Can’t Highlight Text In A PDF Document? How To Fix It (Online & Offline)

Can’t Highlight Text in PDF Document

A PDF document is a digital document that doesn’t change format when opened on different devices. To make this possible, creators have applied editing restrictions to PDF documents, and due to this, many PDF users across the globe face issues when they want to highlight text, remove certain pages, annotate, etc, and make similar changes. 

Luckily, with the help of Systweak PDF Editor, this problem can be easily resolved. With this amazing PDF reader, you can highlight and edit text, merge, compress, split, rotate PDF, and do a lot more without damaging the document’s format or outline.

Why Unable to Highlight Text In PDF Document

There are many reasons. We have listed some of them:

Comment Restrictions—If the PDF creators have applied special permissions, readers cannot select text in PDFs.

Password Protection— PDFs that are password protected cannot be selected until the user knows the password.

PDF Reader Incapability – Not all PDF readers have the feature to allow users to highlight PDF documents. To do so, you need a PDF reader with a highlighter module.

Scanned PDF Document – Some PDF documents are scanned copies of a document, which makes it difficult to recognize the difference between the text and the image. Hence, you cannot highlight text in such PDF documents.

How To Highlight Text In PDF Document

There are three methods – Use the free Adobe tool or an online tool, or use The Systweak PDF Editor app. We have explained all the methods below:

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free Tool )

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free PDF highlighter tool. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Download and Install Adobe Acrobat Reader using the official website link.
Step 2: Open the software, click the Menu button in the top left corner, and select Open.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Menu Button

Step 3: Browse through the File Explorer window to locate and choose the PDF file.
Step 4: After opening the PDF file, navigate to the page where you want to highlight and click on the Highlight option in the vertical floating bar.Highlight option in vertical floating bar

Step 5: Choose Highlight, and then choose the color of the highlight.
Step 6: The mouse icon will change; you can drag it over the text you wish to highlight.

Using Small PDF Online Tool

Step 1: Click this link to open the Small PDF web tool in your browser.
Step 2: Click on the Choose Files button to open the File Explorer, locate and select the PDF.

Choose Files button in online pdf editor

Step 3: In the tab above, click on the Highlight text option and select the color of the highlight.

Highlight text option

Step 4: Hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor over the text you wish to highlight.highlighted text

Step 5: After you have completed highlighting, click on the export button in the top-right corner and save your PDF in your desired location.

Using Systweak PDF Editor

Step 1: Download the Systweak PDF Editor from the official website or click on the Download button below.

Step 2: Double-click on the downloaded file and launch the installation process. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the Systweak PDF Editor installation process.
Step 3: Open the app.  

Note : The trial version is activated for 7 days with full features. If you find the app desirable, you can purchase this app and then enter the registration key to activate it.

Step 4: Click on the Open PDF tab in the left panel and select the file you wish to highlight by navigating to the file location via File Explorer.
Step 5: Once the PDF file is selected and opened, it will be loaded in the Systweak PDF Editor app interface.

Systweak PDF Editor_Home Screen

Step 6: Next, click Comment in the top line and select Highlight among the options beneath the top menu.

Highlight option in comment tab

Step 7: Next, look towards the farther right panel of the app interface and choose the color you wish to highlight the words or lines in your PDF file.

color options

Step 8: By default, only four colors are available, but you can use the multi-color ball to choose any color you wish to highlight your PDF.
Step 9: Once you have chosen the color, move to the center section of the app interface, press the left mouse button, and drag the cursor along the words or lines you wish to highlight.highlighted text using systweak pdf editor

Note : You can use multiple colors in a single line.

Why Should You Choose Systweak PDF Editor?

Unlike other PDF editing software, Systweak PDF Editor allows you to use its feature for free for 7 days. Once the trial expires, you can upgrade to the paid version and use it to edit text, digitally sign PDFs, protect PDFs, compress, merge, split, and do a lot more. The software is user and pocket-friendly. For the price you pay, you can perform the following tasks using it: 

Edit PDF allows users to add and edit text in PDFs. You can also add images, text callouts, notes, etc.

Annotate PDF. With this PDF manager, users can highlight text and underline text in the PDF along with other options.

Read PDF. Systweak PDF Editor can read and edit PDF files. It offers different modes, such as Single View, Scrolling View, Fit Width, etc., to make the reading experience more comfortable.

Modify Pages. Systweak PDF Editor allows users to add, delete, and rotate pages within a PDF.

Convert PDF. Users can also convert PDF files to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Image formats.

Secure PDF. It allows users to secure a PDF file by applying a password.

Can You Highlight The Text On Your PDF?

We hope that you can highlight text in PDF documents with ease. There are three methods. We suggest Systweak PDF Editor because it offers many other editing modes. Do write to us about your experience in the comments section.

FAQs – 

Where can I highlight PDF for free?

You can use the Systweak PDF Editor to highlight PDF documents, offering a fully functional trial version free for 7 days.

How do I highlight and copy text in a PDF?

Select the Comment and highlight feature and choose the color to highlight. Drag the mouse on the text you wish to highlight, and it will be selected. Similarly, select the text you wish to copy and press Ctrl + C to copy the text and Ctrl + V to paste the copied text.

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