Google Chrome Can’t Download Files? Fix It with These 5 Ways


Stuck on the download page of the file you want on your PC but can’t get through? Many Chrome users have shared their concerns about how Google Chrome Can’t download files anymore. The issue appears specifically with the Chrome browser, and it is annoying. 

Since most Windows users prefer working with Chrome, the inability of the browser to download files affects a significant chunk of PC owners. But why does it happen? Well, that and how to fix google chrome’s failure to download files are two things we will try to explore in this post.

By the end of this post, you will be able to fix the error Chrome download stuck at 0b/s.

Google Chrome Not Downloading Files – Understanding the Issue

The problem appears when you are trying to fetch attachments from any website and download them to preview locally. Saving files is a common operation for any user. However, sometimes you click on the required download button, but there’s no response from the website. 

Chrome Not Downloading Files on Windows. This can be termed a situation where you do not get an error prompt, but the process won’t go through. Usually, if you use a different browser, the same link works fine. Which means the issue lies in Chrome itself. 

But Why?

Like any other Windows application, Google Chrome also requires proper maintenance to function properly. When multiple factors are not as perfect as they are supposed to be, multiple errors can appear. 

Several factors may be responsible for it if we talk specifically about file download errors on Chrome. Some of the identified issues are – 

  • Internet issues and low download speeds. 
  • Error with the file portal you are using.
  • Issues with Cookies & Caches on Google Chrome
  • Unidentified extensions hindering the downloads
  • Faulty data on Google Chrome

While these issues do not appear too bad on paper, they can cause several problems on your browser, including the error that google chrome’s unable to download files.

How to Allow Chrome to Download Files?

There are 5 ways you can approach the issue. To give you a perspective, we have divided these 5 fixes per their complexity and stages. You may not be required to follow all the steps shown, as the severity of the issue depends on which fix gets the job done for you. 

Preliminary Fixes

Fix 1 – Check the Internet Connectivity

The first and most basic step is to check if the internet connection is working properly. Using the same link or reloading a page never justified that the internet is fine, as often a pre-loaded preview appears. 

The ideal way to ensure that the internet is fine is to open a new tab and visit a website you have not visited for a long time or have never visited. If it loads properly, your internet is fine. If not, that’s what is causing the issue. 

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Fix 2 – Check if the Download Link Works on Other Browser

If you have reached the download page of any file and it’s not loading on Chrome, simply copy the URL and open it in a different browser. This will help you identify if the issue lies in the download link or with Chrome. 

In some situations, links were the cause of the error and not the browser. Hence, double-checking the download link helps you eliminate the doubt. 

Advanced Fixes

Fix 3 – Disable Unused Extensions

After you have established that the issue lies with the browser and not with the download link or the internet, you should first remove unnecessary extensions from the equation. When working with Chrome extensions, plug-ins or add-ons play an essential role. These are used to enhance a user’s experience. 

However, sometimes these extensions end up causing hindrances in the fundamental processes of the browser, in this case, downloading files. 

Here’s how to disable the extensions – 

Step 1 – Go to the right corner of your Chrome Window and click the three-dot button to find the quick access menu.

click on three dots

Step 2 – Navigate to extensions in the menu and click on manage extensions from the expanded options.

Extensions option

Step 3 – Simply toggle the extensions off. If an extension is being used in real-time, you can let it work. However, disable the unused extensions from there.

Try re-downloading the file after you have toggled the extensions off. 

Fix 4 – Clear Old Cookies & Cache Data

If the above fixes did not work, chances are that the existing data that your browser has accumulated is causing the can’t download files error. The ideal way to refresh your browser and give it a new life is to clear all the browsing data and its traces from the device. 

An internal method in Chrome allows you to fix data-related issues. Here’s how you access it – 

Step 1 – Go to the right corner of your Chrome Window and click the three-dot button to find the quick access menu.
Step 2 – From the menu, click on settings to open the Chrome Settings window.

click on three dots

Step 2 – From the menu, click on settings to open the Chrome Settings window.
Step 3 – In the Settings window, you may find privacy and security settings in the left pane. Click on it.

clear browsing data in security and privacy

Step 4 – In the privacy and security settings, you can clear browsing data. Click on it and select all the data you want to remove.

remove data completely in clear browsing data

Step 5 – Click on Clear data to get over with the process

Try to download the file again. If you find yourself in a similar situation, chances are still traces of prior data causing the problem. In such situations, go for an application that allows you to remove even the tiniest form of cookies and cache data on your browser.

Advanced System Optimizer is one such PC optimizer with a dedicated module allowing you to clear browser cookies and data in no time. Here’s how it works – 

Complete official review

Step 1 – Download Advanced System Optimizer from the link below.

Step 2 – Look for Security & Privacy in the left pane in the application.

security and privacy

Step 3 – Open the module window. You may find an option that says Privacy Protector. Click on it.
Step 4 – The Privacy Protector module allows you to remove any traces of the browsing data, wiping all the valid and invalid information from your browser. Click on Start Privacy Scan for the tool to fetch data.

start privacy scan
Step 5 – Once the scan is over, you can remove all the scanned traces. Click on Clean to remove them, and you are good to go!

This should resolve the problem for you. 

If Nothing Works…

Fix 5 – Update/Reinstall Chrome

If none of the fixes were able to resolve the Google Chrome can’t download files error, then you have only two choices – 

1. Check if there are any pending updates available and install them.

  • Go to the quick access menu using the three-dotted button in the right corner of your screen.
  • Open settings from the menu and head to the About Chrome section. 
  • The browser will show you the current version you are using and run a check for updates. 
  • Install if the updates are available.

2. Completely uninstall the browser from your PC and re-install it.

  • Press Windows + R to open the run search. 
  • In the run search box, use the command “control appwiz.cpl” to open the program manager. 
  • Spot Google Chrome from the list of programs and double-click on it to uninstall it.
  • After removing the browser, visit the official website for Chrome and download it using another browser. 

There are chances that you find your solution in the first two checks only, and there is a possibility that you have to reinstall the browser. Either way, ultimately, you will be able to fix the windows chrome not downloading files issues on your PC.

Hope these fixes help you overcome the issue. Good luck. 

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