Video TDR Failure Error in Windows PC – How to fix it ?

Video TDR Failure Error in Windows PC

Running into a Blue Screen error can be more frightening than frustrating. That’s because it leaves you clueless about what needs to be done. For instance, the Video_TDR_Failure blue screen error is faced by many Windows users while watching a video or playing a game.

If that’s you, worry not; by the end of this post, you will be able to fix the issue. But first, let’s know the possible reasons for the “Windows stop code video TDR failure” error. 

What Causes Video_TDR_Failure?

Multiple reasons can trigger the video TDR failure stop code. The most common ones are listed below:

  • Issues with your graphics card (For example, the Intel(R) UHD Graphics).
  • Outdated or corrupted graphics driver. 
  • Multiple apps are running in the background. 
  • System overheating.
  • Overclocked PC components. This could be one of the many signs you need a PC upgrade.
  • Corrupt system files.

Best Ways To Resolve Stop Code Video_TDR_Failure On Windows?

1. Tweak Power Management Settings

Sometimes, inappropriate power management settings can cause problems, such as Video_TDR_Failure, when playing games. Here are the steps to tweak your power management settings – 

  1. Open Control Panel by typing Control in your Windows search bar and clicking on Open from the right-hand side.  
  2. Head to Hardware and Sound and click on Power Options from the right. click Power Options
  3. Click on Change plan settings. Change plan settings option
  4. Click on Change advanced power settings.    Change advanced power settings option
  5. In the Power Options window, expand PCI Express. PCI Express in power option
  6. Turn Link State Power Management off.
  7. Click on Apply.
  8. Restart your computer.

After your computer boots up, check whether this is the video TDR failure error solution. 

2. Update Graphics Drivers

Outdated graphics drivers are often the culprit behind the issue at hand. You can either update your graphics driver manually or opt for a safer and more convenient option – employ a driver updater tool like Advanced Driver Updater, which has all the qualities you’d expect from a driver updater software

  1. Download, install and run Advanced Driver Updater.   
  2. Click on the Start Scan Now button.    run advanced driver updater
  3. Locate your outdated graphics card driver and click on the checkbox on the left of the driver’s name. 
  4. Click on the Update Driver option on the right. outdated drivers found

How Else Can Advanced Driver Updater Help Me Fix Video_TDR_Failure Error On Windows?

Advanced Driver Updater can also help you –

  • Take a backup of drivers before you update them.  Take a backup of drivers
  • You can restore a previous backup version in case something goes wrong.  restore option
  • Additionally, you can schedule driver scans at your desired time and even exclude drivers from the scan. schedule driver scans

3. Run SFC Scan

As mentioned, corrupted system files can also lead to the video_TDR_failure error on your PC. To fix corrupted system files, run an SFC scan. Here are the steps to do that – 

  1. Type cmd in the Windows search bar and click on Run as administrator from the right-hand side. 
  2. When the Command Prompt opens, type sfc /scannow and press EnterRun SFC Scan
  3. Let the scan complete. 

Check if the issue persists. 

4. Rename Atikmpad.Sys

If you dive deeper into this screen BSOD error, you’ll find the line – What failed: atikmpag.sys. In this case, you can try renaming this file and running a small command in the Administrative Command Prompt, as shown in the steps below – 

  1. Open This PC
  2. In the address bar, navigate to C:\windows\drivers\ 
  3. Locate the file atikmpag.sys and rename it to atikmpag.sys.old
  4. Reinstall the driver or replace it with another one on your computer.  
  5. Open Administrative Command Prompt using the steps mentioned above. 
  6. Type chdir desktop or expand -r atikmdag.sy_ atikmdag.sys.

5. Disable Intel HD Graphics Driver

You can disable the Intel HD Graphics driver and see if that fixes the issue. To do that, follow the below-mentioned steps – 

  1. Open the Run dialog box as shown above. 
  2. Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter
  3. Expand Display Adapters
  4. Right-click on the Intel HD Graphics driver and click on Disable device. disable device driver


Check disk is a system utility in Windows that can help scan your hard drive for file system issues. So, if one of your drives has already been giving you problems, this command can help testify and fix that –  

  1. Open Administrative Command Prompt using the steps mentioned above. 
  2. When the Command Prompt opens, type the following command – 

chkdsk/ f /r C: and press Enter

Please note: Here, the letter “C” denotes the letter of the problematic drive. So, in case the drive “D” is creating issues, the command will be chkdsk/ f /r D:

  1. Press Y and press Enter again. 

7. Perform a Startup Repair

Likely, a startup program isn’t loading correctly, hence, you are facing the abovementioned issue. A Startup Repair might help you out –

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click on Update & Security
  3. From the left, click on Recovery
  4. Under Advanced startup, click on Restart nowclick restart now
  5. Under Troubleshoot, click on Advanced options
  6. Click on Startup startup repair option

After this, your computer will begin identifying and fixing all corrupt startup programs

Stop Code Video TDR Failure – Fixed

We hope you can fix the Windows blue screen error “Video_TDR_Failure.” If yes, which of the above solutions worked out for you? Do let us know in the comments section. For any troubleshooting-related content, keep reading Systweak Blogs.

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