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Smite is a third-person MOBA game that has gained popularity over the years. The game is available for all platforms, including Windows, PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo, etc. The game has a vast user base, so it bothers several users when an issue arises. 

Recently, Windows users have reported Smite crashing on startup error. According to their experience, the game cannot work smoothly and crashes instantly when launched. Some common errors believed to cause the issue include compatibility errors, corrupt game files, outdated graphics drivers, etc. However, no user can identify the exact reason.

If you are also familiar with the Smite crashing on startup situation on Windows and want to eliminate these issues, this post will help! In this one, let’s first identify the core reasons that may be causing the error and then shift our focus to fixing them via effective methods. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Causes Smite Not Launching Issues on Windows

Multiple factors weigh in when it comes to applications not working properly. The same goes for Smite crashing on startup. Some of the known reasons that have caused the game to stop working on Windows are as follows – 

  1. Smite Server Not Responding
  2. Compatibility Issues 
  3. Missing/Corrupt Game Files
  4. Outdated Graphics Driver
  5. Antivirus Error 
  6. Faulty Installation 
  7. Smite DLL Error 

The loss of causes is long, which is a concern for the users, considering anything can be the reason behind Smite crashing on Startup. However, crashing is not the only error that appears. There are other problems as well. Following are some errors that you may encounter if any of the above reasons are true for your case – 

  • Smite Not Launching, Won’t Open 
  • Smite Keeps Crashing on Launch 
  • Smite has a Bad Configuration 
  • Smite Can’t Connect to the Server

The good news here is that there are a bunch of fixes that can be tried without even knowing what exactly the issue is. Yes, you can troubleshoot multiple issues by going through many fixes, one after the other. Find out more about these fixes in the next section!

Working Ways to Fix Smite Keeps Crashing on Launch

Fix 1 – Take Care of the Compatibility

In case you have recently installed the game and the crashes have begun, chances are the game is not compatible with your PC. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements of the game. You can find the same on the download page. Some of the common fixes that can help you maintain an environment where your game works smoothly are – 

  1. Upgrade to SSD if you are on an HDD
  2. Add more RAM to your PC
  3. Use a LAN connection 
  4. Close background processes 
  5. Keep your PC updated. 

Once you have ensured proper compatibility with the game, you can resolve the uninvited Smite crashes on Windows. 

Fix 2 – Add Smite to the Exceptions List in the Firewall

Your PC’s security firewall may be stopping the game from launching. Adding your game to the exceptions list can help you avoid any interference the firewall causes in working Smite on your PC. 

To Add the app to the exceptions list, all you need to do is – 

  • Press the Start button keyboard and search for Windows Defender Firewall.type Windows Defender Firewall in the Windows search bar
  • Click Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall in the firewall settings.allow other applications option
  • Click on Change Settings to edit the list of applications
  • Click on Allow Other App and browse files to find the Smite launcher.browse Explorer using Allow another app option 
  • After you have added the file, save the changes and exit Firewall settings. 

Keep in mind that you only add those apps that you trust. This fix may be acceptable in the case of Smite or other games; however, do not add every third-party app to the list, considering it might cause issues. 

Fix 3 – Update Graphics Driver

In case the game keeps crashing as soon as you launch, your display engine may be the culprit. You see, uninvited crashes occur when the GPU cannot work properly. The most common issue with the GPU is outdated drivers. The ideal way to resolve the problem is by updating your graphics driver. 

We recommend you use the Advanced Driver Updater to update your graphics driver. Here’s how you use it – 

Step 1 – Download the tool using the link below.

Step 2 – Launch the app to find the Start Scan Now button after installation. Click on it to initiate the search for outdated drivers on your PC.

start scan using advanced driver updater
Step 3 – Once all the drivers are found, all you have to do is click on Update All, and the application does the rest.

Sure, you do have the option to use the Device Manager for manual driver updates. Still, it can be frustrating to download updates individually for all the drivers, considering other drivers may be causing the issue. 

Since the Advanced Driver Updater will fix all the drivers, you may not have to worry about checking other involved drivers, which adds to the tool’s convenience. 

Fix 4 – Check the Integrity of Game Files

If the external factors mentioned above were not the cause, there may be issues with the game files. To handle those, you can use the Steam client’s built-in utility to verify the integrity of the files. Here’s how you invoke the internal check – 

Step 1 – Open the Steam client and navigate to the game library.
Step 2 – Select Smite and go to its properties.
Step 3 – In properties, spot the Local files tab.

local files

Step 4 – Click the Verify game files integrity option in the local files.
Step 5 – Follow the instructions to run the utility.

The Steam client will look for faulty files and replace them with the best solution once the process ends. Close Steam and run it back. You should be able to use the game properly as the Smite crashing issues are resolved. 

Fix 5 – Verify that the Hi-Rez Studios Authenticate and Update Service is Working

To support the game, multiple services run in the background. One such crucial service is the Hi-Rez Studios Authenticate and Update Service. If it is not working, you may have to launch it to ensure that Smite’s crashing on the startup issue is resolved. Here’s what you need to do – 

Step 1 – Go to the Windows Start menu and search for Services
Step 2 – Scroll down to find the Hi-Rez Studios service.
Step 3 – After you have found the service, right-click on it to Start.

launch game in service
Step 4 – Once you have started the service, try launching the game again, and it should work fine. 

Once you have finished all the steps in the above 5 fixes, you should be able to resolve the issues related to Smite not launching or Smite crashing on your PC.

Special Things To Take Care Of – Smite Crashing on Startup FIXED!

Other than the fixes mentioned above, there are a few things that you can do as an extra precaution. These include – 

  • Uninstall and Reinstall Smite to remove any anomalies that may have appeared during the installation. 
  • Upgrade your PC’s C++ Redistributable files 
  • Switch to a simpler single monitor setup for your game. 

Once you are done with all the 8 fixes, Smite crashing on startup issues should be resolved instantly! 

And with that being said, we have reached the end of this post. In case you are worried about playing around with system settings and drivers, we recommend you go for Advanced Driver Updater first, as updating the graphics driver does the job every time. 

Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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