Toshiba Laptop Not Turning On: Black Screen Error FIXED


Toshiba laptop’s black screen on startup or the device not turning on is one of the most serious issues users have encountered. Sure, there are common issues related to low battery range and poor network connectivity with Toshiba laptops that users report regularly. But the Toshiba laptop not turning on is severe. If you are facing a similar situation where either the device won’t turn on, or you come across a black screen while using it, then you are certainly at the correct place. 

In this post, let’s explore possible reasons why Toshiba laptops have black screen errors and, more importantly, how you can fix the laptop not turning on. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Why does Toshiba Laptop Show Black Screen Error?

If you have encountered a black screen error while trying to turn on your laptop, a series of errors and issues may be causing it. Some of the common problems that have been identified based on user experiences so far include – 

  • Operating system bugs and errors 
  • Issues with loading graphics, errors with GPU drivers
  • Overheating issues with Toshiba laptops
  • Hardware problems related to battery, LCD panel, cables, etc. 
  • Viruses or malware stop the operating system from loading properly. 

While these issues appear to be a no-brainer, their impact can be dangerous to the life of your device. If by any means your system is affected by these problems, make sure you do not skip the next section, as you will find ways to fix the Toshiba laptop not turning On and black screen errors. 

Fixes – Toshiba Laptop Not Turning On: Black Screen Errors

Fix #1 – Power Reset Your Toshiba Laptop

A quick power reset can help you overcome the not turning on and black screen errors with Toshiba laptops. Draining out the device of its last charge allows its components to remove any power and reset on their own. Here’s how you do it – 

Step 1 – Turn the laptop off.
Step 2 – Remove any the accessories you use, such as mouse, keyboards, external speakers, etc.
Step 3 – Remove USB and other storage devices connected to the laptop.
Step 4 – Ensure that your laptop’s removable components, including the battery, are removed.
Step 5 – Now, press and hold the power button for 60 seconds straight.
Step 6 – The laptop may blink or turn on/off during the process. It is ok.
Step 7 – Once all the power is drained, connect the battery and other accessories and try using your laptop as you do regularly. 

The power reset has helped thousands of people facing Toshiba laptops won’t turn on issues. Hence, trying it is a good way to start troubleshooting the error.

Fix #2 – Try Running a System Restore

If you have issues with booting up your Toshiba laptop, restoring it to a prior stable state is the best option. Here’s how you can do it – 

Step 1 – Insert a bootable media on your computer (using a USB or a DVD).
Step 2 – When the system detects the media while trying to boot, select the repair option and jump to “Troubleshoot” > “Advanced Options” > “System Restore.”advanced options startup settingsStep 3 – This will bring up the system restore wizard on your computer.

system restore wizard

Step 4 – Click on Next to find restore points you have created in the past. Make sure you check the Show More Restore Points option to see all the available points.

Select Restore Point from list

Step 5 – Select a Restore Point from the list and click next. Remember that once you have initiated the restore, you may be unable to stop it. Hence be careful before clicking Finish.

confirm your restore point
Once the restore is finished, your PC will boot up automatically, resolving the laptop not turning on error. This method is also helpful in fixing the black screen error on Toshiba laptops.

Fix #3 – Check Your Device for Viruses & Malware

One of the most prominent reasons behind black screen errors on your laptops can be malicious software bothering your operating system. If you use your PC without an antivirus program, this problem can quickly take over your computer. Hence, you must check your computer for viruses and malware to ensure it is error-free. 

Unfortunately, the Windows Defender cannot detect such issues as the operating system does not get a proper chance to load. You can download T9 Antivirus software to run a quick scan. Trying other antivirus software is also a choice that you can try. 

Fix #4 – Update GPU Drivers

If your PC was working fine and suddenly you experienced black screen issues, chances are that the graphics driver or GPU driver or your PC is outdated. It is a common problem that many users face. Updating the drivers can easily resolve the issue. 

Now you have two options, either struggle with the complexity of Windows and update drivers by going through a series of steps leading to the device manager and Windows driver utility tool 

update driver using device manager

or simply install Advanced Driver Updater. The tool gives you immediate access to the list of all the outdated drivers on your PC, which is good if the problem lies with the OS. Updating all outdated drivers can help a lot. 

Here’s how the tool works – 

Step 1  – Download and install the Advanced Driver Updater from the link below. 

Step 2 – Run the application to find the Start Scan Now button.

start scan using advanced driver updater

Step 3 – The scan will review all the installed drivers and highlight the outdated ones.
Step 4 – The scan results are instantly shown on your screen.

outdated drivers found

Step 5 – Let the tool fetch and install the updates by simply clicking on Update All.

That’s as easy as it gets! Download the tool today and eliminate the Toshiba laptop black screen errors instantly. 

Fix #5 – Try the Power, Function (Fn), and F5 Keys Combination

Toshiba laptops have an inbuilt key combination for troubleshooting issues with the laptop. If you are having problems with the laptop not turning on, try the following steps – 

Step 1 – Turn off the laptop completely
Step 2 – Press and hold the power button
Step 3 – As soon as the boot begins, press and hold Power, Function (Fn), and F5 Keys.
Step 4 – Hold the combination keys for 30-60 seconds.
Step 5 – Wait till the PC boots up completely. 

Toshiba Laptop Not Turning On Error is Now GONE!

After trying all the above fixes, we assure you that you will find a permanent solution to both the Toshiba laptop not turning on and the Toshiba laptop’s black screen errors. It can become extremely difficult to manage without a properly functioning laptop. Hope these fixes resolve the issues you have come across. 

If we missed out on a method that worked for you, please share it in the comments section, as it might also help other users. Leave your comments about which one worked for you as well. Thanks for reading. Good luck with troubleshooting your laptop! 

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