Top 3 Ways to Convert HEIC Images to JPEG on Windows PC

Ways to Convert HEIC Images to JPEG on Windows

If you use iPhone to click pictures and have a Windows PC, working with these images can be a headache. It is because all the images you capture using Apple devices are in HEIC format, which is not yet compatible with Windows. This means to view or edit them; you need a Mac or an Apple device. But is this the only way out? 

No. Luckily, using a HEIC Converter, things can be sorted. Here we explain 3 ways you can convert HEIC format images into JPEG.

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What is HEIC Image Format?

The HEIC is the high-efficiency image format majorly used by Apple devices. It allows the device to save more high-quality images at the cost of lesser storage space. 

However, Windows users cannot use these images, and to make photos universal and easy to manipulate, changing HEIC to JPG on PC is required. 

But how can we do that? This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this post. 

Why Convert HEIC Images to JPEG? The Downsides of HEIC

The logic behind using the HEIC compression is understandable. Using it, you can click high-quality images and save on storage space, a common problem Apple users face. Besides, since Apple offers only 5 GB of free cloud storage and as HEIC images take less space, 5 GB seems enough for a user to save thousands of images.

But then again, the HEIC format has its downsides as well.  

Disadvantages of HEIC Image Format

  • It is not compatible with all photo viewers and editors.
  • Opening these images with a different operating system or device (other than the Apple ecosystem) becomes typical.
  • You need to install an advanced compression codec to support these images in older devices, which is an added step. 

To overcome these drawbacks, HEIC images are converted to JPG.

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How to Convert HEIC Images to JPEG?

Now that the importance of changing photo format from HEIC to JPG is clear let us look at 3 ways you can use to convert them.

Method #1 – Use HEIC Converter Tool (Highly Recommended)

The first and best way to convert the images from HEIC to JPEG on your PC is by using a dedicated application. It is a compact program that converts batch HEIC images into JPEG format. 

Here’s how it works – 

  1. Download the tool from the Microsoft App Store. Alternatively, you can use the Link below to download the product.
    Download Here
  2. Once installed, click on the desktop shortcut to launch the tool.
    drag and drop images to convert them using heic converter tool
  3. You will now see the home screen. You can drag and drop the images to convert them, use the Add Folder, or Add HEIC Files button.
    adding photos to convert using heic converter tool
  4. After adding, the images from the right pane, select the format, quality, and whether to keep EXIF data and output path.

    Note : You can convert HEIC images in JPG and PNG. Also, by clicking Additional Settings, you can customize file overwrite action and conversion speed.

    customize file overwrite action and conversion speed using additional setting option
  5. Click Convert to change the format.
    Click Convert to change format
  6. Once the conversion is done, you will get a summary of the action performed. get summary of action performed

Compared to other HEIC converter tools, this tool by Tweaking Technologies makes the process simple. You can customize the settings and even bulk convert HEIC to JPG and PNG format. 

Method #2 – Save Image As JPEG Using Windows Editor

Another way to convert HEIC to JPG on Windows is by using the Windows Editor. The approach is quite lengthy but does the job. What you have to do is – 

  1. Open the image you want to convert 
  2. Go to edit the image edit the image option in windows editor to convert HEIC to JPG
  3. In the editor, you don’t need to make any changes to the image. Simply click the File tab > Save As option.
  4. Select the format as JPG.  Select JPG format
  5. Click the Save button to apply changes and find the converted image afterward.

The long process might seem ineffective when you have multiple HEIC images to convert into JPEG. But still, many people use it as it allows them to create a copy of the existing image in their desired format. You can try it once. However, this technique can never supersede the experience you might have while using a dedicated converter tool. 

Method #3 – Use a Web App to Convert Image

Over the past few years, online platforms have created web applications and online converters to help you in tricky situations. These tools are simple: click on their link or find them using a search engine. Upload your images on it, convert them to JPEG, and download them instantly.

Here’s how – 

  • Go to the search engine and look for HEIC to JPEG converter online 
  • Open the recent link. 
  • On that platform, simply upload your HEIC image. upload your HEIC image on online HEIC to JPG converter
  • Wait for it to process the image. 
  • Once the processing is over, download the converted JPEG file.

However, these tools have some drawbacks, making them the least preferred method. Since they are online HEIC to JPG converter tools, the image quality is massively compromised in upload and download.

Secondly, these platforms seem free but have numerous pop-up ads that may harm your PC

Thirdly, you cannot convert HEIC images to JPG in bulk as you must manually upload the images.

Last but not least, these platforms often keep the uploaded files on their server and might also use them for their purposes. Since you have willingly uploaded the file, it gives them the right to store and use your files as they fit, which is not a secure way. 

Besides these drawbacks, the simpler issue that one might face using this method is that it requires the internet. You have to be connected to the internet all the time.

Converting HEIC Images to JPEG is Easy!

The above shared three ways make it easy for any user to convert the GEIC images to JPEG. You can try them out and see the results for yourself. Using a dedicated app for HEIC to JPEG conversion is the most recommended method, as it does the job instantly and with finesse. 

With that being said, it is advised that you take care of your images, personal data, and device while trying any online fix. That also brings us to the end of this post. You might have got an idea of how easy it is to convert HEIC images to JPEG Format. Let us know in the comments about the method you try. 

That is all for this post. Thanks for reading! 

FAQs – Around Ways to Convert HEIC Images to JPEG Format

Ques 1 – How to Mass Convert HEIC Images To JPEG Format in Windows 11 and 10?

Ans 1  – Using the HEIC converter, the ultimate solution to all your needs, you can bulk convert HEIC to JPEG. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Launch HEIC Converter.
    Launch HEIC Converter to Mass Convert HEIC Images To JPEG Format
  2. Click the Add Folder button > select the folder with HEIC images.
    select folder with HEIC images
  3. Wait for the tool to process the command, and add all the images saved in HEIC format. 
    adding photos
  4. Once all the HEIC files are added, select then and click the Convert button.
    Converting HEIC images to JPG in bulk
  5. Let the conversion process finish. You will now get a summary of the action performed.
    conversion finished for heic to jpeg image in batch

Ques 2 – What happens to my HEIC format images after converting them?

Ans 2 – It depends on you and the method you choose. If you use the HEIC Converter application, you can keep or remove them. While opting for manual methods and online platforms, you will have the original files left with you. You will be required to delete them individually if you want them removed. 

Ques 3 – Is the HEIC to JPEG Converter application free for use?

Ans 3 – The application can be downloaded for free on your system. However, the trial version allows converting only 5 HEIC images. To unlock its complete potential, you are required to activate the application. 

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