Fix 1 – Recover Data Using Windows File History

File history is a tool that can help you restore a file to its original state or recover it when required. Simply follow these steps to initiate the process – 

Note : For this method to work, File History must be enabled on your computer only then the files are backed up. In case the option is disabled, jump to Fix 2.

Step 1 – Go to the Start Menu and search for File History.

search for file history

Step 2 – You may find options popping up from the Control Panel. Click on them to open.

keep a history of your filesStep 3 – From the left panel, click on Restore personal files.choose Restore Personal Files option
Step 4 – After you have clicked the restore option, a window will pop up that will help you find the file at the exact location from where you lost it.choose location to restore file

Step 5 – Navigate to the location from where the data is missing and check if the File History has your lost file. 

Click on the green restore icon after selecting the files to put the file back easily. 

Fix 2 – Recover Data Using a Data Recovery Software

If the File History feature is disabled, you can use Advanced File Recovery, a software that helps restore lost data in no time. 

The tool is highly recommended as it is effective and easy to use. It offers a user-friendly UI, allowing basic users to make the most of it. The best part is that it hardly takes some time to finish the job for you. 

Here’s how Advanced File Recovery works – 

Step 1 – Download the tool from the link below –

Step 2 – Select the Drive from which you want to recover your files. After that, select the scan mode.


Step 3 – Click on Next to proceed. From here, click on the type of file that you plan to recover. If you are unsure about it, you can choose the Scan All Data option.

select data type which you want to recover- Advanced File Recovery
Step 4 – Click on the Start Scan option to initiate the process.
Step 5 – Let the Scan run, it may take some time, depending on the size of the drive and the scan mode you are using.
Step 6 – Select the files you want to recover from the scan results. You can also preview the files before recovery.
Step 7 – Make it your priority to recover all the files at once, as repeating the process might result in overwriting the disk, making recovery tougher. 

Using the tool is super easy, as you can easily save the files you want to recover to any location. The best part is that the advanced version of the tool even allows you to scan for files specific to the format, helping you sort out the results automatically. 

Download the tool today and restore lost data after a factory reset on Windows. Please keep in mind you can find free tools, too. However using them might not be the right choice as they might not do what they say, and this will overwrite the data, minimizing the chance of data retrieval. 

Hence, if you plan to recover files using a data recovery tool, use reliable software like Advanced File Recovery.

Try it Now!

Is It Possible to Recover Data After Factory Reset? YES IT IS!

Many users have a misconception about data recovery and how it works. Thanks to these effective fixes, all the confusion can be easily cleared. It is possible to recover data from a device after factory resetting it. All you need is a proper approach. 

When you delete a file, it is not completely removed from the storage. Instead, the storage block that it is using is emptied. As a result, the files are not visible but still present in the same drive for retrieval. If you plan to recover the files, running algorithms can help you do the same. Find out more about how recovery works in this detailed research paper

All in all, downloading the Advanced File Recovery is your best chance to recover lost files after a Factory Reset on Windows. 

Hope this helps you out. Thanks for reading. Good Luck!

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