3 Reasons You Should Avoid Using Google VPN – #2 Might Shock You!

Reasons You Should Avoid Using Google VPN

Google has taken over the entire tech world. Everything from basic contacts to advanced documents can now be stored in a single Google account. 

With Google’s vision to create a one-stop destination for all tech needs, Google recently introduced its ONE membership for advanced users, allowing them to take their experience with these applications to the next level. 

One of the most controversial products of the membership includes the Google VPN, which the brand claims will make browsing the internet more secure than ever.

Such a product, coming from a company associated with severe blame for tracking users and their precious data, has raised many eyebrows. 

Looking at such an oxymoronic claim, the question that has divided the internet is whether they should avoid using Google VPN. If so, what reasons should you base your decision on? 

In this post, you will find three reasons to avoid using Google VPN. It will be interesting, so read it thoroughly before making your decision!

Looking for a Reason To Back Your Decision of Not Using Google VPN? Here are 3!

If you have decided to go against the Google wave, cheers you have made the correct decision! However, the problem with such decisions is that you must justify your steps, as most users are OK with sharing their data with Google. 

To help you create conviction in your decision, here are 3 major reasons why you should not use Google VPN –

1. It Gives Too Much Power to a Single Company

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Google is already ruling the market in terms of high user count and data collection. With 4.3 Billion users worldwide( according to an article published on Semrush), the company has the largest market share when it comes to users on the internet. 

Applications like Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Earth, etc., are already generating enough data for the company to identify user data patterns. If there is any data it might not be able to identify, as yours is the one you generate while using a VPN, it keeps you anonymous.

However, using Google VPN means providing the company access to every last bit of your personal data.  

2. Google’s Association With US Government Makes the Situation Worse

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It might come as a shock rather than a surprise, but Google has been working with (for) the US government for a while now!

Since Google is based in the United States, the US government can easily access all the data it collects as it sees fit. This means that your sensitive data might become a part of the US government’s surveillance programs.

You might have heard rumors about Google working as a tool for keeping an eye on common people for the government. Well, those rumors can come true any day as spy agencies like the CIA and NSA can compel Google to give out your personal information to the government whenever they want. 

Keep in mind that the government can secretly spy on you by asking Google to share the data, and they will have to do so as they happen to be just another company operating from US soil. 

Now would you like to let one such company log your personal data? NO? That’s what we thought!

3. Google’s Prior Reputation with Data Handling Speaks for itself

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The entire model of profit for Google is based on data points. The more data it can provide its clients, the higher its profits. Now how would you be able to trust a company with your personal data that has already been using user-generated data for its profit?

Previously, there have been cases where Google collected data from users without a user noticing it. Practices like tracking a user while using incognito mode, and tracking an individual’s location, even without his/her consent, have made Google the least trustworthy company when it comes to data handling. 

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Not to forget, there have been episodes when Google has been fined for violating the data privacy rights of a common user. The entire spectrum of apps the company offers collects data points. 

When connected to a VPN, it is the only time you may feel that any of your service providers are not tracking you. Changing your VPN client to Google VPN might not be that assuring!

Did You Know 

Google was Fined $57M by Data Protection Watchdog Over GDPR Violations in 2022. The entire point of imposing this massive fine by the French data protection authority was Google’s inability to answer how the data collected is being processed. 

Don’t Fall for Google’s Mirage of Internet Privacy! Choose this VPN Instead!

If you believe that a company whose entire profit stream is based on sharing data with other companies will be able to assist you with privacy, you have to be living in a mirage. The whole point of using a VPN is to keep some searches and online usage private. Using Google VPN for the same seems to beat the purpose!

If you are looking for a VPN for your personal use, you can opt for Systweak VPN instead of relying on Google One’s product. Systweak VPN has some of the best features like  – 

  • Top-class military-grade data encryption 
  • Dedicated killswitch
  • Uses IKev2 for the secure tunnel connection 
  • Offers IP address masking

The best part is that Systweak VPN follows all the privacy guidelines that offer a completely private experience while browsing the internet. Use the link below to download Systweak VPN and see it for yourself!

systweak vpn

All in all, it can be said that more than being an internet search company, Google is on its way to becoming the biggest user surveillance portal in the world and using Google VPN might just be the last nail in the coffin for the users!

Let us know your thoughts on the same through the comments section below! That is all for this post. Thanks for reading. Good luck and beware!

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