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Are you struggling with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege error code 3-0x0001000B: The Rainbow Six Siege server is unavailable? Well, you are not alone. The popularity of this tactical shooter game is known to all. With millions of players worldwide, Rainbow Six Siege is an ultimate offering by the folks at Ubisoft Montreal. 

The error usually appears due to network issues or the game files acting up. In both cases, a player’s experience is ruined by the error message that keeps popping up. Please note that multiple error messages bother a user. These are – 

  • Rainbow Six Siege disconnected from the server.
  • Rainbow Six Siege has trouble connecting and connection problems on the PC.
  • Rainbow Six Siege connection failed, failure to server lost, poor, or drops.
  • Rainbow Six Siege yellow connection.

In all the cases, the fixes are similar, as all of these issues are basic glitches that can be resolved, provided you know the methods. And in this post, we will give you exactly that! Keep reading to find some of the best ways to fix the Error.

Ways to Fix the Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 3-0x0001000B

Usually, these errors appear due to the following reasons – 

  • Issues with the Game Files
  • Glitch with the Game Launcher/Game
  • Outdated Drivers
  • Network Errors

Eventually, resolving these issues is the ultimate way to fix the error in question. If you have any of the issues mentioned above on your PC, then the following fixes will help you out – 

Fix 1 – Clean Boot the System

The error can be tricky to understand. Unlike other errors that have a particular telltale sign, the problem here does not have any of that. Hence, to ensure that it is not a one-time glitch, it is better to give your PC a clean boot. 

A clean boot is when all the services are disabled, so they restart with the PC. This way, if glitches take over the PC due to services, they are immediately over. Here’s how to perform a clean boot – 

Step 1 – Press Win+R to open the Run search.
Step 2 – In the Run, use the command msconfig and hit enter. msconfig command

Step 3 – In the opened Window, navigate to the Services tab.hide all microsoft

Step 4 – After opening the Services tab, you may spot the Hide all Microsoft services option, mark it enabled, and then click on Disable all. This will help you close all the foreign active services.
Step 5 – After doing the same, simply click OK and exit the System Configuration Window. Navigate to the Start menu and initiate Shutdown. 

This way, you will have performed a clean boot on your PC, and all the service-based errors will be resolved on your PC. 

Fix 2 – Update Existing Drivers

If a clean boot cannot resolve the Rainbow Six Siege not working properly on your PC, there is a high chance that either the GPU is causing an error or the network is not properly configured. Both of these errors can be related to outdated drivers. That is because your GPU drivers are responsible for graphics performance, whereas the network adapter drivers ensure the network works properly

Updating these drivers can help you refine your PC’s working and, in turn, resolve the error code 3-0x0001000B. However, most users do not know how to update drivers on Windows. Shockingly, Windows’s way of updating the drivers manually is not that user-friendly. 

Hence, we recommend that you use an application that helps you simplify the process. An automatic driver updater checks which driver is outdated and downloads the best drivers to finish the process. Checkout the following steps to identify how the app works – 

Step 1 – Download and Install the app on your computer

Step 2 – Click the Start Scan Now button on the home screen to start a scan that will find all the outdated drivers.

start scan using advanced driver updater

Step 3 – After the outdated drivers are identified, you can choose to Update All to finish the process.

You can initiate downloading and installing the latest available drivers for the highlighted ones using the Update All button. The tool is easier to use and makes the entire process super smooth. Highly recommended!

Fix 3 – Check the Game Files

After you have tested the PC services and the drivers, you know that the issue is not in the PC but in the game files you are using. Since Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is available on Steam, you can verify the integrity of the game files. How? Well, check out the steps below – 

Step 1 – Open the Steam client and navigate to the game properties.
Step 2 – In the Game properties, open Local Files.Local Files tab

Step 3 – Click on Verify integrity of the files and let Steam take care of the rest.

find option to Verify integrity of game files

Step 4 – After the scan, relaunch the game, which should not show the error. 

You can also restart the PC after each fix so that the changes made are common and exit properly. If you are still unsatisfied with the game’s performance, try switching your internet connection from WiFi to LAN for a better network. If nothing works, uninstalling and reinstalling the Rainbow Six Siege is your ultimate solution.

Try all these fixes, and let us know if you have any other questions. If you face trouble following the steps, you can ask for assistance in the comments section. That will be all for this post. Thanks for reading, and Good luck!

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