Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver Not Working After Windows 10 Upgrade [Solved]


Have you recently faced issues with your Windows PC’s Realtek Ethernet Controller driver? Has this happened after you have upgraded to Windows 10? If yes, you are not alone. Several Realtek ethernet controller driver users have shared how it randomly stops working. The issue is so random that it hardly allows a user to assess what has happened. The issue causes major inconvenience to users and is a crucial problem to take care of. 

Fortunately, the issue can be resolved with proper diligence. In this post, let us look at some ways you can resolve the error and make the most out of your Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver. 

Without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Fix Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver Not Working

To fix the issue, you must first identify the cause of it. For most users experiencing it, the issue has appeared after upgrading to Windows 10, which boils down to compatibility errors. 

Since the Windows environment in which the ethernet controller is being used has changed, a few settings must be changed, too. Check out the following fixes to help you regain compatibility and fix the Realtek Ethernet issue. 

Fix 1 – Reset the TCP/IP User Log

When you have older logs combined with newer ones, the issue is bound to appear. Hence, the best way to handle things is by resetting the data your current TCP/IP log holds. Follow the steps to do the same – 

Step 1 – Go to the Start menu and search for the Command Prompt.

Command Prompt_Admin

Step 2 – Launch the Command Prompt as administrator for all the permissions.
Step 3 – In the Command Prompt window, use the following command and hit enter – 

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txtresetlog command

Step 4 – After using the command, restart your computer and check if you still have the ethernet issue. 

This way, you will reset the log, creating room for newer entries compatible with Windows 10. 

Fix 2 – Update Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver

Sometimes, when you have upgraded your OS, the required drivers are not updated. You have to do the same to ensure complete compatibility manually. The same can be the case with your current Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver. Hence, using the latest driver is the best way to make it work smoothly.

If you are unaware of the steps to update drivers on Windows or find the traditional method difficult, we might have just the right fix for you: Advanced Driver Updater. 

A one-stop tool that handles all your driver-related problems in minutes. Not only can you update drivers, but you can also create backups. If the update is not suiting your OS, simply roll back to the backed-up driver, and you are good to go again!

Here’s how you can use the app and update the Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver – 

Step 1 – Download, install, and launch the app on your PC.

Step 2 – Check for outdated drivers on your PC using the Start Scan Now button. Start Scan Now

Step 3 – After all the drivers are scanned, a list of outdated drivers is curated. Simply click on Update All to finish the process. 

Let the app work its magic and update the listed drivers. If the Realtek drivers are outdated, they will appear on the list and get updated with other drivers. That’s how easy it is! Try today!

Fix 3 – Check Your Realtek Ethernet Controller Power Settings

When you upgrade, the power consumption often changes for connected devices. However, since the settings are only updated with your permission, it results in controller power management issues. Here are the settings that you should be concerned about – 

Step 1 – Use the Start menu and navigate to Device Manager.

search for Device Manager

Step 2 – Spot your ethernet driver under the Network Adapter in the Device adapters
Step 3 – Double-click on the device to open its properties.
Step 4 – In properties, navigate to the power management tab and disable the power management setting.

Power Management tab in realtek gaming gbe family controller

Step 5 – Later, move to the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Energy Efficient Ethernet setting. Check its value and disable it if it is enabled.

Advanced tab in realtek gaming gbe family controller

After making these changes, you can save them and exit. Restart the PC for changes to take complete effect. After the process is finished, you may find out that the issue is no longer bothering your PC. 

Other than these fixes, you always have the option to uninstall the driver completely and reinstall it using the Device Manager. However, that is the last resort, as the above fixes will do the job for you. If you are unclear about any of the steps, feel free to contact us on our social media or via the comments section. 

That will be all for this post. Thanks for reading, good luck!

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