Steam Disk Write Error – Best Ways to Fix

Steam Disk Write Error - Best Ways to Fix

Steam is one of the most popular game clients preferred by users to download games. It has some of the finest AAA titles, and its internal engine allows the smooth running of the games. From downloading games to managing game files, Steam does it all. However, users have recently reported facing Steam disk write errors when downloading a heavy game or updating a previously installed game. 

The error states that there was an error with the disk writer, and the download could not be completed. 

Considering Steam is the source to download legitimate game files, the error message has become a burning issue for gamers. Fortunately, it can be resolved without expert supervision by following the effective ways explained below. 

Reasons for Steam Disk Write Error

Generally, the error occurs while downloading or updating a game. However, as the issue appears on Steam, it finds its roots in the disk maintenance of your PC. When the Steam disk writer error occurs, it should be taken as an indication that either the hard disk has issues or files are corrupt. 

Some of the reasons why the disk write error on Steam occurs are –

  • The folder being used is write-protected.
  • Firewall blocking the write permissions. 
  • Corrupt/Outdated files in the directory.
  • Hard disk errors and bugs in the system.
  • Issues with using the desired partition. 

In all cases, the error is resolvable. Let’s take a look at some fixes you can use!

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Best Ways to Fix Disk Write Error Encountered on Steam – Windows

Fix #1 – Refresh Your Steam Client

To refresh your Steam client, follow these steps.

  1. Disconnect from the internet for a while. This stores the error information. 
  2. Exit from the Steam app. Exit from Steam app to Fix Disk Write Error
  3. Relaunch the Steam application.

This restart will give your download a second chance. Reconnect to the internet and start downloading the title. Sometimes, minor issues can cause the Steam disk write error to appear, and a quick refresh of your application can fix the error instantly. 

In addition to this, restarting the PC as this will help fix disk-related issues that might be there due to improper boot. 

However, if the problem appears again, other fixes are available, so do not worry and jump to the next one!

Fix 2 – Set Proper Permissions

Another issue that causes the Steam disk writer error is the permissions. Usually, if you are not using a shared PC, you are the only user, and the administrator error does not appear. However, if you have a different profile, are using a shared PC, or are not running the Steam client as administrator, the disk write error may appear. 

The client itself requires multiple permissions from the operating system. Disk writing capabilities are one of them. So if the permissions are not set correctly, issues may arise. 

The very first thing you should do is run the application as administrator. Here’s how you do it – 

  1. Go to the Steam client and right-click on it. 
  2. There you can find the option that says Run as administrator.find option Run as administrator
  3. Click on it, and you should see a user control screen.
  4. Click on Yes to allow control, and voila! You are now using Steam with administrator privileges. 
  5. Try downloading the files now.

If the administrator privileges fix the job for you, here are some steps to automatically launch Stream with administrator rights every time you use it. 

  1. Right-click on the Steam app icon and click on properties. 
  2. In Properties, click the Compatibility tab and open it. 
  3. Check the box next to Run this program as an administrator. Check box next to Run this program as an administrator
  4. Click on Apply > Ok to save the changes. 

You have changed the launching instructions, and Steam will launch with administrator rights. Using an application as admin of the PC automatically resolves permissions and issues related to the same. This would resolve the issue if the Steam disk writer error was due to a lack of administrator permissions. 

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Fix #3 – Make Sure the Folder Being Used is not Write Protected

The Steam client also uses a dedicated folder on the disk to store the downloaded game files. If the issue has appeared while downloading a new game, you need to ensure that the folder being used by Steam is not write-protected. 

To check that out, simply use the following steps – 

  1. Go to the disk where your Steam folder is located. 
  2. Right-click on the folder and open its Properties. 
  3. In the Properties, check whether the Read-only Attributes are selected.Properties check Read-only Attributes are selected
  4. If the option is marked, unmark it and click on Apply 
  5. After applying refresh the PC multiple times using the F5 key, try the download again. 

Fix # 4 – Repair Your Steam Library Folder

You also have the option to repair your game library folder using Steam itself. That is another reason why users prefer Steam. It is self-sufficient and can allow you to make the most out of it. You can repair the steam library folder with the client and remove any disk errors. Here’s how you do it – 

  1. Go to Steam Settings from the top menu bar.
  2. In Settings, go to downloads and look for Steam Library Folders. In Settings look for Steam Library Folders
  3. If you use multiple folders to save your game files, they will be listed here.
  4. If the error has occurred while updating a particular game, select the folder it resides in. find option to repair folder
  5. Right-Click on it, and you will find the option to repair the folder.

The client will now look for issues in the folder. It might take some time, considering the files stored in the folder. 

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Fix #5 – Check Your Hard Drive for Errors

Now, while the chances of this happening are low, there’s a possibility that your hard disk has run its course and there are internal errors. Issues like fragmentation, bad sectors, etc., make the disk slow over time. There can be possible issues with the hard disk that you may need to fix. 

Check the drive in use for errors using the internal disk check by Windows. To initiate the check – 

  1. Select the drive in your Windows File Explorer
  2. Right-click on it and open properties.In Properties navigate to tools tab
  3. In Properties, navigate to the tools tab
  4. In tools, you can find the option to check the drive for errors
  5. Click on it and run the disk check for the preliminary examination.

While the disk checker is effective, it often misses smaller details. Hence if this disk check is not resolving the Steam disk check error, try using Advanced System Optimizer.

It is a PC optimization tool with a dedicated Disk Tools section allowing you to monitor your disk drive’s overall health and performance. Here’s how you can use the tool – 

  1. Download and install the application on your system using the link below.
  2. Run the application, and you will find Disk Cleaner and Optimizers module in the left-hand panel. Click on it.Use Advanced System Optimizer to fix Steam Disk Write Error
  3. Click on Disk tools in the available menu. This will open up a new window with all the tools related to disk disk cleaner and optimizers option
  4. Run a quick check using the scan to identify the issues with your hard drive. start scan to identify issues with your hard drive
  5. Once the scan is over, the tool tries to fix the issues independently. 

You can try various other modules in the tool as well. The Advanced System Optimizer is the perfect tool for disk optimization and resolving issues like Steam disk write errors. You can use it to update drivers, scan PC for malware, clean invalid registry entries and perform other PC cleanup tasks. Read the detailed review of the product. 

Steam Disk Write Error is Now Resolved!

If you have tried all the fixes above, your Steam disk write error should be resolved by now. In case the issue persists, there can be severe issues with your hard drive. Ensure you get it checked by a professional, as it might crash, and all your data may be lost. 

Let us know in the comments section if you need any help with performing these fixes. We hope the Steam disk write error was resolved. That’s all for this post! Good luck.

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