How To Record AnyDesk Session on Windows 11


This post will show you how to Record Your Sessions on AnyDesk.

If you have some online lessons, presentations, or a movie you want to record, AnyDesk is an advantageous option. Alternatively, a recording video is a fantastic feature if you wish to save the sessions for future reference. We’ll walk you through the steps to using the AnyDesk recording feature and a third-party tool, Advanced Screen Recorder, that helps record pretty much anything.

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What is AnyDesk?

AnyDesk is a powerful program that allows you to access your computer from your phone or anywhere else. The program functions as a remote control that may be used from anywhere. All you need is internet connectivity on your desktop computer and your phone.

This software is free for use; however, if you work for a corporation or run a firm and want to control all of the computer devices in your office, this software is a great option, but you must pay for a monthly membership. This fantastic program is available for a variety of devices.

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How To Record a Session on AnyDesk in Windows 11

Below we explain two ways to record sessions on AnyDesk. You can use the built-in feature or the best recording software Advanced Screen Recorder for AnyDesk Recording.

AnyDesk Screen Recording

1. Launch AnyDesk Software

2. Click the horizontal lines to open the list menu

remot desk
3. Select Settings

anydesk setting
4. From the left pane, select Recording

anydesk recording
5. Click Unlock Recording Settings

recording setting
6. Select the settings of your choice and start the AnyDesk session recording.

anydesk recording start

Using these simple steps, you can screen record AnyDesk Session. You can click record even during your session. But if you want to take a snapshot, auto split, or auto stop recording, you should probably use Advanced Screen Recorder.

Using this top recording software, you can record anything on your computer. This includes capturing movies, recording Zoom sessions, Amazon Prime shows, and every activity you perform on PC. The tool even allows capturing 4K videos, taking screenshots, and doing many more.

To use Advanced Screen Recorder, follow these steps:

1. Download and install Advanced Screen Recorder.

2. Launch the desktop recording tool.
3. You’ll get different screen recording options on the welcome screen of the software. Pick from them as per your requirement. To change default settings or record in 4K, click the horizontal lines > Settings > Record > click the down arrow under Size and select 4096×2160 (4k).


4. After making the changes close the window and play the clip you want to record. Click the Record button.

Advanced Screen Recorder

To record system sound, enable system audio recording from the window that opens when you click the Record button.


5. You will now see a 3 seconds countdown, after which the recording will begin displaying the recording timer in the system tray. To end the recording, click the Red square button.

After the recording is done, it will be automatically saved at the default location. To access it click the Recordings option.

Using these simple steps and Advanced Screen Recorder, you can record high-quality gameplay and everything you run on your desktop and share it with whosoever you want.

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Record AnyDesk Sessions Easily

Setting up recording sessions on AnyDesk is straightforward. You can use AnyDesk to record sessions, Advanced Screen Recorder to record AnyDesk sessions, or any other activity you perform on the PC.

We hope you found the information helpful and will use it to record AnyDesk sessions. Please share your feedback or suggestions in the space below.

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