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Realtek audio drivers are the most commonly used drivers to support your PC’s audio requirements. Now and then, PCs with OEM integrated chips are shipped with Realtek Audio Drivers, not just because they are mandatory but also because they are great at processing the input and output audio on the system. These drivers are the first choice of any PC manufacturer as they come with a dedicated sound management system, and Realtek Audio Manager allows changing the PC’s audio input and output configuration for better performance and productivity. However, there are situations where even these drivers may not work properly. 

The simplest problem usually affects these drivers the most. When these are not updated regularly, you may experience multiple issues and errors related to audio on your PC. Hence, you must update the drivers regularly. But how? We have curated a list of ways to download and install Realtek Audio Drivers on your PC. Check them out, and we hope it will help!

What Type of Issues May Appear if the Realtek Audio Drivers are Outdated

Before we begin with the ways to download and install Realtek audio drivers and updates, we must talk about the consequences that you may face if you do not get it done correctly. 

As mentioned before, audio drivers are a crucial component of a system. Without them functioning properly, you may not be able to get the best audio output or input on your PC. These fundamental programs enable your headphones, speakers, and microphones to interact with the OS properly. When these are not installed or are outdated, you may face numerous errors, such as – 

  1. Connected audio devices not supported
  2. Low volume of output. 
  3. Unsupported audio codec error
  4. Microphone not connected error
  5. No audio output was found error
  6. Audio stuttering error

The list can go on and on… What you should understand is that these drivers are crucial to ensure audio processing on your PC. Hence, every time you get a chance, you must update them. 

How to Download And Install Realtek Audio Drivers in Windows PC

If you are facing issues related to audio on your PC, you may be using outdated Realtek audio drivers. Keep in mind that if you have an OEM PC, you have pre-installed audio drivers. This means you just need to update them. There is no need to download and install them from scratch. 

Here are the 3 methods that can help you out – 

Method 1 – Download Realtek Audio Drivers from Official Website

The official website of Realtek has a library of supported drivers that you can download from it. All you have to do is – 

Step 1 – Navigate to the official website of your Realtek.
Step 2 – Scroll down to open the Windows section. If you are a Linux user, you may also find the drivers for that.
Step 3 – Choose what you want to work with from the available options of the files. You can download driver files, executable files, etc.

download drivers- Realtek official website

After downloading the file, execute the downloaded file and install the necessary drivers. Give your PC a quick restart, and you should be able to resolve all the issues caused by the absence of the latest Realtek audio driver on your PC.

How to Update Realtek Audio Drivers in Windows PC

Method 2 – Manually Update the Existing Drivers on Your PC

If you feel the existing drivers are fine and need a quick update, use the Windows Driver Update Utility. Here are the steps to do so – 

Step 1 – Press Win+R to open the Run search.
Step 2 – In the Run, use the command Devmgmt. msc. The command will open Device Manager by pressing enter.

type devmgmt command

Step 3 – In the Device Manager, scroll down to find Sound, video, and game controllers. Double-click on it to expand.

Sound, video, and game controllers in device manager

Step 4 – On expanding, you may find all your connected audio/controller devices in the list. You may also spot the Realtek Audio component. This is the driver you need to update. Select it and right-click on it to find the Update Driver option.

Update Realtek Audio Driver

Step 5 – Clicking on the Update driver will open the Windows Driver Updater Utility. Simply follow the steps shown on the screen, and you should be able to download the driver updates. Make sure you choose search updates automatically when asked.
This method will take your time after all these steps. It will look for updates online. If Realtek is compatible with your PC, it will download driver updates.

Method 3 – Use Automatic Driver Updater for Instant Solution

If you are looking for a simpler way, this is the approach you should go for. Finishing all the steps in method 2 can be tedious. When it comes to method 1, you may get confused in choosing what file to download as there are a lot of links. 

This is why we recommend you use the Advanced Driver Updater. It works in 3 easy steps, eliminating any type of confusion. All you have to do is – 

Step 1 – Download the application and install it on your computer.

Step 2 – Run a quick scan in the app using the Start Scan Now option.

start scan using advanced driver updater

Step 3 – Update the outdated drivers found in the scan by using the Update All button.

click on update all button

The PC will restart after the process finishes, and voila! All your issues will be resolved. The tool is handy for updating drivers, as it has a database of thousands of drivers. So, if any other driver is also bothering your PC’s performance, this scan is enough to handle it!

If you are looking for other ways to install drivers and updates, we are afraid there are none. If you use any of these three methods, issues related to audio drivers will be removed. Download and install Realtek audio drivers instantly today! Leave us comments if you face any issues in the shared steps. That is all for this one! Good luck.

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