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To All Subscribers of Systweak Software Newsletter,

We have recently come across reports from users who are being informed that their data may have been compromised through one of our servers.

We take any such reports very seriously and we have begun investigations around such reports to identify if there have been any such issues. It has been witnessed that there was an unauthorised attempt to use our service provider to send spam emails to certain email addresses, which may or may not have belonged to the subscribers of Systweak Software.

We wish to categorically state that we DO NO STORE any financial information of any customer, subscriber of our services or newsletters, or users of our products. We want to take this opportunity to assure you that since we DO NOT STORE ANY FINANCIAL INFORMATION on our servers, there is NO POSSIBILITY OF ANY COMPROMISE FROM OUR SERVERS.

The servers, services, and apparatus used to send emails to our customers and subscribers of our newsletters are completely compartmentalised. This setup is separate from the rest of the company data, most of it residing on well secured data centres procured from reputed companies.

In response to the reports, we have started an investigation, and also reported the matter to the relevant government authorities. The data stored on these servers included the name of the Subscriber, email address, product(s) purchased, their subscription status and validity of the license(s). We reiterate that since we DO NOT STORE ANY FINANCIAL INFORMATION, there is no possibility of it being compromised.

We have deployed additional security measures and have contained the situation. We are committed to transparency regarding privacy and shall provide updates as per the availability of information.

Your Questions Answered:

Q1. Is my credit card or banking information safe?

A1. We do not have, or store your credit card or banking information. It is used and stored by the resellers to process your orders, who are PCI-DSS compliant and have Tier 3 security in place.

The servers used to send newsletters did not have any such financial information.

Q2. Should I change my email or banking passwords?

A2. We do not have access to any of your passwords so there were no passwords stored on these servers. You do not have to change your passwords due to the report of this compromise. Having said that, it is a good practice to periodically change passwords on the internet.

Q3. What should I do next?

A3. Please remain vigilant and do not open any unknown emails and attachments. Do not click on any links in unknown emails, even if they look legitimate, unless you check that they lead to a secure site and that the site has a valid certificate. Please take general precautions that keep you safe on the internet.

Q4. How do I remove my information that is stored with you?

A3. Please send an email to with your request and we shall do the needful.

Q5. How can I get more information regarding such reports?

A5. We will provide the updates here on this page. If you require any specific information then please send an email to with your request and we shall do the needful.

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