The Ultimate Way to Record Google Chat (Hangout)


With Advanced Screen Recorder, you can grab the exact region of the screen you want to capture, making it easy to record and save the clips. You may also trim the recorded part to make it more crisp.

Google Hangout, now known as Google Chat, is one of the emerging platforms with which Google account users have started interacting. Previously known as Hangouts, it was supposed to be an informal video conferencing and chatting platform that allows your email contacts to interact with you without having to create a meeting link or a long email thread. 

The core question arises: Can you record these communications, and if so,  how do you record Google Chat (Hangout) calls and chats for content and personal use? If you are wondering the same, this is the post for you. 

Why Record Google Hangout? How to Make the Most of It

The app has made its target audience as it hosts regular get-togethers and makes chatting and interacting with Google apps such as YouTube, Docs, Spreadsheets, etc. Due to its amazing clarity and low data consumption, several users even use it to record podcasts and interviews with their long-distance friends and guests. 

Furthermore, if you are a network administrator or a tutorial creator, you may like to record the lectures and troubleshooting videos on Google Hangouts that you can further share with new users.

All in all, several use cases may require you to record Google Hangout calls and chats. To learn more about the tool and how you can get started with it, you must check out this detailed guide by Google. 

Ways to Record Google Hangouts Video Calls

Google apps are always known for their integration with Windows and Android OS. If you use the Hangouts app on a PC, you can simply use the prt sc key on your keyboard to take a quick snapshot of your chat screen. However, you may require a third-party tool to record the entire clip with sound. 

Several tools available online may assist you in finishing the recording and saving it for later use. You can get it down in the following ways – 

  • Using a Chrome extension to record Google Hangouts.
  • With a web app that allows you to record and save the file to cloud storage
  • Using Screen recording software with integrated tools to enhance your recorded content. 

If you go with an extension, the tools available are limited, and there are no options to mold the recorded video as per your requirements. It is a basic recording that even captures the Windows and other aspects that may be on screen.

Similarly, with a cloud-based app, you have limited free storage, and the number of tools required to modify the recorded tools is not there. Since the storage is cloud-based, you do get the facility to access it from anywhere. However, that also makes it unsafe as anyone with your credentials can access the same. This poses a hazard to the privacy of the user. 

This leaves us the ultimate option to go for, a full-fledged screen recording software that can be accessed offline as well and has decent features such as – 

  • Selective recording 
  • Dedicated audio recording 
  • Webcam recording
  • Trimming and other editing techniques. 

Several such tools boast these features and claim you can use them to record Google Hangout calls. However, not all the claims are true. With thousands of apps available in the market, you may get confused in choosing the correct option. Check out the next section to find our recommendation for the tool. 

Advanced Screen Recorder: The Ultimate Screen Capture Tool!

If you want to record and use the recorded Google Hangout videos for your personal use, you can try the best screen recording application, Advanced Screen Recorder. The tool has all the required features and works smoothly with Windows. 

Irrespective of how many resources you have on your computer, the app works fine as it is a manageable application to keep on your PC. 

To record Google Hangout – 

Step 1 – Download and install the Advanced Screen Recorder on your computer.

Step 2 – Connect the call that you want to record using your browser.

Download the Advanced Screen Recorder

Step 3 – Launch Advanced Screen Recorder while on call in the taskbar.
Step 4 – Select the type of recording you want to initiate. For Google Hangouts or any other calls, we recommend you choose the Select Region or Select Window approach, as with them, you can focus on what to record, avoiding anything else from getting recorded on your screen.Select Region using Advanced screen recorder
Step 5 – After selecting the region, click on Record. You can now select the audio and video feed source, select the same accordingly, and click on Start Recording.

select recording configuration

After the recording, you can use the app to find your recordings and access them immediately. You may find the saved files in the destination folder on your PC to edit them and use them however you see fit. 

The internal tools of the Advanced Screen Recorder make it super easy to finish the recordings of Google Chat (Hangouts). Download the app today and make the most of it! 

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