FIXED – SteelSeries GG (Engine) Not Working on Windows

SteelSeries GG (Engine) Not Working on Windows

SteelSeries Engine, now known as SteelSeries GG, is a configuration software for gaming devices and consoles. If you use a SteelSeries headphone, console, keyboard, or any other device, you will need SteelSeries GG to configure its RGB lights, key-mapping, etc. 

The SteelSeries Engine was upgraded to SteelSeries GG due to unnecessary issues that kept popping up in the previous build. However, the issues have not been resolved yet. 

Many users have shared that the SteelSeries GG is not working on Windows. So what is the issue now? More importantly, how can you fix the issue? One of the major factors here is the drivers for your devices. The SteelSeries GG drivers are crucial for the connected device to work properly. Hence, you must keep them updated to get rid of any issues.

In this post, we will touch points such as how to fix SteelSeries GG not working and how to update the SteelSeries GG driver on Windows.

Why is SteelSeries GG Not Working Properly

The SteelSeries GG not opening or not working is a common error many users have encountered. Some believe that the software is incompatible with the OS, while some believe that the interference between the devices and the software is causing the error. While both may be correct, some serious issues must be addressed to fix the SteelSeries GG not working error. 

The factors are – 

  • Is your OS up to date with the latest updates?
  • Are you on the latest version of SteelSeries GG?
  • Do you have outdated device drivers on your PC?
  • Is there a background process interfering with the SteelSeries GG?

Once you have addressed all these issues, you can fix the SteelSeries GG not opening issue on your Windows PC.

So, what steps should you take to resolve these bothering factors? Well, we have curated a list of fixes that can help you! Find them in the next section below!

Methods to Help You Fix SteelSeries GG Not Working

Method #1 – Check for OS Updates

The first thing you should do is check if any updates are due on your PC. Follow the below-given instructions to update your PC – 

Step 1 – Press Win+I to open System Settings.
Step 2 – In System Settings, spot Windows Update in the left panel.

click on Windows Update

Step 3 – Once you have opened the update section, click on Check for Updates.

Click on Check for updates

Step 4 – If the scan shows available updates, click the Download & Install button to initiate the process.
Step 5 – After the updates are complete, restart your PC.

In case your PC is up to date, do not worry. You can try another method. 

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Method 2 – Perform a Clean Boot

If while launching the app, you have clicked continuously on it, there are chances that multiple processes of SteelSeries (Engine) GG are running in the background. These processes may not be good news, considering they will go into unknown mode. That means they will neither open nor close, keeping your software in a semi-running state. 

The ideal way to handle the situation is to kill all the background services and give it a clean boot. Here’s how you do it – 

Step 1 – Press the start button and search for msconfig.
Step 2 – Open the System Configuration Windows on your PC.

system configuration
Step 3 – Navigate to the Services tab in the opened Window.
Step 4 – Click on Hide All Microsoft Services to ensure no necessary services are disabled.
Step 5 – Later, click on Disable All to shut down all the background services. 

After performing all the steps, save the changes and exit the System Configuration window. Restart your computer and let it boot up. Once it has restarted, simply launch the SteelSeries GG.

Method 3 – Uninstall & Reinstall SteelSeries GG

If none of the above methods have worked yet for you, chances are that your SteelSeries installation is the cause. The best practice is to remove the currently installed copy and install it again. 

Step 1 – Press Win+R to open the Run search.
Step 2 – In the Run search, use the command Control.appwiz.cpl

type command-control appwiz.cpl

Step 3 – This will take you to the Installed Programs page in the Control Panel.all installed applications
Step 4 – Spot your SteelSeries GG in the list and double-click on it to initiate the uninstall process.
Step 5 – Finish the uninstallation process and use the installation file again to run the SteelSeries GG on your PC. 

After reinstallation, your SteelSeries GG should work completely fine. In case that does not work, only one thing is clear: the issue lies in the drivers.

How to Download, Install, and Update SteelSeries Drivers on Windows

If you are a Windows user, you must be aware of the role a driver plays on a computer. For those who do not know, a driver is the basic program that enables communication between external devices and the internal components of a computer. 

Since the SteelSeries GG is a configuration suite for various SteelSeries devices, its functioning requires proper drivers to communicate with the PC. Hence, if these drivers are outdated, you may find it difficult to use the SteelSeries devices on your PC. Keeping these drivers up to date is the best way to create a fully functional environment for the tool. 

Now, there are two things that you need to do – 

#1 – Downloading and installing the SteelSeries Drivers

Usually, these drivers are pre-installed in the devices you connect and are programmed to be plug-and-play. This means as soon as the device is connected, the driver is auto-installed. However, you can find these drivers directly on the SteelSeries support website. 

Step 1 – Visit the official website for SteelSeries Gear

Choose OS - SteelSeries Gear official website

Step 2 – Choose the OS and download the File
Step 3 – Install the drivers via the engine installed. 

#2 – Update SteelSeries Drivers

If you already have the required drivers and need to upgrade them, you have two options – 

Option 1 – Use the Device Manager and Install Updates Manually.

Option 2 – Install Advanced Driver Updater and Get Updates Automatically. 

If you go for the manual process, you must finish many steps. These include – 

Step 1 – Go to the Start menu and search for Device Manager.

search for Device Manager

Step 2 – Go to the USB controller in the Device Manager and select the installed SteelSeries drivers from the connected port.
find USB Controllers and update driver

Step 3 – Right-click on it to find the updated driver option
Step 4 – The Update Driver option will open the Windows Driver Update utility.
Step 5 – Use the Search for Drivers Automatically option from the prompt. search automatically for drivers

Step 6 – Wait for the updater to look for updates.
Step 7 – When it fetches the updates, manually install them on your PC by clicking Next and other necessary instructions. 

However, the entire process can be cut short into 3 easy steps with Advanced Driver Updater. 

Step 1 – Download the Advanced Driver Updater.

Step 2 – Run a quick scan using Start Scan Now to get a list of all the outdated drivers on your PC.

start scan using advanced driver updater

Step 3 – Once the scan is over and you have the list, click Update All, and the drivers will start updating!

Drawing a contrast between both processes, we get a clear idea that automatic updating drivers are more efficient and convenient than manual scanning. 

SteelSeries GG (Engine) Not Working Error Resolved!

After you have tried the methods to fix the issue and updated your SteelSeries device drivers, issues such as SteelSeries GG not opening or not working properly must be resolved. Other than these fixes, you always have the option to ask for online support from the counselors at SteelSeries. Not to mention you can also try connecting your devices to another PC and check if a similar issue arises. If it does, you might need to replace your current device. 

If you face any issues following the steps shared, please drop your concerns in the comments section below. Thanks for reading. Good Luck!

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