How to Password Protect PDF Documents


Sending PDF files as email attachments has become common practice – but have you ever thought if a PDF is secure or not? Here’s how to protect a PDF with a password.

When considering sharing a document securely, password protection is one of the first things that come to mind. However, manually adding a password to a PDF file is not easy, and not everyone likes spending time adding a password to each PDF.

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Fortunately, we have a fix for this problem, and it is called Advanced PDF Manager. With the help of this powerful PDF management tool, you can easily add passwords, combine PDFs, split PDFs, rearrange PDFs, rotate PDFs, and do a lot more.

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Need to Password Protect PDF Files

There are several good reasons why you should password-protect PDFs. Some of them are listed below:

  • Protected PDFs can’t be printed or copied unless you unlock them.
  • A locked PDF cannot be edited.
  • Password-protected pdf keeps original data safe.
  • Prevents Unauthorized Access.

Best Ways To Password Protect PDF Files

Method 1 – Using Advanced PDF Manager

With the help of this state-of-the-art tool, you can add a password to PDFs.

Moreover, you can perform operations like merging, rotating, splitting, removing unwanted pages, rearranging PDFs, etc.

Advanced PDF Manager comes with a 14-day full functionality trial version allowing you to use all the features and decide if you want to upgrade or not.

Here we list its extraordinary features:

Different Viewing Modes Different modes for viewing PDFs.
Merge &Split  PDF Files Combine two PDFs or split them
Password Protect & Remove Password Add a password to an existing PDF or remove the password from a protected PDF.
Rotate & Rearrange Pages Change the orientation of PDF and rearrange PDF pages.
Add Blank PDF & Remove Pages Add blank PDF or delete potentially unwanted pages from existing PDF.
Create A Copy & Print PDF Create copies of your PDF and print PDF document.

A perfect PDF management tool that performs a lot many things.

How to Add Password Using Advanced PDF Manager

Step 1: Download and Install Advanced PDF Manager from the link below:

Step 2: Launch the software. If you have purchased the tool, click the key icon & enter the license key. However, if you haven’t purchased the Advanced PDF Manager, you can use the fully functional trial version for 14 days. To use it, click on the Continue Free Trial button.

APM_Trial VS Paid
Step 3: Click on the Open file > browse to the location where the PDF is saved > select it and add the PDF you want to password-protect.

Step 4: Once the PDF is added, change the view to Small Multiview > click Protect once the PDF is added.

Note: In Collapse Multiview, you cannot see the option. Also, no PDF should be selected. If it is selected, unselect, and then you will be able to see Protect option.

APM protected

Step 5: Enter the password in the blank box and click Protect.

APM Password
Step 6: Finally, click on the Save button to save the password-protected PDF.

APm add pdf
Step 7: To confirm, open the PDF; it will not ask you to enter the password.

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Method 2 Password Protects a PDF file using Word

Initially, PDF files are Word documents; therefore, encrypting them using Word makes sense. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Open the Word doc that you want to be saved as a PDF.
2. Click File > Save as > Select the file type as PDF. (as shown in the screenshot below)

browse doc
3. Select the “More options” underneath the file format box > “Options” button from the box that pops up.

add pdf
4. Choose “Encrypt document with a password option” and enter a password (twice) as prompted.

add pdf password
5. Click Save.
6. Each time you open the file, you will need to enter the password.

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The Final Word

Using any of the above methods, you can easily add a password to a PDF. The first approach is simple, and it even offers other functionalities. Using Advanced PDF Manager alongside adding passwords, you remove passwords, merge PDFs, rotate pdf, split PDFs, and do a lot more.

You can use it if you want to take control of PDF. Most importantly, to use this feature, you don’t have to pay anything for 14 days as the trial version is fully functional to use this feature. We hope you will give it a try, please share your feedback in the section below.

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