Best Fixes – Game Security Violation Detected Error in Windows

Best Fixes-Game Security Violation Detected Error in Windows

If you are an avid gamer who loves to experiment with mods and new gadgets on your PC, you may have encountered the error Game Security Violation detected. The error occurs in AAA titles like Uncharted, God of War, Fortnite, etc., and can be triggered due to multiple factors detected by EasyAntiCheat Utility.

If you encounter a Game security violation error, don’t worry, this post will discuss some of the best fixes to resolve the issue. 

Reasons Behind Game Security Violation Detected Error

The Easy Anti Cheat utility is also installed when you install a AAA game on your PC. It ensures that no hardware or software-based mod is being used while running the gameplay as these titles are social games, and it might hamper the integrity of the game for other players. 

Anything that is not conventional on your PC is – 

  1. Third-Party RGB application 
  2. An Advanced controller 
  3. Installed crack files and mods.

These can be detected by the Easy Anti Cheat and triggers the issue on your PC. While this is a fair error, there are cases when the error is falsely triggered. This happens because of the following reasons –

  1. Antivirus/Firewall issues. 
  2. GPU Driver Outdated/Missing
  3. Outdated game Launcher. 

The utility of the error is great, allowing no cheating. However, the error stops the game and interrupts the experience. The best way to handle it is to fix it once and for all. Check out the next section for fixes. 

Working Fixes for Game Security Violation Detected Errors on Windows

Fix #1 – Uninstall third-party Lighting managers & RGB Simulators.

If you have installed a third-party RGB manager to play around with lights on your PC, uninstall them right away. Things won’t work by removing the application folder; uninstall it via the proper channel. Here’s how – 

  1. Press Windows + R to open the run.
  2. Type Control and hit enter to open the control panel.    Type Control in run search bar
  3. Click on Programs, and uninstall programs.  click on program to uninstall a program
  4. Find your RGB application and uninstall it. 

Once you are done, restart your PC and try running your game. Make sure you disconnect the added lights as well, as those accessories can be considered a mod and might interrupt your gameplay. 

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Fix 2 – Run Your Game after Deactivating Your Antivirus Temporarily

Your antivirus may try to intercept the network while you are playing the game, this can trigger the cheating utility, and the game security violation error may arise. However, since the error does not directly point toward the antivirus, you can not be sure of the reason. 

However, to fix things, there is no harm in trying to run the game after temporarily deactivating the antivirus software. If the game runs without the error, you might need to change the settings of your antivirus firewall. deactivating the antivirus softwareThe activation and deactivation process of all antivirus software is different. However, one universal way to do it is by right-clicking the small icon in the hidden menu of the taskbar. 

Fix #3 – Update Your Game launcher or Client to its latest version.

The game launcher you use requires proper updates so that such errors are not triggered. As per many users, the game security violation issue was resolved once their gaming client and launcher were updated. 

Follow the instructions to update your game launcher. 

  1. Open your gaming client and look for the main menu. 
  2. In the menu, look for the Check for updates option.
  3. Click on it and install the updates.

This is a generic approach as game launchers may vary, but the location of update settings is somewhat the same. Update your game launcher, and then try running the game. You will surely see a difference in the overall game quality, and the error will also be eradicated.

Fix #4- Install the Latest Updates for your GPU Drivers.

The Easy Anti Cheat software scans every component for discrepancies before giving out the error. GPU is one of the most crucial components used for gaming; thus, even if the driver of the GPU is what the software expects it to be, the error is triggered. 

Not to mention, using an outdated GPU driver, in general, can cause a lot of errors. Therefore, it is always better to update your drivers on time.

That’s why we recommend using Advanced Driver Updater. The application will help update your GPU driver and other drivers. 

  1. Download the application on your PC.    
  2. Run the Application and click on Start Scan Now.    run advanced driver updater
  3. Once the scan is initiated, all the drivers on your PC are checked for outdated drivers.  driver scanning
  4. After the scan, you can update all the outdated ones, including your GPU drivers, in a go!
  5. Let the software find, fetch, and install the drivers as it does.

After updating all the drivers, restart your PC and start your game. Only this time, there will be no error to bother you!

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Game Security Violation Error Fixed!

Use the fixes mentioned above, and you will surely be able to resolve the Game Security Violation Detected error. The EasyAntiCheat utility is what triggers, and now you know why. Check all the reasons before applying the fixes, as it might save time for you. 

Outdated drivers cause a lot of errors on a PC; thus, having Advanced Driver Updater on your side is a plus. I hope the fixes are shared work for you. Let us know what was bothering your gaming experience. 

Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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