How to Fix Palworld EOS Error on PC

Palworld EOS Error on PC

Do you have issues with Palworld? Unstable servers and heavy traffic that the game receives often give out the Failed to EOS Login error. Since it is a popular choice for users, servers are the most common factor behind the error. However, they are not the only reason behind the Palworld EOS error on PC. 

Some major reasons why you may be facing this error include –

  • Downtime at the servers
  • Outdated game launcher
  • Firewall conflict on PC
  • Game File errors
  • Connectivity issues

While all these issues appear to be threats to Palworld, they can be neutralized by following several steps. 

Ways to Fix Palworld Failed to EOS Login Error

Since there are many reasons behind the issue, you have to try multiple fixes to solve them one after the other. It is not necessary to use all of the following fixes. You can use them individually and stop when your issue is resolved. Check out the ways that can help resolve this error on your PC. 

Fix 1 – Identify If There is a Downtime

Games that use servers and connectivity often face downtime due to server maintenance and heavy traffic. This means the game is unavailable to the users for a few minutes, sometimes hours. You can find out whether you have downtime by visiting forum discussion platforms. Usually, game developers provide downtime information so that users do not have to wait. Check for announcements, and if you find a wait time, simply wait on it. 

Fix 2 – Try Using a VPN

If the server appears down with no official announcement, the region from where you are connected might be facing traffic issues. Hence, it is best that you change your region or connectivity server to resolve the issue. Using a VPN can help you get these things resolved quite quickly. But not just any VPN can give you a real-time fix. You must use a VPN client that offers you servers that are less used and are faster. Some suggest that you invest in a gaming PC that has high-speed servers aligned with it. 

If you are looking for suggestions, we highly recommend you use Systweak VPN. It is one of the safest and most powerful VPN clients, with hundreds of fresh servers and military-grade encryption. Download the VPN today to resolve the Palworld EOS error on your PC. 

Fix 3 – Verify Game File Integrity Via Steam

You may have game file issues if you feel that connectivity and servers are sorted but still do not have the EOS failed log-in error bugging your experience. When they get infected or corrupt, game files lose their integrity and must be fixed immediately. 

Fortunately, Steam allows you to test the integrity of the game and resolve game file errors internally. Here are the steps you may follow – 

Step 1 – Launch Steam on your computer.
Step 2 – Open Palworld and navigate to its properties
Step 3 – In properties, navigate to Local files.Local Files tab
Step 4 – After opening the Local Files section, you may find the Verify Integrity of Game Files option. Click on it to start the process.

local file setting
Step 5 – Let it run. As soon as it is over, you may find that faulty game files have been replaced and all your errors, including the Palworld EOS issue, have been resolved.

Fix 4 – Allow the Game Through the Firewall

Connectivity issues are often caused due to a conflict with the firewall. You may try to get rid of the error on your PC. However, things may not appear fruitful unless the firewall allows the game to run through. To get it to work, all you have to do is – 

Step 1 – Press Win+R to open the Run search.
Step 2 – In the Run search, use the command Firewall. cpl and hit enter.

type command firewall.cp
Step 3 – After opening the firewall settings, click on Allow an app through the firewall from the left pane.
Step 4—Navigate to the next page, where you can add the Palworld launcher, epic launcher, and Steam to the list.
Step 5 – After making all the changes, save them and exit the settings. 

Restart your PC and try launching the game to see if the Palworld EOS error is resolved or persists. If it is still showing, we have another fix for you.  

Fix 5 – Uninstall & Reinstall the Epic Games Launcher

Sometimes, when your game launcher goes out of date, you may encounter an error while launching Palworld. The ideal way to handle this is by simply uninstalling the Epic Game Launcher and reinstalling it on your PC. This is somewhat similar to restarting your PC; however, in this case, you refresh the entire application. You may use the Control Panel to completely remove all the files of Epic Launcher before installing the newer version. 

Try these fixes, and you should eventually be able to resolve the Palworld EOS error on your PC. You may find the issues with Palworld in no time. I hope this post helps you with the error and resolves your gaming experience. Thank you for reading, good luck!

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