How to Fix Windows Sandbox Copy Paste Not Working?


Ideally, when transferring files, you select the host file, copy it by pressing Ctrl+C, move it to Sandbox, and press Ctrl+V to paste. The process is as simple as using any other application on your computer. However, several users have reported that they cannot copy-paste files to and from their Windows Sandbox. Even when every permission is shared, the PC cannot copy and paste it into Sandbox. 

Many users have complained that Ctrl+C works fine on their PC, but when they move to Windows Sandbox, the Ctrl+V stops working. No matter how hard or how often they press the keys, the host file won’t copy. If you, too, are facing a similar problem, then do not panic, as we have just the solution you are looking for. In fact, we have multiple fixes that you can try to fix Windows Sandbox copy-paste not working error on your PC. 

How? Well, you will have to read the blog! Without further ado, let’s begin!

What Causes the Windows Sandbox Copy Paste Not Working Error

Since Sandbox is a Windows feature, it is often affected by the permissions and system setting configurations. In case you do not realize, the Windows features are highly connected. This means a single change in a particular feature or its permissions can lead to other services getting disturbed. 

One of the core reasons why Windows Sandbox copy-pastes do not work is the unavailability of clipboard sharing on your PC. While it seems a quite tedious task, the issue can be fixed via the Windows registry and policy editors that are available on your PC. 

Check out the next section to find ways to get the copy-paste feature working again on Windows Sandbox. 

3 Ways to Resolve the Windows Sandbox Copy Paste Not Working

Method 1 – Try Disabling and Enabling Windows Sandbox

Sometimes, it is not that serious of an issue but a small glitch that causes your system to act weird. Such glitches can also be the reason behind Ctrl+V not working in Windows Sandbox. To ensure it is not a glitch, we recommend you disable and re-enable the feature just to be safe. 

Step 1 – Go to the search bar in the Start menu and look up Turn Windows Features ON or OFF.

Searching for Turn Windows Features ON or OFF

Step 2 – From the list of features, find Windows Sandbox.

list of windows features
Step 3 – Disable the currently enabled Sandbox feature and click OK to exit the Window.
Step 4 – Give your PC a quick restart.
Step 5 – After restart open the Windows feature Off or ON window again and enable the Windows Sandbox. 

Method 2  – Check Windows Registries for Clipboard and Optimize Them

If the policy editor does not work, you will have to use the registries, which is slightly more complicated. Follow the instructions properly, as a single mistake in registries can harm your PC. 

Step 1 – Press Win +  R to open the Run search. Use the command regedit to open Registry Editor on PC.

use command regedit in run search bar

Step 2 – In the Registry Editor Window, spot the address bar and navigate to the following key – 


Step 3 – In the opened Windows folders, spot the Windows Sandbox folder and click on it to open.
Step 4 – The AllowClipBoardRedirection key may be in the Sandbox folder. Double-click on it to check its value.
Step 5 – If it is at 0, change it to 1 to enable it.

After enabling the feature, save the changes and exit the registry editor. 

Key Suggestion – Several users have shared that while making changes to the Windows registries, they mistakenly made errors in the existing registries, leading to more issues on PC. Some also shared that the value for the key was already at 1, but it still did not work as intended.

In such situations, optimizing registries using the Advanced System Optimizer is ideal. We highly recommend the app, as it has some of the best features and allows you to finish the optimization process instantly. Also before cleaning invalid registry keys you can take a backup of the full Windows registry that can be restored later.

Registry Optimizers

The Tool can identify issues with your PC, system files, drivers, registries, and disk drives. If you often face issues with Windows features, this is a must-try!

Method 3 – Use Local Group Policy Editor to Enable Clipboard

You should first try to access the group policy editor available on Windows. This helps you find all the Windows features that can greatly assist in such situations. Here’s what you need to do – 

Step 1 – Press the Windows + R to bring up the Run search.
Step 2 – In the Run search, use the command gpedit.msc and hit enter. This will open the policy editor Window.

GPEDIT command

Step 3 – After opening the editor, navigate to the following address using the left pane: 

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Sandboxpolicy editor Window

Step 4 – You may find all the settings you can configure in the opened folder. Spot Allow clipboard sharing with Windows Sandbox and double-click on it to open.

Allow clipboard sharing with Windows Sandbox option
Step 5 – Check the status of the feature and ensure that it is in an “enabled” state. If it is not, mark the Enabled option and then click on Apply and OK consecutively.

Enable Disable option in Allow clipboard sharing with Windows Sandbox

Once you have made the above changes, you successfully enabled the Sandbox clipboard. Check whether Ctrl+V is working properly. 

Ctrl+V in Sandbox is Now WORKING!

With these easy steps, you can resolve the Windows Sandbox copy-paste not working error on your PC. Also, we recommend you check your keyboard shortcuts and keys so they are not at fault here. It is possible that the issue lies in your PC’s V or Ctrl key. 

If you encounter difficulties following these steps, feel free to contact us via the comments section. We will be happy to assist you! That’s all for this post. Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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