Top Features to Look For in Duplicate File Finder Software


When many files are spread across your PC, the chances of duplicate files getting stored are relatively higher. However, finding these files, the reason behind degraded PC performance and low storage space takes work. Luckily, there are ways to take care of these duplicate files, and one of the most convenient ways is using duplicate file finder software.

What is Duplicate File Finder Software?

For those unaware, duplicate file finder software scans your PC for the same photos and other clones or similar files and helps remove redundancy. In addition, there are several other benefits of removing duplicate files. Some of the most highlighted ones are –

  1. Removing duplicate files helps recover unnecessarily blocked storage space and reduce the load on the hard drive.
  2. When there are many files to process, the processing time increases, and eliminating duplicate files reduces the overall stress on your PC’s performance.
  3. With duplicate files removed, you get a more managed and clear computer that can enhance user experience.

These are just a few advantages, and the most convenient way to enjoy them is to use software that does the job in a few clicks. But which duplicate file finder should we use?

This post will help you in choosing the best software according to features.

Must-Have Features For A Duplicate File Finder Software

With so many benefits, every individual looks for duplicate file removal software. This is why the market for these tools has gained immense popularity. & you can find 100+ applications. However, things become easy if you know what you are looking for.

That’s where the features of an ideal tool come into play. Check the list below and find a tool that has it all!

Feature 1. Multi-Format Support

The first thing you need is multiple-file support. The term file is commonly used for documents and text files on a PC; however, this is not true. The file is a generic term used for any data that may exist. Thus, your duplicate data may be in multiple formats & the tool you choose must have a multiple files option to remove duplicates from all the data categories.

duplicate file found

Users from across industries use a PC. Writers use it for documents; musicians use it for production; editors for video making; and so on. All three may have duplicate files on their PCs but are in different formats. Now, a tool that helps detect them all at once is the best solution to duplicate files. Hence, always look for software with multiple-format support.

Feature 2. Ability to Scan Varied Sources

Not only does your PC have duplicate files, but the cloud storage, smartphones, and emails can be affected by duplicate files. It is a genuine issue that ruins both storage capacity and user experience. Thus, the tool should allow you to scan different sources.

scan computer

The best example of the usability of this feature can be data transfers through cloud storage. When you share files with multiple users through the cloud, the chances of files getting cloned are high. Running a simple scan using the best duplicate files finder tool that directly scans Google Drive and Dropbox before downloading can save you the stress of implanting duplicate files on your PC. Think about it!

Feature 3. Grouped Results With Clear Information

When scanning duplicate files on your PC, the results also matter. If they are just names of files and an option to mark and delete, avoid the tool. Removing a file without knowing its whereabouts, type, or location can be tricky. Always go for a tool that offers visible grouped results with file information.

scan file

Using these details, you can easily distinguish between the files and mark which files you want to save or remove.

Feature 4. Options for Both Manual & Automatic Selection

Scanning your PC makes it easier to find and fetch duplicate files from your PC. The next issue lies in selecting the original ones out of them and deleting the copies. Some prefer that it be automated, while others want to approve the process after analyzing the results.

auto mark duplicate file

Both of these ways have their benefits and drawbacks. For instance, what would you do if the process is automated & the wrong or original file is removed instead of the copy? At the same time, the manual way is also not an apt procedure considering the number of files.

Hence, always choose a tool that offers an Automark feature and allows reviewing the selection manually.

Feature 5. Choice of Excluding Folders & Files

Some users save multiple copies of the file. When scanned by a duplicate files finder software, these files may appear in the results, and you might unwantedly delete them. Also, Windows system files might have a few duplicate files on purpose. Your tool should be smart enough to avoid such situations, or there should be a feature for you to exclude those files.

exclude folder

Whenever you look for duplicate files finder software to download, always ensure that it allows you to exclude a particular folder or file. This way, you can add essential files to the list and remove the rest of the duplicates from the destination.

Feature 6. Customizable Settings & Easy Criteria Selection

While the tool scans your storage, you should be able to tune the scan’s settings. Sometimes you want to run a scan for specific file formats, but the tool doesn’t allow it. Therefore, you should choose software with customization options.

search filter

This will help make the most out of every scan and remove duplicate files easily. Using an application has merits and demerits; customization can be any of these, depending on how you treat them.

Feature 7. Customize Scanning

In addition to these features, if a duplicate file remover allows the user to customize the scan, it is great. Sometimes, the user wants to scan the PC for only specific file types, which is when a customized scan comes in handy. Duplicate Files Fixer is one such tool that allows customizing scanning. Users can decide the file type, location, and scanning mode.

DFF_Home Screen

Duplicate Files Stand No Chance!

A tool with all these features can help remove duplicate files easily without stress. All you have to do is perform a scan, mark the files you want to remove, and click on Delete Marked! The only thing that matters is your selection of the tool.

Duplicate Files Fixer has all the features you need with zero clutter in the application. The screenshots above are shared from the same application, so you may get an idea of what an ideal Duplicate file finder looks like.

With the help of Duplicate Files Fixer, copies of files on your PC stand no chance! That’s all for this post.

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We hope the information shared helps you with your decision. Good luck!

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