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Using discs on a PC is a thing of the past. Especially if we talk about recent computers and laptops that have omitted disc ROMs completely. However, that never means that you should also omit your existing Blu-Ray discs. If you have a system that supports Blu-ray and has appropriate hardware to run it, you can still use these discs and live the nostalgic experience. 

Recently, many Blu-ray support users have complained that the device is not working properly. Blu-ray not playing is an issue that is quite frustrating for a user. If you, too, are facing issues with playing your Blu-ray despite having a working ROM, then this troubleshooting guide is just for you!

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How to Resolve Blu-Ray Not Working on PC

Basic & Advanced Fixes

To get things started, let us look at some basic checks that might help you establish the issue you are facing. Here are the things you must ensure before playing a Blu-Ray on PC.

Basic Checks & Fixes –

  • Make sure that the disc you are using is not scratched or damaged
  • Clean the disc before inserting it into the Blu-ray player 
  • If a disc becomes unresponsive after inserting, try using a different disc to identify if it is a disc problem or a player problem
  • Check your Blu-ray disc player connection if the second disc you try also doesn’t work.
  • Ensure that the cables connecting the Blu-ray player are connected properly. 
  • Check if the Blu-ray tray is clean and working properly
  • Try using an external lens cleaning disc for your Blu-ray player to clean the player completely. 

After you have made all the preliminary checks and applied basic fixes, your Blu-ray should be able to play smoothly. If the Blu-ray not playing issues persist, you should move toward the advanced fixes below!

Advanced Fixes –

Fix 1 – Check for Firmware Updates

Firmware is the fundamental programming of your Blu-ray ROM manufacturer used to communicate and update its functionality. Manufacturers share firmware updates to maintain the device’s functionality over the years. 

To update the firmware of the Blu-ray player on Windows, simply follow these steps – 

Step 1 – Identify the manufacturer of your Blu-ray player. Usually, you can find the information in the PC configuration.
Step 2 – Visit the manufacturer’s official website and look for the Support or Downloads section.manufacturer website of Blu-ray player Step 3 – Insert the exact name of your device along with the model number to find the supporting software.
Step 4 – Download the latest version of the firmware from the website.
Step 5 – Run the downloaded installer, and once it is finished, you can restart the PC. 

This way, you can update your firmware to the latest version and bring your Blu-ray player to speed with the latest compatible software. This should resolve the Blu-ray Player Not recognizing discs easily on your PC.

Fix 2 – Update Blu-ray Device Drivers on PC

After updating the firmware, you have refreshed the Blu-ray ROM, but what about your PC? The system uses drivers to communicate with such external devices. Hence, you must keep the drivers updated. 

To support a Blu-ray, you may require the support of multiple drivers, such as your Blu-ray ROM drivers, display adapter drivers, etc. You can find all these drivers in the Device Manager. However, it can become a lengthy process to update them individually.

That is why we recommend you go for Advanced Driver Updater. Thanks to its vast driver database, the tool has all the latest drivers available. Simply install the tool and run a scan to identify if the drivers are outdated. The update process also initiates in a single click. 

start scan using advanced driver updater

After updating the drivers, try inserting your Blu-ray disc in the ROM to check if the Blu-ray player still won’t play the Blu-ray disc.

Fix 3 – Revert Windows Updates

If it has recently become an issue that your Blu-ray player is not working properly after an update, reverting the update might help. Windows keeps sending regular updates. Sometimes, these are great for functionality, but sometimes, they kill the support for older devices, like Blu-ray. 

If you have recently updated your device and have encountered an issue such as unable to play Blu-ray, then uninstalling the updates is the best solution. 

Here’s how you do it – 

Step 1 – Press Win+I to open System Settings.
Step 2 – Navigate to Windows Update settings using the left pane.

Windows Update selected in system settings

Step 3 – Go to Update History from the available options.

update history option
Step 4 – Scroll down to find the Uninstall Updates option
Step 5 – Select the update causing the error and uninstall it. 

After you have removed the update, try running your Blu-ray disc, and it should work fine. If you can see that your PC reads the disc but cannot play the file, try switching to a third-party media player. 

With the help of the above fixes and checks, you can rerun the Blu-ray on your Windows PC. Do not let the sense of nostalgia die with your favorite Blu-ray files! Try the fixes today!

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