Netgear A6210 Keeps Disconnecting – What to Do

Netgear A6210 Keeps Disconnecting

The Netgear A6210 is a one-of-a-kind wireless adapter for your PC. It allows impeccable performance with high-speed connectivity for HD streaming and online gaming.  It also has USB 3.0 support allowing you to maximize the connectivity as it enables 5GHz performance. If the PC does not have a 3.0 port, there’s no need to worry, as the Netgear A6210 wireless adapter is also compatible with USB 2.0. However, it limits the speeds and overall performance to 2.4GHz.

Looking at the configuration and features of the Netgear A6210 wireless adapter, one may believe it is the best solution for their PC. And it definitely is a great choice considering it has a long antenna to support better network connectivity. But, just like any other wireless adapter, it has its limitations.

The top issue with the adapter that users have come across is the Netgear A6210 keeps disconnecting. It works fine in the beginning but disconnects automatically out of nowhere. Some may believe it is a regular connection drop issue, but many have discovered that Netgear A6210 is the reason for the error. 

What Causes Netgear A6210 to Disconnect Intermittently

There have been many incidents where users of Netgear A6210 have experienced uninvited disconnections. Sure, the Netgear A6210 provides some of the finest features and is super easy to use. However, the real issues lie in the performance. 

For instance, with your Netgear A6210 adapter, you get – 

  • High-gain antenna for enhanced wireless connectivity.
  • 900 Mb/s speeds in 5GHz mode when connected to USB 3.0.
  • Internal USB 2.0 compatibility.
  • Enabled Beamforming+ technology that ensures reliability.
  • Convenient setup process via Netgear Genie.

But to make the most of all these available features, you must have everything proper on your PC. Some of the shortcomings that lead to Netgear A6210’s not working error on Windows are – 

1. Faulty USB Ports – A problem may appear when you have connected the Netgear A6210 wireless adapter to a faulty port. Keep in mind that it supports both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. However, if the connected port is not working properly, you may experience intermittent disconnections. The ideal way to handle this issue is by switching the ports. If the issue persists, try connecting the adapter to a different PC. Changing the PC will help you realize if the issue is with the port or with the device itself.

2. Netgear A6210 Driver Error – Another crucial factor contributing to the Netgear A6210  keeps disconnecting error is the outdated device drivers. It is a common issue that must be taken care of.

3. Cable Connection Issues – If you use an extended cable to connect the Netgear A6210 adapter to your PC, ensure the connection is intact. Cables often reduce the power of the adapter. Hence, you must try to remove the cables or ensure it is not too long.

4. Outdated Windows  – If you have pending updates on your PC, you may come across the Netgear A6210 keeps disconnecting error. Just like the driver updates for the adapter are important, Windows updates are also necessary for the system. Hence, keep it updated.

5. Power Consumption Settings Error – Maximizing the power consumption is necessary to allow the adapter to function to its full potential. Many PCs have a power consumption limiter enabled, which often affects the adapter’s performance. 

All these issues can lead to disconnection errors with your Netgear A6210 adapter. Fortunately, there are ways to help you troubleshoot the error. Check out the next section to find working methods to fix the error. 

Netgear A6210 Keeps Disconnecting – 3 Fixes

Fix 1 – Install Pending System Updates

Step 1 – Press Win+ I to open the system settings on your PC.
Step 2 – From the left panel, select Windows Update.

Windows Update selected in system settings

Step 3 – Click on the Check for Updates button to initiate a search for updates.

checking for updates

Step 4 – If the updates are available, click on Download and Install.

Download and Install Updates

Step 5 – Once the updates are installed, the PC will automatically restart. If it does not, restart it instantly.

Let the updates finish. These updates will upgrade your PC’s compatibility with the Netgear A6210 adapter.

Fix 2 – Update Drivers of Your Adapter

Another thing required is updating your Netgear A6210 adapter drivers. These driver updates are equally important as your system upgrades.

To manually update your Netgear A6210 adapter drivers, you can download the installer from the link below – 

In case you feel manual methods are complicated, you can opt for Advanced Driver Adapter, the number one driver updater tool. 

Here’s how that works – 

Step 1 – Download the tool via the link below 

Step 2 – Open the tool and use the Start Scan Now option to search for outdated drivers on your PC.

start scan using advanced driver updater
Step 3 – After the scan is over, use the Update All button to download driver updates.

Check the scanned list to see if the Netgear A6210 adapter drivers are listed as outdated. If yes, then this method will resolve the issue. However, if not, you might have to try another fix!

Fix 3 – Change Power Consumption Settings

Step 1 – Press Win+R to open the Run search utility
Step 2 – In the Run search, look for devmgmt.msc

Asus Prime A320M-K Drivers

Step 3 – In the Device Manager, spot your network adapter and open its properties. network adapters

Step 4 – Go to the Power Management tab in the properties.Power management

Step 5 – Disable the enabled options for power consumption and usage limits. 

Save the changes, and you are good to go. Usually, when the power consumption settings are enabled, background refresh and other features of the Netgear A6210 take a hit, which directly means losing a lot of bandwidth and, hence, unnecessary disconnections. 

Use these 3 fixes and the basic changes shared above, and you must be ready. If you have any other query related to the issue, please drop it down in the comments section. Also, download the Advanced Driver Updater, a great utility tool supporting your PC’s performance. 

That’ll be all for this one, catch you later! Good luck. 

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