How Can you Detect and Prevent Evil Twin Attacks


The evil twin attack is a type of man-in-the-middle attack that usually appears in public places. Since the internet has become necessary for every user, hackers have understood that it is the easiest way to penetrate their target’s PC. The evil twin attack makes it super easy for a hacker to fool a user into thinking that they are connecting to a legitimate source, while in reality, they are falling into a trap set by them. 

So what exactly is the Evil Twin attack? Is it detectable? More importantly, how to prevent evil twin attacks from bothering your PC? These are some interesting pointers that we have covered in the post. So keep on reading as we unveil every detail about the evil twin attacks.

What is an Evil Twin Attack? How Does It Work?

As the name suggests, the Evil Twin attack creates a fake Wi-Fi network setup that appears exactly like the original (hence the name Twin) and is left open for users to log in. This way, an individual looking for a free Wi-FI connection gets fooled into believing it is a safe network and gives away information to the hacker.

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Understand it this way: suppose you enter the Starbucks coffee arena and check if a Wi-Fi network is available. In the list, you see two SSIDs: Starbucks 5G, which requires a passcode, and Starbucks 5G, which is open. Since it is a reputed coffee place, you expect the open internet to be safe; hence, you connect to it without thinking twice. 

However, you did not realize why there would be two SSIDs with the same name. The open network is the evil twin of the original, and since it is a twin, you fall for the trap. As soon as you connect to it, your device gets a prompt to fill in the information to start browsing, which is generally a standard practice. However, this time, the information you share will go to a hacker instead of the ISP. 

Generally, an attacker uses four ways to trap a user in the evil twin attack – 

Step 1 – Set up a fake Wi-Fi connection with a believable name.
Step 2 – Create a connection portal for basic information and make it appear more authentic.
Step 3 – Keep the fake SSID closer to the target so they are enticed to connect it due to signal strength.
Step 4 – After a user is connected, the hacker tracks the usage and information they share while using the internet. 

After all these steps, you are trapped and cannot do anything about it!

How to Detect an Evil Twin Attack

Unfortunately, there is no technical way to identify an evil twin attack. That is because a user willingly spots Wi-Fi and connects to it.  Sure, antivirus programs may detect unusual activity after your PC is connected to one such connection. Still, they are often too late in highlighting that the job is done. 

Staying alert and vigilant is the only way to ensure that you stay away from such attacks. Your PC may not be able to detect the evil twin attack easily, but you can identify whether a network is fake. 

When you are connecting to a public network, make sure you check the following things – 

#1 – Check for errors in Wi-FI names.

#2 – Check whether the Connection portal uses the HTTPS protocol. 

#3 – Check if your PC is given any warnings while connecting to the selected Wi-Fi

When you are in public and looking for a network connection, ask the staff around for a genuine connection. If no one is around, avoiding public networks is the best option. 

What Are the Ways to Help You Prevent Evil Twin Attacks

Prevention is better than cure, hence we recommend that you take the following steps before connecting to a public Wi-Fi and falling prey to an evil twin attack on your PC. 

Prevention 1 – Install a VPN on Your PC

Public networks become necessary if you roam around and work on your PC. In such cases, to stay secure, you should use a VPN as it creates a shield on your network so no intruder can access your original information. 

In case you do not already have it, we recommend installing the Systweak VPN immediately, as it offers military-grade protection and multiple country servers to give you a perfect disguise. You are no longer under stress from being attacked by a hacker. 

Prevention 2 – Try Using Your Hotspot

If it is urgent and you need to access the internet outside your home, use your smartphone for a hotspot instead of looking for Wi-Fi. Sure, it may cost you some extra data on your plan, but that is less expensive than giving away your privacy and data just for some free internet. 

The more you can avoid using public connections, the better it is for you, as attacks like the evil twin feed on silly mistakes like these. 

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Prevention 3 – Keep Your Interaction Limited

If you have no other option than connecting to a public network, keep your work limited to urgent tasks. Do not log in to your private accounts that are not required. Also, use the incognito mode, which may keep your browsing history from being accessed.

Using these preventive measures, you can minimize the impact of an evil twin attack on your PC. Public networks are not as safe anymore as they used to be. Hence, it is better to stay away and use a VPN for all sorts of connections. That will be all for this post. Stay alert, stay safe. Good luck!

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