Unable to Install NVIDIA Drivers – 5 Things That May Be Wrong {Fixes Inside}

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People using NVIDIA GPUs will agree that it can get frustrating to download and install NVIDIA drivers on Windows. Why? Because, unlike other drivers, the NVIDIA drivers take manual downloading to another level. You can try several times to install the drivers using your Device Manager. Still, in the end, you will have to visit the website, compare the currently installed drivers to the available ones, and finally download and install them on your own. 

However, several users still face manual installation issues, which bothers them. But what are these issues? What may be wrong with the PC that it cannot install the latest drivers? More importantly, is there a better way to update existing NVIDIA drivers? 

We will answer these questions by the end of this post, so make sure you read it till the end. Without further ado, let’s begin!

5 Things That May Be Bothering NVIDIA Driver Installation on PC

It is crucial to understand exactly what causes the errors in downloading and installing the latest NVIDIA drivers on Windows. Sometimes, the issue lies in finding the available updates, as no prompt shows the current driver is outdated. When it stops working or gives you a hard time while loading GPU, you realize that something is not adding up or not working as it is supposed to. 

After trying to identify everything, we have concluded that there are 5 factors that you must pay attention to if you cannot install NVIDIA drivers on your PC. These factors include – 

  1. Not Using Proper Tools to Finish the Update Process
  2. Current Antivirus Bothers the Update Download
  3. Corrupt System Files Causing Temporary Issues
  4. Unable to Download Proper Driver File 
  5. Multiple NVIDIA Processes Running the Background. 

If you are trying to install the latest version of NVIDIA drivers on your PC but cannot, please check and ensure that none of the above factors are bothering your system. If you find any of the above conditions true, do not worry; we have ultimate fixes that will help you handle them well. Check them out in the next section. 

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How to Install NVIDIA Drivers on Windows? 100% WORKING!

Before we begin with the fixes, the first thing that you should do is restart your computer. Most of the time, a background application stops you from finishing a process on your own. In that case, a restart practically refreshes your PC and ensures no background processes bother any new operation you initiate. 

After restart, try updating/downloading the latest NVIDIA drivers. Try the following fixes if the restart did not clear the job for you – 

Fix 1 – Choose the Correct Method to Update

The Device Manager is not working properly for you. In that case, you must choose a method that gives you control and is not a lot of hassle to finish. There are two things you can try – 

#1 – Download the Driver from the Official Website

#2 – Use Advanced Driver Updater to finish updates

If you go with #1, simply visit the official support website for NVIDIA, specify the GPU version/model and the OS you are using, and download the drivers available online. You must use the downloaded installer later and update the existing drivers or install them from scratch. 

With the above approach, the chances of installation are high. However, the steps involved are not as simple as they seem. Several fake websites may confuse you while you try to finish the update. You must also know the current version installed to identify if you are downloading the same version or an updated one. 

However, when you opt for #2, you eliminate all the confusing steps, as all you have to do is download the Advanced Driver Updater and run a scan using the Start Scan Now button. All the outdated drivers will be listed, including the NVIDIA drivers. In the end, all you have to do is click on the Update All button, and you are ready. 

The #2 method is the ultimate choice, as with the help of an automated application, the process becomes 10x smoother. Download the app today and get things done faster. 

Fix 2 – Clean Install NVIDIA Drivers

If you have downloaded the installation file but it is not operating properly, a running NVIDIA/GeForce process is likely causing the error on your PC. To fix this, you must close all the background applications and proceed with the installation. Here’s what you need to do – 

Step 1 – Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager on your computer.

task manager

Step 2 – Check the list of open apps to find NVIDIA apps running. click on end task

Step 3 – Select the apps and click on End task to finish the entire process. 

After you have done the same, try launching the driver installer, and it should work fine. You can also restart the PC if manually closing apps is lengthy. However, if you have used GeForce Experience and allowed it to run on startup, a restart may not be useful. Hence, it is better to manually close the apps for a clean NVIDIA driver installation. 

Fix 3 – Clear Corrupt System Files

If none of the above methods have worked so far, there is a significant chance that your PC has corrupt system files, causing an error while you try to update the drivers. The easiest way to handle these issues is by heading to the Command Prompt to run the SFC scan. This scan checks your system files to find corrupt contents and resolves them instantly. 

Step 1 – Go to the Start Menu and search for CMD. Click on Run as Administrator to launch the Command Prompt Window.cmd
Step 2 – Use the command SFC/scannow and hit enter for the process to run.

type sfc /scannow hit enter
Step 3 – Once the scan is finished, restart your computer and then try to install the updates. Only this time will the process work.

Other than these three fixes, you always have the option to run the GeForce Experience app. The only downside is that the app does not always work with the latest version. Instead, it installs the most stable version. 

Hope these fixes help you out in installing the NVIDIA drivers. Let us know if you need any other assistance or are still unable to install Drivers, and we will help you. Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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