Hotspot Says ‘No Internet Detected’ or ‘No Working Internet’ – Here’s What to Do!

hotspot connected but no internet issue

When you cannot access a proper internet connection on your PC, using your smartphone as a hotspot is always a life-saving hack . But have you ever encountered a situation when you turn to the hotspot as your last hope, and it shows no internet detected or working internet? If yes, and you want to fix it, then this is exactly what you need to read. 

The error often makes users wonder if the smartphone is behind the “hotspot not working.”. They do not realize that maybe the issue lies in the PC itself. 

In this post, let us look at some of the core reasons why the hotspot is connected but no internet detected and what possible fixes you can use. 

Why Isn’t my Hotspot Working? Probable Reasons

When you turn on your hotspot to connect your PC, you initiate a series of events. For instance, the Wi-Fi adapter and other device drivers are involved if you are using Wi-Fi to connect to the hotspot. Similarly, with USB tethering, your USB port, the USB adapter, your smartphone cable, etc., are involved. 

When there is a fault in the series of events, and your smartphone has no connection or is struggling to connect with a server, the error no internet detected or no working internet appears out of nowhere. 

Some of the common issues why your hotspot is not working properly include – 

  1. Connectivity issues
  2. Network adapter driver error
  3. Wi-Fi adapter driver error
  4. No network connectivity on the Smartphone

Needless to say, even though your device will be connected to the hotspot, there will be no internet access available to you, which is way more disappointing. 

Mobile Hotspot Connected but No Internet on PC – FIXES!

Now that you have a little idea about what may be causing the error, it is time that we look at some ways you can get rid of the error and resolve the no internet prompt when you connect to the internet. 

Fix 1 – Ensure All the Connections are Robust

The connections play a crucial role in enabling your hotspot on the PC. You may face difficulties using the internet if the connections are not properly established. 

  • If you use a cable to connect your hotspot (USB Tethering), ensure the devices are connected properly on both ends.
  • While using Wi-Fi to connect the hotspot, keep the mobile device closer to the system. Ensure that range is not the issue.
  • Ensure that the cable you are using for the connection is supported. Using unsupported accessories can often cause hotspots to fail.

Other than these, ensure that your smartphone is connected to the internet and has a proper network; without them, using the hotspot makes no sense. If you are trying to use a Wi-Fi network on your PC via a USB tethering using a smartphone, then it will not work as to create a hotspot; a connection of your own is needed. This is probably why you may get an error that says no internet detected or working internet.

Fix 2 – Update Device Drivers to Support Connectivity

As mentioned earlier, several drivers and PC components are involved in creating a solid hotspot connection. If any of the drivers, such as your Wi-Fi, Network Adapter Drivers, or simple USB drivers, are outdated, you may encounter errors. 

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Now, updating multiple drivers manually can be troublesome as you have to go through the Device Manager, spot all the drivers, check for updates manually, and wait for them to download and install individually. 

That is why we recommend you use Advanced Driver Updater. The tool is extremely helpful when you have multiple outdated drivers on your PC. It scans your PC for outdated drivers by comparing the existing ones to the available ones. When done scanning, it highlights the ones that require an update and allows you to do the same using a single Update All button. 

Try using the application today, and you may learn how easy it is to download a device driver on your PC.

Fix 3 – Restore Advanced Internet Settings

In case you have made a few changes to your PC’s internet settings or are facing issues lately with the internet on your system, resetting your internet settings can be helpful. 

Step 1 – Go to the start menu and search for Internet options.

select Internet Options

Step 2 – Go to the Advanced tab in the opened pop-up window.Restore Advanced settings button

Step 3 – Click on the Restore Advanced settings button.
Step 4 – Click on Apply to save your restore. 

Try using the hotspot again, and it should work fine. 

Fix 4 – Troubleshoot Your Smartphone for Network

After you have made these changes on your computer, you must troubleshoot your smartphone, too. Some of the core factors that you need to consider while looking to fix your hotspot not working properly are – 

  • Make sure your Mobile Data is turned on. 
  • Restart your smartphone if the connection is not working
  • Check the network strength so that the network is seamless
  • Try opening your mobile browser to ensure your device’s internet works fine. 
  • Turn off any VPN client that you may be using. 
  • Check the Hotspot security settings to find the password. This will help you double-check that you are using the right password.

Disconnect your device completely from the internet using the flight mode and then reconnect it to reset the connection. 

The Hotspot Internet is Now WORKING!

Connecting to the hotspot requires you to connect two devices properly. If the PC does not support the hotspot, the connection will not work, and prompts such as not being detected by the internet will keep appearing. 

You can also try to toggle off your antivirus or any other network protection you may have in place to check if it allows your hotspot to work. I hope this post might have answered your question about why my hotspot is not working. If you have more doubts, please drop us a line. 

Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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