Fixed – Wireless Mouse Isn’t Working On Windows


Is your wireless mouse not working correctly on your computer? Here are a few fixes that will help get it working.

No one likes messy cables and wires. This is why PC users prefer wireless mice over wired ones, reducing the handling of one wire. However, it becomes difficult to get the work done on time when the wireless mouse quits working or sending signals. Therefore, this troubleshooting guide explains how you can resolve the wireless mouse stopped working problem on Windows.

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Causes for Wireless Mouse Not Working

When the wireless mouse stops working, we suggest trying some basic troubleshooting. Doing so might help avoid getting into the technical nitty-gritty.

Check the Battery – Whether it is a USB connectivity or Bluetooth mouse, to work, it needs batteries. If the wireless mouse stops working, you should first check the batteries. If you cannot check them, try using fresh batteries.

wireless mouse

Check the Power Switch – Most mice have a power switch on the bottom. If that is disabled, the mouse will stop working. To switch on the button, turn your mouse upside down and turn on the switch. If it is a mouse with an LED light. Now try to use the mouse. You should not face any problems.

wireless mouse receiver

Connect to the Correct Receiver – If you use a USB mouse that gives you issues, make sure the receiver is plugged in. However, if the receiver is plugged in and you still face problems, try connecting to another USB port. If this doesn’t help, check Bluetooth settings.

bluetooth and other device

Surface – If the surface on which you are using a wireless mouse is too glossy or rough, you won’t be able to use the mouse. Therefore, try using a mouse on a flat surface. Also, you can use a mouse pad.

Installation – When we get a new thing, we are so excited to use it that we forget to check the installation manual. This creates a problem because you don’t know how to connect and use it.

Software – If you have previously used a wireless mouse from another manufacturer that included proprietary software, it can create problems. Uninstall the older mouse-related software and reinstall the software for the new wireless mouse.

Be Within Range – Wireless mouse works only when within range. Therefore, ensure there is nothing between the receiver and the mouse and both are nearby.

Detach and Plug Again – Sometimes, disconnecting and reconnecting the wireless mouse helps fix the issue. In addition, you can also try removing other connected USB peripherals, as they can also create problems.

If this helps to find the culprit, reconnect other USB devices.

Restart PC  –  Sometimes, when nothing works, a simple restart can help fix the problem. Therefore, try restarting the computer and see if it helps.

Try connecting the mouse to a different computer – Before installing driver updates, the last thing you should do to get the mouse working is to try connecting it to another computer. If the mouse is detected on an alternate device, you must re-run the setup on the old PC and check for driver updates.

If the above troubleshooting has not helped, it’s time to update the mouse driver.

Device drivers help the device and the computer communicate with each other. When they are outdated or missing, your system fails to recognize the device and basic commands. Therefore, getting the correct drivers helps fix any device-related issues.

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Updating Mouse Drivers The Easy Way – Advanced Driver Updater

Manually finding and updating mouse drivers is not easy. It requires you to have some technical knowledge and patience. Also, there’s always a risk involved in updating drivers on your own. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, we suggest using a driver updater that will not only help update the driver but will offer other benefits:

  • Shows latest and compatible driver updates.
  • It saves you time from looking for the right driver updates.
  • Takes a backup of old drivers before updating them.
  • Backed up by an experienced technical support team.
  • Allows excluding incompatible driver updates.
  • Schedule driver scanning.

Fix – My Wireless Mouse Stopped Working

To get the wireless mouse working, follow these steps to update the driver.


  • Run the scan for outdated drivers by clicking Start Scan Now

adu scan1

  • Stay put and wait for the scanning to finish.

adu scan start1

adu update all

  • Restart the PC to save changes.

Now try using the mouse. The wireless mouse should now be working.

Wrap Up – Wireless Mouse Stopped Working

Hardware issues can occur at any time for any reason. Therefore, before you take technical steps, always try the basic fixes. Even a simple PC reboot can help, so never overlook the primary fixes. We hope the solutions we have listed helped get the mouse working. Do let us know which suggestion worked for you in the comments below.


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