Diagnostics Policy Service Is Not Running – Causes & Fixes


The Diagnostic Policy Service is a crucial service on your Windows PC. Every time you try to troubleshoot an error on your PC, this process helps it go through. The error Diagnostic Policy Service is not running usually appears with network errors. When experiencing low connectivity or internet connection issues on your PC, the obvious fix is running the network troubleshooter. 

However, if the service is not running properly, you may be unable to use the troubleshooter, and network issues will persist. To ensure that the network and the troubleshooter work fine on your PC, you must get rid of this issue on your PC. 

And how do you do it? That is exactly what we are going to discuss in this post. Let’s get started!

What is the Use of Diagnostic Policy Service on Windows

The service on Windows enables proper implementation of diagnosing issues on a PC. It helps in problem detection and provides the troubleshooter with a parameter to work with. Once you initiate the troubleshooting process, this service takes care of every check that is run. 

In case you have never heard of this service, it is because it works in the background and has no direct way to be initiated. It serves as the agent a troubleshooter appoints to complete the job.  If the service is not running, the Windows Troubleshooter may not work properly, and you may not get a solution to your issues. 

How to Fix the Diagnostic Policy Service Error on Windows

To fix the issue and ensure that all the network-related and other problems are resolved using the troubleshooter, you need this service to run properly. In case it is not, there are three things that you can try. 

Fix 1 – Check the Diagnostic Policy Service Configuration

Every service on your Windows PC can be found in the services utility. It is necessary to ensure that the service is set to launch properly and is configured correctly. Here’s what you need to check – 

Step 1 – Press Win+R to open the run search.
Step 2 – Use command services.msc and hit enter.type services msc command

Step 3 – Scroll down to find Diagnostic Policy Service. Select and double-click on it to open its properties.Diagnostic Policy Service Selected - Services Tab

Step 4 – Ensure that the start-up type is set to Automatic and the service is running. If you can see the Start button being clickable, it means it is not running. Start it manually. If the Stop button is clickable, it means the service is running. Diagnostic Policy Service Properties

Step 5 – Make the changes and click Apply to finish the process. 

After making the changes, we suggest you restart your PC once, as it will help the service stop and run again automatically with the system. Try resolving your network issues now, and the troubleshooting should work fine.

Fix 2 – Provide the Service With Admin Privileges

The service issues usually appear when there is an issue with how they run. If you are experiencing issues with the Diagnostics Policy Service on your PC, it may be because the service is not running with Administrator authority. To ensure that the service has access to all the resources, you should ensure no permission constraints. Here’s how you can take care of the same – 

Step 1 – Go to the start menu and look for Command Prompt.

Command Prompt_Admin

Step 2 – Launch the elevated command prompt using the Run as Administrator option.

Step 3 – In the command prompt, use the following commands one after the other – 

net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice 

net localgroup Administrators /add localservice

add networkservice localservice command 

Step 4 – Exit the command prompt window after the commands run successfully. Try running the troubleshooting again, and you should no longer see the Diagnostic Policy Service error. 

Fix 3 – Update Network Adapter Drivers

The Diagnostic Policy Service usually works with network issues. If the network services are improper, you may also fail issues related to the service. In case you are experiencing issues with your Wi-Fi network connectivity, you should immediately switch to a LAN connection and vice-versa. 

After ensuring that your PC has a running internet connection, we recommend you update the network adapter driver on your PC. If you are familiar with ways to update drivers, you can implement the one you like. However, we suggest you use the Advanced Driver Updater’s 3-step process for convenience! All it takes is – 

Step 1 – Download the application and install it on your PC.

Step 2 – Run the scan from the home screen to find the list of outdated drivers on your PC.

start scan using advanced driver updater

Step 3 – After you spot the network adapter as outdated, you should get an idea about the issue. Click on Update All, and the updates will start installing.

adu scan start1

Not only does the tool update outdated network adapter drivers, but it will also update other drivers, fixing hidden problems on your PC. 

Tip : If the updates are unavailable, you can use the Device Manager to uninstall and reinstall the network adapter driver. Use the context menu in the Device Manager to find the uninstall option.

With all these fixes up your sleeve, you can easily resolve the Diagnostics Policy Service not running error on your PC. Try them out, and let us know which worked best for you. Hope you find this helpful. Good luck!

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