How to fix “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” in Windows 10

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When you start your PC and get the “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” BIOS error, you cannot go further in the booting process even if you restart. 99% of the time, you will land on the same screen. Luckily, this article discusses the best ways to troubleshoot the error.

What Causes The “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” BIOS Error?

The BIOS error has been troubling Windows users for quite some time. There are a few reasons why it occurs on laptops and notebooks. Here is the rundown of the common causes:

  • There may be a hardware failure.
  • BIOS settings might have been altered.
  • An issue with the boot order / wrong hard drive is selected in the BIOS
  • A different partition might have been set active.
  • Corrupted or missing Boot files.
  • The Windows boot loader is malfunctioning or cannot detect the hard drive.
  • There is a hardware error on the hard drive.

Now that you have understood the causes of the “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” SSD error, it is time to move to the solutions.

Experts Ways To Fix The “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” BIOS Issue

Method 1: Change The Boot Order

Typically, BIOS settings are configured automatically and do not require manual adjustments. However, you may need to set the boot priority if you’ve installed a new system disk. Follow these steps to select the appropriate boot device:

Step 1. Restart your PC and press F2, F12, or Del keys to enter the BIOS. If this doesn’t work, here are the key combinations you must press based on the manufacturers.

Acer: F2 or DEL

ASUS: F2 for all PCs, F2 or DEL for motherboards

Dell: F2 or F12

HP: ESC or F10

Lenovo: F2 or Fn + F2

Lenovo (Desktops): F1

Lenovo (ThinkPads): Enter + F1.

MSI: DEL for motherboards and PCs

Origin PC: F2

Samsung: F2

Sony: F1, F2, or F3

Toshiba: F2

Step 2. Navigate to the boot options and adjust the boot priority, ensuring the OS boots from the correct drive.

reboot and select proper boot device msi

Step 3. Save the new settings, exit from the BIOS, and reboot your computer.

Method 2: Verify If Your Boot Device Is Detected

If you get a prompt from Windows OS to insert a boot device and press any key, first ensure that the BIOS recognizes the boot disk or installation media.

For desktop computers:

Step 1. Ensure the computer is powered off and disconnect the power cable.

Step 2. Check the hard drive and verify that the connectors are securely attached.

Step 3. Reconnect the power cable and reboot the PC.

For laptops:

Step 1. Remove the battery and access the underside of the laptop’s lid if feasible.

Step 2. Also, try to confirm that the hard drive is properly connected.

Step 3. Next, Close the lid and reinsert the battery.

Note: For laptops with non-removable batteries, process using the next method.

Once these checks are completed, restart your computer and access the BIOS.

Method 3: Repair Boot Files

To repair the boot files, you must create a Windows repair disk and initiate boot from that disk. Here are the steps to carry out this method.

Step 1: Make sure your PC is turned off. Insert the boot disk (DVD or USB) and switch on the PC.

Step 2: Let the PC boot from the recovery disk and wait until you reach the Install screen.

Step 3: Here click on Repair Your Computer, which is mentioned at the bottom left corner.

reboot and select proper boot device ssd

Step 4: You need to open the Command Prompt here and type the below-mentioned commands.

Legacy Users

Bootrec /fixmbr

Bootrec /fixboot

Bootrec /rebuildBCD

UEFI Users

bcdboot C:\windows

Method 4: Hardware Issue

If the “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” error continues on your PC after following the above 3 steps, it could be because of a faulty hard disk with physical damage or defect. In this case, we recommend you take your PC to a computer technician to analyze the degree of damage and for the best possible resolution.

Bonus Tip: Use Advanced File Recovery To Recover Files From a Damaged Hard Disk

reboot and select proper boot device bios

If your hard disk appears to have physical damage, you must get a new HDD and reinstall Windows. However, this also means losing your files and folders. Fear not! We recommend using Advanced File Recovery software to recover lost and deleted files from formatted and corrupted hard disks. This amazing app can restore all types of data from unbootable hard drives, including photos, documents, videos, audio files, compressed files, and more.

Advanced File Recovery supports recovering data from SD cards, USB devices, SSDs, and normal hard disks even after OS crashes, formats, and virus attacks. It allows users to preview the files before recovering them so that you can recover only the important data.

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Solved: Reboot And Select the Proper Boot Device On Windows 10

The Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device issue can frustrate Windows users because it prevents them from starting the PC. They always fear losing data and settings. We hope that the above methods will help you fix this issue and restore your PC to normal.

FAQs –

How do you fix the reboot and select the proper boot device?

To repair the “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” MSI error, you can change the boot order, verify if the boot device is detected, and repair the boot files. If the issue persists, you must consider taking the system to a computer technician.

How to enter BIOS from reboot and select the proper boot device?

To enter the BIOS, restart your computer and tap the BIOS key repeatedly on your keyboard. The key to access the BIOS varies depending on your computer’s manufacturer, but common keys include Del, F2, F10, F12, Esc, or Tab. Locate the boot order or boot device priority settings in the BIOS settings. Use the arrow keys to select the appropriate boot device and ensure that the device containing your operating system is selected as the primary boot device.

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