Snipping Tool Error: Recording Stopped Something Happened [Solved]


The Snipping tool is a significantly simplified version of any recording tool that you may get for a Windows PC. It is pre-loaded on the OS and helps users easily take screenshots and create screen recordings. The only issue with this tool is the error “Recording Stopped Something Happened”. It appears out of nowhere and can cause delays in capturing a crucial frame. 

The error usually appears due to outdated OS, screen projection errors, issues with the Snipping tool app, etc. While these issues seem indigenous, they are resolvable. If you too have come across the snipping tool recording stopped error on your PC, then make sure you read this one till the end as we might have the solution for you!

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How to Fix Snipping Tool Recording Stopped Error on Windows 11

The issue commonly appears on Windows 11, and hence we tried it ourselves to identify exactly what can be done to resolve the error. Many users have shared that it is usually a glitch and a simple restart does the job. So try restarting your PC if you haven’t done it yet. Other than that, you can resolve the issue in a few ways. Let’s take a look at them!

Fix 1 – Repair Your Snipping Tool Application

The Windows 11 comes with an inbuilt app repair tool that helps you rectify common issues related to its functionality. Simply initiate the repair process and check if the recording stopped error prompt appears again once it is over!

Step 1 – Go to the Start menu and search for the Snipping tool.
Step 2 – In the Search Result, spot the app and right-click on the same to find the App settings option.

Search for Snipping tool in Start Menu

Step 3 – In the App settings, scroll down, and you will see the Repair and Reset options. Click on the Repair button to start the process.

Repair and Reset options

Step 4 – Let the Repair process run, and it will try to find and fix the recording stopped problem on your PC.

Repair process running

Step 5 – After repairing the app, try using it again and check if the error appears again. If it does, you may also try the Reset button. 

Fix 2 – Exit Multi-Screen Mode or Screen Projection

The tool may find it difficult to record the on-screen video if you are using a multi-screen setup. The error recording stopped will appear in case the PC’s alter screen is not properly configured. 

The best way to handle this error is by switching to the PC screen only and then trying to record the video. All you have to do is – 

Step 1 – Press Ctrl+P on your keyboard to check the screen configuration.
Step 2 – Set it to PC Screen Only and save. PC Screen Only Option

Step 3 – Try running the Snipping tool for recording again, and you should be able to capture the screen without the recording stopped error. 

Fix 3 – Check for Snipping Tool Updates

If the application is acting weird in recordings and even in simple screen captures, chances are a pending update is available. Keep in mind that the developers usually update the app to avoid bugs. Hence, updating the app as soon as it is available is better. 

The recording stopped error on the Snipping tool may result from the missing update. Here is how you update the app – 

Step 1 – Open the Microsoft Store on your PC. Use the Start Menu to do so.
Step 2 – Use the search bar to find the Snipping Tool in the Microsoft Store.

Search for Snipping Tool in Microsoft Store

Step 3 – When the app preview page opens, check if you have the Open and Uninstall or Open and Update buttons on the screen.
Step 4 – If there is an update button, update the application and get it done easily. 

Other than these fixes, you may also try advanced commands such as the SFC/Scannow in the Command Prompt window to find and fix corrupt system files on your PC. If you cannot fix the issue, uninstall and reinstall the application. 

What is the Permanent Solution for Recording Stopped Error on the Snipping Tool?

Well, the issue is significantly common and appears now and then. You can only try these fixes and get rid of the issues whenever you come across them. However, we do get that even if the error is resolvable, you may not be able to avoid it. 

If you do not want to be stopped while trying to record your screen, we recommend switching to Advanced Screen Recorder. Designed by Tweaking Technologies with more advanced features it is a better option. Download the recording tool today and see the difference yourself!

The tool offers significant features, helping you make the most of your screen recording and capture process. You can record and screenshot specific regions and windows on your screen, which is a great way of curating screen-captured content like live streams and tutorials. Try it today!

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