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Useful Applications for Students

Being a student in today’s technical world is simple yet so difficult. It’s like having required more resources but still being clueless about what is beneficial and what is not. Knowing which applications and gadgets can help enhance the learning experience can help you take your education to the next level. But this can only happen when you know and choose the right combination of gadgets and apps. 

Regarding gadgets, the top choices are Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones. While they have become powerful enough to support every operation you would want to carry, the applications you use on them make the difference. You can use different apps and tools to simplify your studies. Some of you might already be familiar with such apps, while others may use the wrong ones. 

Therefore, this post will look at 10 must-have applications for students that will help them navigate their education like pros and make them market-ready. 

Let’s jump straight to them!

Top 10 Useful & Productivity Applications Every Student Must Have

1. Google Docs:


Carrying notebooks is old-fashioned, and they no longer look classy or handy. The best way to access notes or create a free writing sheet where you can note down everything you learn in a day is Google Docs. This perfect application allows you to use all its features for free, making sharing and collaborating on them a piece of cake. All you have to do is share a link and permissions, and voila! You and your friends can collaborate and work together on a single document. The application makes making assignments and sharing them easy.

2. Google Sheets:

Google sheets
Another great tool for students is Google Sheets. If you have been using Microsoft Excel for using spreadsheets to maintain numbers and other data, you can easily switch to Google Sheets. Maintaining your schedule, keeping track of all your work, maintaining your finances, and much more becomes super easy when you are on Google Sheets. The best part of Google Sheets is that it is a multi-platform application. This means you can access your spreadsheets from anywhere on your PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet PC, etc. 

3. Google Drive:

Sharing files and documents is one thing. However, when it comes to larger files such as e-books, lecture recordings, and sometimes movies and videos for leisure they require a lot of storage and bandwidth. With Google Drive, you get enough of both. You might have noticed a pattern here: all the Google applications have made their way to the top of the list and the core reason here is the collaboration tools that these inherit. With Google Drive, you can save your files on the cloud, share them via links, and access them at any time, from anywhere. The best part is that since it allows you 15GBs of free storage space with an option to pay for extra storage, you can back up all your files on the drive and ensure you never miss out on them. The application also has options such as starring a file, creating folders, and sorting files based on when they were accessed, making it easy for you to manage them.

4. Google Meet:

Google Meet

Now, after the uncertain times we have seen over the past few years, it is highly recommended that you get yourself equipped with a platform that is always ready to take you remotely. And what better way to go remote while staying connected than using an application that allows you to connect virtually? Google Meet is one of the most reliable and popular video conferencing applications. Create a meeting anytime; all the participants you add are notified via email. The application allows you to engage with others more organically. You can connect via video, audio, chat, present your screen, take online lectures, etc. If you are leaving your parents, Google Meet can also be a great way to connect with your friends and family via regular video calls.

Note: Not many people realize that the Google Ecosystem is designed so beautifully that you only need one account for everything. The listed applications can all be synced via a single Gmail account.

5. Systweak PDF Editor:

Systweak pdf editor
Another interesting and one of the most crucial applications from a student’s perspective is Systweak PDF Editor. Dealing with documents, especially PDF files, is something students have to do regularly. Every resource that they have and every assignment that they get is more or less in a PDF format. While the format is highly efficient, PDF editing can become a headache. Now imagine being a student. You exported your document, and now a small change is urgently required in the PDF. What do you do? Well, having one of the best PDF Editors in your student apps bundle allows you to open and edit the document on the go. The app can be handy when extracting something from a PDF for study purposes. 

6. Microsoft PowerPoint:

Microsoft PowerPointOne thing you have to rely on Microsoft is its presentation application, i.e., PowerPoint. If you are going for a management course, you will learn how important it is to create presentations and put your ideas in front of people listening. The application is a must-have for every student. It can not only help you with creating slides for presentations but can allow you to be creative with your projects and assignments. You can simply design your presentations easily. If you have Systweak PDF Editor, you can convert PowerPoint into PDF, turning a well-designed presentation into a PDF document for your submission. 

7. Canva:

Canva Logo

Basic designing is the need of the hour. Every student must know how to create a design based on imagination. More importantly, creating assignment covers, editing pictures and videos, and bringing your thoughts to life are crucial for any student. Canva is one of the easiest and most effective ways for a student to do it. You can find a smartphone application for Canva and a web application for your PC that allows you to create projects. You can create anything you want using this platform. From designing a basic post or a cover for your project to designing your resume, Canva allows you to do it all, and that too for free!

8. Office Lens:

Taking notes on pen and paper is surely a habit that is becoming increasingly extinct as time goes on; however, if you prefer to do so, this application might simplify things for you! Microsoft Office Lens allows you to scan documents using your camera and convert them into shareable PDFs. The app can be super handy to create a digital copy of physical documents. It can also allow you to keep your books on your smartphone by converting them into a scanned document. Sharing insights and notes becomes super easy with Office Lens. Another handy use case of the application is scanning all your original documents, such as report cards, IDs, etc., and keeping a digital copy saved on your device for instant access. 

9. Evernote:

Let’s face it: You will not open a new Google Doc whenever you want to note something down. Are you? Having a notes application that you can use to scribble and take small notes or mention everyday tasks is important for every student, and Evernote fits the description perfectly. You can take voice recordings as notes, simply write down basic requirements for daily tasks, plan them according to priority, and record every idea you get. It can be a great habit to note down thoughts as soon as you get them so that you can act on them later. Evernote gives you appropriate features and tools to maintain your workflow. 

10. Grammarly:

Last but certainly not least, Grammarly is a tool that comes in handy every time you write your assignments or important emails. The power of having decent grammar is underrated, and when you know how to use it to your benefit, the possibilities are endless. Simply use Grammarly before finalizing your papers, and you will realize your regular mistakes while writing your assignments. Working on those mistakes can improve your writing skills while ensuring that your assignments and emails effectively convey your knowledge.

Simplify Your Student Life – Make the Most of Your Resources!

Being a student, you must make the most of every resource and opportunity. And if you know what applications can help you do that, things become easier. If you are a student planning to start your session or have already begun your studies but are struggling with the basics, these apps should help you. If most of your errors lie in completing the assignments, using online resources and PDF editing software like Systweak PDF Editor can be a game changer. 

Let us know in the comments what applications you have in your students’ bundle. Did we miss an important application that you use? Let’s make the comments section helpful for other students. Thanks for reading, good luck!

Looking forward to your opinions!

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