How to Keep Your PC Usage Private

How to Keep Your PC Usage Private

Keeping your PC usage private is a typical task, especially when multiple users are accessing it. If you, as a user, also share a PC with someone and are worried about privacy or the files you access, this blog is something to hold on to. 

Privacy is a concern for many users. Hence to encrypt files, they use Bit Locker or password protection tools. But does this do the job? No, there are still many things that may leave a trace. 

Therefore, to deal with the issues, this post discusses some practical tips and practices to keep your usage private. Let’s start by understanding the factors hampering privacy.

Factors Affecting Privacy While Using a PC

Using a PC that is not exclusive to you is one of the crucial red flags to privacy. Therefore, to keep privacy intact, you must pay special attention. Some mistakes that generally lead to privacy concerns are – 

  1. Not closing the browser tabs and running applications before leaving the PC.
  2. Saving passwords on a shared PC.
  3. Keeping personal information & files out in the open.

We can easily take care of these things, but what about the things you can’t see? A few practices should be followed to enhance privacy and stay under the radar.  

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Practices that Help Keep Your PC Usage Untraceable

It might sound fishy initially, but the chances of data getting stolen or accounts being hacked on a shared PC are higher. Hence, to stay secure, implement the following practices on your PC.

Do not Rely on Incognito Mode

While browsing the internet, using Incognito mode is advised. However, did you know that even the Incognito mode does not ensure 100% data safety? It might not work how you think, so you should be clear.  Using Incognito is a great way to hide cookies. However, relying only on it is not advised. Anyone can access your accounts if you are logged in. Therefore, close all the sessions, whether using Incognito or not, and delete your browsing history.

type command

The best way to handle this is to use a VPN, route the traffic through an encrypted tunnel and browse the web anonymously. 

Always Shutdown PC Before Leaving

To keep the PC ready to use when required, people use Hibernation or Sleep Mode. While it is convenient, it is unsafe too. Therefore, when you leave your desk or your Laptop, make sure you shut it down so that all the processes are correctly closed.

The downside of Sleep Mode is that the PC automatically picks up from where you left off. This increases the chances of exposing your usage pattern. By shutting down your PC, you close all the applications, which means no one can spy on the PC when you are not around. 

shutdown pc

Clear all Your Traces & Shortcuts

The traces are always available even when you have not used files or just a few commands. Using the dropdown of the RUN window, one can check the commands you used. Moreover, they can know the search history and a lot more. 

While it is a handy feature, anyone can access this information. For instance, the recent section on your File Explorer shows folders recently accessed, which can quickly disclose your search history and personal data. 

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To clear these traces, you will have to delete each entry manually. Considering no one can keep track of how many times they opened a folder or used a command, this surely will take a lot of time.

The best way to handle such an issue is to use a PC cleaner with a Privacy Protector module. Advanced System Optimizer is the perfect solution if you want one such product. 

This dedicated PC Optimizer helps not only clean junk from your PC and boosts your startup speed but also allows cleaning privacy exposing traces. You can use it in just a few steps. 

  • Download and Install the tool from the given button.
  • Open the tool on your PC and look for Security and Privacy section in the left side panel. 

advanced system optimizer

  • Select the Privacy Protector and click Start Privacy Scan to run the scan. 

start privacy scan

  • The scan will instantly look for traces and highlight them. You have the option to manage the paths you want to scan. The tool finds traces throughout your PC. 

scan options

  • Once you have chosen your search criteria, start the scan.
  • Once the scan is over, you can instantly analyze and clear the traces you left. 

scan results

  • Use the Clean button to finish clearing your traces. Once the scan is over, you are good to go!

The scan will surely open your eyes to how many traces you usually leave and how harmful they can be. You can eliminate all these traces using Advanced System Optimizer, making your experience private.

Keep Your PC Use Trace-Free!

With these practices and Advanced System Optimizer, you can take your PC’s security and privacy to the next level. Keeping your privacy intact is something that you have to do on your own. After all, it is you who will be bothered by the repercussions! Beware and use dedicated processes to make your experience better. 

We hope the information helps you with everything. Thanks for reading; catch you in the next one!

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