Systweak Software Updates “Duplicate Files Fixer” To Get More Accurate Results

Systweak Software Updates Duplicate Files Fixer To Get More Accurate Results

Duplicate Files Fixer Gets “Custom Scan” Feature To search & remove duplicates more precisely.

Systweak Software is a leading software development company that specializes in innovative and user-friendly software utilities for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Recently, their flagship product “Duplicate Files Fixer” has been updated with “Custom Scan” feature to allow more user control over duplicate file management. Custom Scan enables users to tailor their file-scanning process based on different file types with more precision and efficiency.

“Despite Duplicate Files Fixer being highly trustworthy over the years, we have been receiving constant user feedback regarding a more flexible way to scan files to narrow the results even better. Hence, it was a highly prioritized update to this tool and I am hopeful that more and more users will be able to find this tool beneficial.”, said Mr. Sudhir Sharma, Vice President & Product Manager, Systweak Software.

Some features of Duplicate Files Fixer are listed below:

  • All Files scanning to search for all types of duplicates across selected locations.
  • Selective scanning of specific file types for more targeted results.
  • Run duplicate scanning on Mobile & Cloud platforms like Google Drive & Dropbox.
  • Besides media files, it can scan for duplicate Emails as well.

Mr. Shrishail Rana, CEO & Founder, Systweak Software, further added, “Sometimes even the best needs work and that’s exactly the approach we take with our products. The new update to Duplicate Files Fixer is aimed at not only making things more accurate for users but will also save their time. And isn’t that what technology should be about? I am glad that our developers have continued to improve and upgrade this tool to ensure users get the best out of it.”

For more details, please visit the official Duplicate Files Fixer webpage:

About The Company: Systweak Software is an innovative & customer-centric company that strives to provide users with the best software solutions to meet their digital needs. With more than two decades of experience, Systweak has established itself as a reliable and trusted brand in the software industry, serving millions of customers worldwide. The company has been featured by “Mirror Review” and listed under the “Fastest GrowingCompanies of 2020”. Systweak’s products are often reviewed & ranked by the largest publishers of print & digital media like “TechRadar” and “SafetyDetectives’ ‘.


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