How to Download Apple Mobile Device USB Driver for Windows 11,10,8,7

How to Download Apple Mobile Device USB Driver for Windows 11/10/8/7

Apple mobile device USB driver is a crucial component required to create a smooth connection and workflow between your Apple device and Windows. Usually, Windows and Apple are not known to be the most compatible devices. However, if you happen to own an iPhone, iPad, or an iPod and you have a Windows PC, you will require the necessary drivers to create a connection,

The computer automatically reads the Apple device when installed with the most recent version of Apple drivers. However, if the Apple Mobile Device USB driver for Windows is missing, corrupt, or outdated, the system fails to read iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices.

Hence, it is better to download and update the drivers f. To help with that, we have curated this tutorial that explains the best ways to update the iPhone USB driver.

What is Apple mobile device USB driver

This driver helps the Windows PC recognize connected iPhones. When it is missing or outdated, errors like Apple device is not recognized, and others are encountered.

6 Best Ways to Download/Update Apple Mobile Device USB Driver Windows

Downloading drivers for Apple devices is not that complicated, provided you know which is the best method. Below, we mention the best ways to update the driver.

Method 1: Manually Through Device Manager

Windows provides a built-in facility (Device Manager) to help update drivers. Using Device Manager, you can update the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver on Windows 7/10/11.

To use it, follow the steps below:

1. Press Windows + X > select Device Manager from the context menu.
2. Navigate to Universal Serial Bus devices. Double-click it and locate the Apple Mobile USB Device driver.  Select Universal Serial Bus devices
3. Right-click the Apple Mobile Device USB Device > select Update Driver.

update driver
4. Select, Search automatically for drivers.

search automatically

5. Windows will now look for Apple Mobile USB Device driver updates. Please wait for it to download and install the latest driver update. If you get the message, “The best drivers for your device are already installed.” You will need to check for available Windows Updates.
6.  Restart the PC to apply changes after updating and installing the driver. In case the changes aren’t properly installed, you can do it by following the steps below:

Method 2 – Reinstall Apple Mobile USB Device Driver

1. Press Windows + X
2. Double-click Universal Serial Bus devices
3. Right-click on the Apple Mobile Device USB Device > Uninstall

Select Uninstall
4. Checkmark the box next to Delete the driver software for this device > Ok.

checkbox delete driver software
5. Go to Device Manager > click Action tab > Scan for hardware changes.
6.  Wait for the scanning to complete and install the Apple Mobile USB device driver.

Method 3 – Updating Using Advanced Driver Updater (Recommended)

Above, we explained manual ways to update the driver. As you may agree, manual steps are time-consuming and require some technical knowledge. Also, manually updating drivers involves risk & is not easy. Therefore, if you want an easy way to download the Apple Mobile Device USB driver, we recommend using Advanced Driver Updater. This professional tool helps update all types of outdated drivers.

You can use either the Free or Registered version to update drivers. The free version sets a limit for updating one driver at a time, while the registered version allows updating all at once.  To use this amazing tool, follow the steps below:

1. Install Advanced Driver Updater by clicking the button below

2. Run the tool and click Start Scan Now, allowing Advanced Driver Updater to scan the system.

Advanced Driver Updater
3. Let the scanning complete.
4.  When done, to update the driver, click the Update driver next to the Apple Mobile Device USB driver (if using the trial version). However, if you use the registered version, click Update All.

update all outdated driver
5. Wait for the driver update to be downloaded and installed.
6.  Restart the PC to save changes. Now, connect the Apple device, and it should be detected.

Method 4 – Reinstall Apple Mobile Device USB Driver Through .inf File

  1. Disconnect your device from your PC.
  2. Unlock your iOS and iPadOS device and go to the Home screen.
  3. Reconnect the device to the PC and exit iTunes when prompted.
  4. Press Windows + R to open the Run window. Here copy and paste – %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers and press the Enter key.
  5. If you are working on a 32-bit Windows OS, right-click usbappl64.inf > Install. However, if you are 64-bit, Windows users right-click usbappl.inf > Install.

    Tip : To find a file, Windows 8/7 users need to right-click on the space in File Explorer > select Details and look for the file type.

  6. Disconnect the device > restart the PC and reconnect the device. You should no longer face the issue.

Method 5 – Install iTunes

Reinstalling iTunes is another way to fix the missing Apple Mobile Device USB driver. This will reinstall the driver and fix the issue.

Method 6 – Restart Apple Mobile Device Service (AMDS)

When connecting your Apple device, if you encounter “This [device] cannot be used because the Apple Mobile Device Service is not started” or you see a yellow exclamation mark next to Apple Mobile Device USB, try restarting AMDS to fix it.

  1. Exit iTunes and disconnect the Apple device.
  2. Press Windows + R and open Run window.
  3. Types services.msc and press the Enter key.type services msc command
  4. Look for Apple Mobile Device Service—Double-click on it.Apple mobile_service
  5. Click the General tab, set the Startup type to Automatic, and click Stop.
  6. Restart the service and click Ok.
  7. Reboot the PC and connect the device. You should be fine.

That’s it; you can update the Apple Mobile USB device driver using these simple steps. You can use either of the steps to update your driver on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7. However, try Advanced Driver Updater if you want the fastest and easiest way to update the USB driver. With minimum or no effort, the tool helps update all outdated drivers.

However,  if you know of any other effective way to update the Apple Mobile USB device driver update, share it in the comments box. For any product-related issue, you can send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver?

Can I connect my iPhone 11 to my PC?

Yes, using a USB cable or adapter, you can directly connect iPhone to a Windows PC.

Do not see the Apple Mobile Device driver?

The Apple mobile device USB driver missing error occurs when your iPhone doesn't have the driver installed to connect to Windows. To fix this, you need to install the driver. To learn how to do that, you can read the steps mentioned above in the post.


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