Exploring Windows 11: 5 Common Problems & Fixes


After a drastic backlash among Windows users related to bugs in the launch edition of Windows 11, Microsoft has finally resolved most of the errors to provide a stable version of the operating system. However, there still appear to be a lot of common problems that bother common users. 

In this blog, let us explore the problems in the latest build of Windows 11 (June 2023) and identify some solutions that can help create a better user experience. 

windows 11 properties

If you are facing issues in managing your Windows 11 PC, then by the end of this post, you will definitely be able to do so without any hassle. 

Common Windows 11 Problems & Their Fixes

Windows 11, even after so many iterations, has annoying bugs and issues. Some users have made peace with them, while others still seek ways to resolve the issues. If you are bothered by regular annoyances like audio errors, GPU crashes, connectivity issues, etc., check out the following list of problems of Windows 11 and their fixes.

Pro-Tip: if you are having trouble managing the overall performance of your PC, then you may need a PC optimizer. We recommend you use Advanced System Optimizer as it has multiple modules to help you with all sorts of common and not-so-common errors of Windows 11. 

Problem 1 – Sound Issues in Windows 11

There are multiple factors that may be causing sound errors on your PC. For instance, sometimes the error lies with the devices you have connected, sometimes there may be an issue with your sound card, and sometimes the error may lie in the audio drivers. There are higher chances that audio errors on Windows 11 may also occur due to configuration issues.

Solution – You may need to consult with hardware experts for all external device-related issues. However, for sound-related software errors, you can run the internal troubleshooter offered by Windows. 

Here’s how to initiate troubleshooting – 

Step 1 – Press Windows + I to bring up System Settings.
Step 2 – In Settings, look for Troubleshoot.

find Troubleshoot option in setting
Step 3 – Enter Troubleshoot and find other troubleshooters.

Click on Other troubleshooters
Step 4 – In the Other troubleshooting options, you may find Audio with the Run button parallel to it.
Step 5 – Click on Run and let the troubleshooter do its job. 

If you have issues with your Realtek sound card, you can refer to our detailed guide on fixing Realtek audio issues on Windows. 

Problem 2 – Taskbar Not Working Properly

Many users have shared concerns about a common problem, i.e., the taskbar not working properly. Common issues related to the taskbar may include the following errors – 

  • Taskbar not hiding after changing the settings 
  • Taskbar not showing up after hovering over 
  • Taskbar not responding 
  • Frozen taskbar not able to open apps 
  • Taskbar widgets not working properly. 

Solution – Taskbar is one of a Windows device’s most-used features for years. The errors have been around with other iterations of the operating system, but these issues have significantly amplified in Windows 11.

These errors are usually a result of issues with File Explorer, outdated Windows, and service errors. To get a hold of all the fixes for the taskbar not showing to its full potential, you can refer to one of our recent posts, where we have discussed all the taskbar errors and their fixes for Windows 11. 

Problem 3 – Connectivity Issues with Wi-Fi and Network Adapter

Have you noticed a drop in your internet speed after upgrading to Windows 11? You are not alone. Many users have reported degradation of internet connectivity over Wi-Fi. Some believe the issue lies in the network adapter, while others blame the version of Wi-Fi they are currently using. However, the real issue appears to be with network configuration on Windows 11. 

Solution – We recommend you reset the connection to fix network issues on Windows 11. This reset may help you resolve internet keeps disconnecting errors on your PC.

Here’s how you do it – 

Step 1 – Press Windows + I to open System Settings
Step 2 – Go to Network & Internet from the left panel

Network and Internet settings
Step 3 – In the opened network settings, go to Advanced network settings

Advanced network settings option
Step 4 – Scroll down to find Network Reset option

Network Reset option
Step 5 – Click on Network Reset and confirm Reset to initiate the process. 

This should do the trick for you. However, if you are facing Wi-Fi errors, such as connected but no internet issues, you must try a series of fixes to resolve the issue. 

Problem 4 – PC Working Slow Error on Windows 11

After upgrading to the latest version, many Windows users have shared that their PCs have become significantly slow. The issue appears due to the gap between the stated minimum requirements and the required resources. On paper, Windows 11 only requires 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space to function properly. However, that is not the case. 

Solution – In real-life scenarios, it is advised to have 8GB of ram and 128 GB of space available for the system to operate without glitches and errors. Sometimes, even 8 GB of RAM is insufficient because of poor RAM management. To handle the PC becoming slow error on Windows 11, you must try the following fixes – 

1. Remove all the applications from Startup

Step 1 – Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager.
Step 2 – In the Task Manager, go to the side panel and look for Startup Apps.

Various options in task manager
Step 3 – Disable all the applications from there.

startup apps list

This will help you boost your startup speed, making the system a bit faster to use. 

2. Clear Explorer History for Fast Loading

Step 1 – Open Windows Explorer using the taskbar.
Step 2 – Go to the three-dot button on the top bar in the Explorer window.

three dot button on top bar in Explorer window
Step 3 – From the opened list, click on Options.

click on Options tab
Step 4 – In the Options pop-up, you may find a Clear button in the privacy section.

Choose Clear button in privacy section - Folder options
Step 5 – Click on it, and all the history will be removed. 

You can instantly notice that the Explorer will open much faster than before. 

3. Use a PC Optimizer Tool to Manage Resources

If you lack the resources on your computer and still want to manage things systematically, We recommend that you use Advanced System Optimizer. It is one of the most effective optimization tools that can help you enhance your PC’s speed and overall efficiency. It has multiple modules to help you resolve almost any problem on a PC.

advanced system optimizer home screen

Check out our detailed review and verdict on whether you should use Advanced System Optimizer and decide yourself. 

Problem 5 – Display Flickering & Black Screen Problems

Many users have encountered issues with the display flickering. Sometimes the display starts acting weird while playing games or running heavy applications. The issue appears to be related to GPU and display hardware. However, the roots of it can be traced back to Windows 11.

Solution – To resolve the display flickering errors, you must ensure that the current version of Windows 11 that you are using is the latest one. Sometimes the issue appears due to missed patch updates. Hence it is important to keep the system updated. This may resolve the issue of flickering the screen while booting up. 

If you have encountered black screen issues where the display goes blank for a second and returns, chances are that the GPU is not functioning properly. Try to update GPU drivers and check if the issues are resolved. 

Fixing Windows 11 Performance Issues is Now in Your Hands!

Microsoft is trying to fix common issues with Windows 11, and it is visible in recent updates. However, it is now your decision whether you want to wait for them to come up with a solution or take the matter into your hands. The mentioned 5 fixes are all tried and tested, so do not worry about that. Simply identify the issue you are facing and choose the fix accordingly. 

Windows 11 is the most advanced version of Windows yet. Hence using it is a smoother experience than the previous editions. But these small glitches may take over the entire utility factor. Fortunately, you now know ways to fix these issues. 

Bookmark this post for future references, as errors may appear uninvited. Hope you find it informative and helpful. 


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