Take control of your Mac and know what apps are running at startup.

Startup Manager is a tool that helps disabling unwanted apps from running at login. This application is easy to use, and it also detects login entries that may harm your Mac and make it non-functional.

Startup Manager’s Awesome Benefits

Startup Manager is a one-stop solution to find installed browser extensions, startup items and Internet plugins running at startup. It comes loaded with advanced features that helps identify non-apple apps and infected startup items.

Authorization plugins

Authorization Plugins Looks for plug-ins that extend macOS authorization services to allow code execution during login.

Browser extensions

Browser Extensions Detects unwanted plug-ins and extensions that hamper web browser functionality on Mac.

Kernel extensions

Kernel Extensions Modules of code that load directly into kernel, are detected by Startup Manager to avoid OS crashes and freezes.

Launch items

Launch Items Items that load automatically during Mac startup and execute can be controlled using Startup Manager.

Library inserts

Library Inserts Library inserts are used to inject code into executables and can be disabled with Startup Manager.

Login items

Login Items Disable or add services and applications that you want to launch at Mac startup using Startup Manager.

Speed up your Mac

Boost Mac’s speed and performance by finding unwanted startup items, installed browser extensions, custom login, vulnerable plugins, and files. Our Startup Manager finds apps, processes running at startup, in the background, scheduled task that may drain Mac’s memory and slow it down. It even lists non-apple apps that user is not aware about.

Increases your Mac performance

Preview startup programs, installed applications and extensions

Startup Manager allows user to preview startup programs: logins items, launch agent, installed applications and extensions. It even allows to disable login items, apps running at system startup, manage Mac extensions, cleanup and uninstall Mac apps. Thus, helping to keep both active and hidden threats at bay and making Mac secure.

internet portection
Scan extensions for:


Mozila - Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Reduce startup time and get cleaner Mac

Startup Manager looks for all applications running at Mac’s startup. It even allows you to modify, disable startup applications to ensure Mac starts quickly without any problems. Moreover, Startup Manager shows security risk for the startup applications, login items and much more.

Protect Mac