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Several users have reported that their screen goes green while watching a YouTube video. The issue is weird, as it appears on other streaming applications and websites as well. Luckily, it is not a hardware glitch but a software issue that can be easily fixed. 

YouTube is one of the primary platforms to experience the issue on Windows. To fix it, users often reload the tab or restart the application. Initially, this works as it resets the connection with the platform. However, with time, restarting the app becomes useless. If you have also tried to resolve the YouTube green screen error and have failed, do not worry, as we might have the solutions you are looking for. 

Why Does YouTube Green Screen Error Appear

The YouTube green screen error appears out of nowhere, and there is no specific trigger point for the issue. However, there are a few factors that help aid in the development of such issues. These factors are – 

  • Outdated Graphics/GPU Drivers
  • Unsupported Flash Players
  • Pending Windows Build Updates
  • Using Outdated Browser/Flash Player
  • Hardware Acceleration Issues with Browser
  • Third-Party Software Conflict 

GPU hardware and display adapters are crucial here. This means if they are outdated, sooner or later, you will face the issue. Also, the green screen error on YouTube is not limited to browsers only. Hence, if you plan to use an application or switch from app to browser, you might not get the expected relief from the green screen. 

How to Get Rid of the YouTube Green Screen Error on Windows

To get rid of an issue, you need to reach the roots of it. Since we have already identified the possible reasons behind the error in the above section, all that is left now is to execute the fixes.

Fix  1 – Toggle Off Hardware Acceleration in Your Browser

Hardware acceleration is an inbuilt browser feature that delegates all the GPU-related tasks to an external GPU instead of using your CPU. While it seems fair, as GPU might be better to load the graphics, it often triggers errors on streaming platforms like YouTube. You may have seen sudden green and blank screens on your Windows PC. That happens because of the hardware acceleration.

It is always advised that you should toggle it off on your browser for a better experience. Steps to toggle off hardware acceleration for browsers are given below. 

For Chrome – 

Step 1 – Launch the app and go to the top right corner of the Window to find the Options menu.

Quick Access Menu on Chrome

Step 2 – From the options menu, click on settings to open Chrome settings.
Step 3 – In settings, spot System in the left pane and click on it. Turned off Hardware Acceleration option

Step 4 – You may find the toggle for Hardware Acceleration on this page. Simply click on it to turn it off.

For Firefox – 

Step 1 Launch the app and open its context menu, which can be found in the top-right corner of the screen.

Click on three-bar icon at right corner Firefox browser

Step 2 – Scroll down to find the Performance option.

performance setting - Firefox browser

Step 3 – Uncheck the “Use recommended performance settings” to reveal the hardware acceleration option.

Step 4 – Uncheck the “Use hardware acceleration when available” option to turn it off. 

For Edge – 

Step 1 – Open the settings of the Edge browser. (Similar steps, find the option in the top right corner)
Step 2 – From the left panel, click on System and Performance to open options.

Edge_hardware acceleration

Step 3 – After opening the options, simply toggle off the Hardware Acceleration setting. 

After toggling this off on your respective browser, try reloading the platform and check if the YouTube green screen error still appears. For most users, this solves the issue instantly; however, do not worry if it does not, as we have other fixes as well!

Fix 2 – Update GPU Drivers

Green screen issues, lagging videos, and stuttering are all caused by the GPU/display adapters of your device. Whenever these are not functioning properly, you may come across such situations. Needless to say, to fix the error, ensure that these drivers are up to date

To help you keep them updated without having to check for updates manually, we recommend Advanced Driver Updater. An automatic driver updates fetching tool that not only scans your PC for outdated drivers but finds the perfect fit and installs them on your PC. All of it in just a few clicks. 

Step 1 – Download the Advanced Driver Updater on your PC.

Step 2 – Run a scan for outdated drivers using the Start Scan Now button.

click on start scan in advanced driver updater

Step 3 – Once the scan results are available, click Update All to resolve your issues. 

Updating the GPU drivers resolves the YouTube green screen issue in no time. Try using the Advanced Driver Updater to check if things work out for you or not. 

Fix 3 – Use the Advanced Troubleshooting (Windows 11)

Windows 11 has transformed the way troubleshooting works on your PC. To initiate your video playback troubleshooting, all you have to do is – 

Step 1 – Go to the search menu Win+S and look up Troubleshoot Settings.
Step 2 – From the available options, find Video Playback and click on Run.

Click Other troubleshooters

Step 3 – This will open a new window, taking you to the troubleshooting page where you can express what’s bothering you, along with troubleshooting tools.
Step 4 – Click on “I want to continue this troubleshooter” to continue a complete scan of all the issues.

troubleshooting page to select video setting

Step 5 – Let the diagnosis run and finish. After it ends, it will give you insights into the issue and why you face green screen errors on YouTube. ( More methods to fix video playback error )

Other than these concrete fixes, you always have the option to try the basic things such as – 

  • Update your browser 
  • Check for Windows updates
  • Try switching your browser
  • Reboot your PC

Eventually, after you have tried all these methods, you can get rid of the YouTube green screen issues on your Windows PC. If you face any issues while performing these steps, you can comment. Fixing YouTube green screen errors is easy, all you have to do is try the perfect fix!

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