How to Fix Bluetooth Headphones Keep Cutting Out Issue


Disoriented audio in headphones is the worst experience a user can have. It usually happens in Bluetooth headphones, when you are out of range of the device and the music starts cutting out, which is a range issue. However, there are instances where users have experienced Bluetooth headphones cutting out despite being close to the connected PC. It can be really difficult for an individual to find out why the headphones behave like this and how to stop them from disconnecting out of nowhere. 

In this post, let us take a closer look at the issue and identify what exactly causes the error and how to stop the Bluetooth headphones from disconnecting. 

Why Do Bluetooth Headphones Keep Cutting Out

As mentioned before, if you are out of the Bluetooth connectivity range of your device, the audio will start cutting out. But that is quite understandable as every headphone you choose comes with a set range. The issue appears when you are in that range and the audio is still not clear or has cuts in it. 

Usually, when something like this happens with Bluetooth headphones, it is due to the following factors – 

  1. Radio Interference
  2. Headphones Hardware Error
  3. Bluetooth Drivers Outdated 
  4. Bluetooth Compatibility Issues
  5. Problem With the Audio/Audio Player

While there are other minute issues such as misconfigured Windows settings and using a different Bluetooth profile, the above-listed ones are the most common errors that users face. Fortunately, all of these can be resolved and fixed. Check out the list of fixes in the upcoming section!

How to Stop Bluetooth Headphones From Cutting Out on Windows

Before we begin with the fixes, you should ensure that the device you are using is intact and has no visible issues. The connection is proper and there are no broken pieces. Also, make sure that you have your Bluetooth headphones charged to a decent capacity as sometimes even low battery causes choppy audio in the headphones. Another crucial thing to note is that the quality of audio that you are playing is standard and does not lack. In case you are using a poorly encoded audio file, you may face a cutting audio error. 

After you have considered these problems, let us take a look at some of the fixes that can help you get rid of the audio cutting-out error on your Bluetooth headphones.

Fix 1 – Try to Reestablish the Connection

Sometimes the glitch lies in the way you have connected the Bluetooth headphones to your PC. Usually, the auto-connect feature works fine, however, if you are using a two-piece wireless headphone, you may face a glitch where the right or left earpiece is connected but the other is not. 

In such situations there are two things that you should try – 

  1. Restart the PC’s Bluetooth – Go to the Control Center by clicking on the Speaker icon in the taskbar to find the Bluetooth toggle. Click on it once so it is turned Off. Click on it again to turn it On.
  2. Restart Your Bluetooth Device – On your headphones, you may find a power button. Press and hold it to turn the device Off. Later turn it back ON using the same button. You can hear the headphones for alerts related to turning ON or OFF. 

After you have done both of these steps, you can establish the connection again and check if it works for you. 

Fix 2 – Reset the Bluetooth Connectivity Via PC

When you use Bluetooth headphones often, the PC remembers it as your saved device for instant connection. This can be problematic as if the connection was not correct the first time you may find it difficult to use the headphones. 

To reset the connection – 

Step 1 – Press Win+I to Open the System Settings window.
Step 2 – From the left pane, navigate to Bluetooth & Devices.

open system setting

Step 3 – Spot the headphone that has been causing the error.
Step 4 – Click on View More Devices for a complete list.

View More Devices option

Step 5 – Use the More Options button to find the Remove Device Option.

Remove Device Option in More Options button

Step 6 – After you have removed them, Turn your Bluetooth headphones ON and put it in Pairing Mode.

Toggle button for Bluetooth

Step 7 – Click on Add Device to identify the headphone again and click on it to connect. 

These steps will help you reset the connection between your PC and the headphones. This should get the job done if it is a basic glitch. In case the issue persists, do not worry as we have more fixes below. 

Fix 3 – Try Running the Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Another thing you can try is using the troubleshooting techniques that are built into your Windows PC. You can initiate the troubleshooting using the steps given below – 

Step 1 – Press Win+I to open the System Settings.
Step 2 – In System Settings, scroll down to find Troubleshoot.

find Troubleshoot option in setting

Step 3 – Go to Other Troubleshooters for a complete list of the devices.

Click on Other troubleshooters
Step 4 – Scroll down to Find Bluetooth from the list and click on Run.

Run the troubleshooter.
Step 5 – In the Opened Troubleshooting window, select the statement that suits your issue the most or describe your issue.

bluetooth connection problems troubleshooter

Step 6 – Allow the troubleshooter to run.
Step 7 – After the issue is resolved or the troubleshooting is over, you can restart the PC for changes to take effect. 

Tip : If the Bluetooth troubleshooter does not work, go back to the Other troubleshooter menu and run the Audio troubleshooting as that may also be a reason behind headphones audio cutting out on Windows.

Fix 4 – Update Bluetooth Drivers

In case none of the above fixes worked, chances are that the problem lies in the core of the connections, i.e. drivers. Your PC drivers are crucial for establishing connections, and in this case, the entire responsibility lies on the Bluetooth Drivers. You may find them in the device manager and check for updates. 

However, if you do not know how to update drivers on Windows, do not worry as we have a solid alternative to the long manual procedure. 

Advanced Driver Updater, is a tool that only takes 3 steps to help you find, fetch, and install the latest updates for drivers in no time! All you have to do is

  • Download the tool via the link below.
  • Run a scan using Start Scan Now.start scan using advanced driver updater
  • Click on Update All to install the latest Updates

Clearly, the option is much more useful and simplified than the usual method for updating drivers on Windows. The tool will search for your Bluetooth Device Drivers and install them on your PC automatically. 

Other than these fixes, you can also try turning off the Wi-Fi to ensure that it is not because of frequency interference. If you are using multiple headphones on a single source, try disconnecting all of them. Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that the Bluetooth version of your PC and the headphones should be compatible. If you are using an old Bluetooth version on your PC and connect the latest headphones, you may find the error. 

After you have performed all the fixes, the Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out errors that will be resolved from your PC. Thanks for reading, good luck!

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